Saturday, December 8, 2018

Flannel on Sale

This time of year there is a big flannel sale at JoAnn Fabric.
Snuggle flannel is marked down to $2.50 a yard from the 
normal price of $7.00/yard.  The photo [above] are burp cloths.
These are made from leftover flannel scraps and have already been
given to Chris [at Outreach] to donate to Early Head Start program.
 I did get a little carried away making pillowcases.
Some will be given as Christmas gift and some I'm
going to stash away until they are needed by someone.

 I could have bought the bolt of winter sock monkey
fabric.  This set is going to my sister who loves
sock monkeys as much as I do.

 My set ... for my bed and ... my pillows.

If things go as planned I'd like to sit down with
my new sewing machine tomorrow.  YouTube has wonderful
instructional video's specifically on my B770 machine which
 can help me get over my fear.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

There's A New Westie Puppy In The Neighborhood!

We have a new little westie puppy in the neighborhood!
This little guy just arrived home last night.
Lesley flew to Chicago to pick him up and what a little
sweetheart he is.  His name is Laddie and his older brother
who will meet him tomorrow is named Laird.
 I got a major sniff-over from Julep & Derby when
I got home from my visit last night.

 Lesley is so happy with this little guy.
I would like to take a few photo's of both westies
once they get settled in.  

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Fabric

 Photo 1, 2 & 3 was a gift from my sister
when she came for Thanksgiving dinner. 
I love my sister!
 Photo 2
 Photo 3
 Moving on to fabric shopping in Lancaster.
The little doll panel is a new one.  I'll make these for the twins
 up the street.  Log Cabin Quilts had several other panels
including the holiday elf but decided against getting them.
 Out of the 4 fabric stores we stopped in I only purchased
fabric at 2 of them.  All was on sale except for one
piece that I needed to finish up a quilt.
 These are flat folds at 5 yards each from Log Cabin Quilts.
On sale the per yard price was $3.50!   I can live with that.

  I was drawn to this grouping because the colors are different.  
 The top fabric has gold accents which you can't see.
The pink fabric I was thinking pillowcases.
 The zebra fabric will be made into pillowcases
with the dot fabric used as the cuff.
The two matching fabrics [on the left] 
could be used for framing a center block. 
 The multi-colored dot bursts I figured would be cute
as a border fabric on a kids quilt.  The gold below it is the
one I paid full price for.
 This group was purchased at the Old Country Store event.  These 
are fat quarters by Tula Pink called Zuma.   Tula Pink was under
the Free Spirit fabric company {as well as Kaffe Fassett} 
which announced it was going out of business.
When Scott's father learned about Free Spirit's plight 
Jaftex Company stepped in to purchase them.  
Thank goodness Jaftex came to the rescue. 
Scott Fortunoff
After I took Scott's photo he asked if I had the Kaffe
book and I said no so he gave me a copy free 
{normal retail $30.}
The thing about having Kaffe Fassett fabric is you
just don't want to cut it.  I have some yardage I've been
saving and maybe the patterns in this book will inspire
me to cut it.  I also belong to a Facebook group that
specifically focused on using Kaffe fabrics only.  Some of the
quilts these ladies make are awesome.

Friday, November 30, 2018

It Followed Me Home ... Really!

 Thursday my sister and I headed to Lancaster, PA to do a little
fabric shopping {I'll show the fabric photo's tomorrow} as well as
to attend a dinner/talk arranged by the Old Country Store.
I won't go into a lot of detail but  basically The Old Country Store
won a contest sponsored by Jaftex Fabrics.  
Here are photo's I took at the event.
Challenge Blocks
 Jaftex Fabrics provided [and the] Old Country Store mailed
all 250 registered attendees 2 fat quarters of fabric to
create a 10-1/2" block.  We had to mail those blocks in
prior to the event so they could be presented [as you
see above] so they could be voted upon by the attendees.
There were 5 categories with a prize for the winners.
 The quilts you will see were provided by the Old Country
Store using fabrics from the Jaftex family of companies.

 More challenge blocks.

 Challenge Blocks

 Challenge Blocks

 Challenge Blocks

 The Jaftex Company printed old family photo's on fabric
for this quilt.
 More old family photo's printed on fabric.
 The offices are located in New York City.
 Meet Scott Fortunoff
Scott's talk was informative and touched lightly on how the
family textile business got started, how fabric is made,
the country it's printed in as well as the acquisition of all the
companies under the Jaftex umbrella.
Scott & I ran into each other at the Old Country Store - I
was coming in and he was getting ready to leave.  Vanessa
[who I do sewing for occasionally] told Scott to look for 
me - so the timing was perfect.

 This event sold out at 250 people.
 It followed me home ... really!
 Holy smokes I had no intention of buying a machine 
and actually I didn't even know that Hinkletown Sewing
Company would have machines at this event.  It's funny because
I dropped off my B380 at the Crabby Quilter in Annapolis
for an annual service.  While I was there I asked the owner
what the cost of this machine would be and if they would
offer me a few $'s for a trade-in of the B380.  The answers
were:  $5,000 for the machine and no trade-ins.  
 Derby can't believe I came home with this big box.

 Moving on to the lead-up to the purchase of this machine.
The owner of Hinkletown Sewing is a super-salesman for
sure. They have an excellent reputation for customer
service as well as pricing these machines to move out
of the showroom and into the home sewing room.
Here's the deal on the great pricing I received.
First, this is a demo machine which I don't mind at all.
The regular price is $5,000 
Bernina had a $700 rebate bring the price down to
$4,299.  With my trade-in of the B380 they
offered me $1,000 bring the cost to $3,299.  
Deb & I had dinner and after that strolled back
over to the machines but this time not talking to the
great grandson but to the actual owner.  He said
if you take this machine with you tonight I'll give it
to you for $2,700! A quick call to Wilson and I went
back with my credit card ... how could I not!
With this special edition anniversary machine included
are $2,300 worth of goodies which I will need
to go back to the store in Lancaster to pick up. 
Merry Christmas ME!