Friday, January 12, 2018

Little Dogs & a New Quilt Top

 A Facebook friend asked me if I would make her a
few of the mini-stuffed terriers.  She wanted to share
them with her girlfriends ... so I did ... with pleasure.
 Purple and burgundy were the colors of choice.
While these are not the colors I primarily use
I did have a few fabrics that would work.

 Derby is now sleeping behind my shoulder while
I'm writing this blog post.
 These are 3 of the fabrics that Vanessa sent me to 
work with.  While the main part of the lap quilt is
done I still need to add a border on the top.
 This [when complete] will be named
"For the Love of Cosmos"
 The baseball dog is for my friends grandson.
Julep ... don't bother me with that camera flash.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Batik Lap Quilt

 This was a carry-over project from 2017 and is now
complete and on it's way to a new home in South Carolina.
 Batik fabric is a top favorite to work with.

 I sent photo's of the quilt to Vanessa to use for marketing.
 Today I started working with the big and bright
flower fabric Vanessa sent ... so stay tuned.

Postage Increase: FYI

The United States Postal Service
Effect Jan. 21, 2018
Will have a one cent increase in the price of a 
First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 
49 cents to 50 cents

Friday, January 5, 2018

Botanica Blossoms by Color Principle for Henry Glass & Co.

 In my neck of the woods it's pretty darn cold and windy and
I'm personally counting down the days until spring
[or at least temperatures above 30 degrees].
This brings me to my latest Fed-X delivery of bright
and cheery fabric courtesy of Vanessa called 
"Botanica Blossoms"
Color Principle for Henry Glass & Co. 
This is exactly what my mind needs to get through
the rest of the dark days of winter.
 All the fabric is pressed and displayed on my sewing
room floor.  This way I can look at it so I 
can decide what to make.
 At first I was thinking this print would make an interesting 
back of a quilt but now I'm seeing this as place mats
or maybe a tote bag.  What do you think?
 The spray of flowers are large and beautifully colored.
 I'm having a hard time with this because I don't
want to cut it but think I have to.

 Same spray of flowers just a different background color.
I personally like the black background better.
 This angle gives you a perspective on just how 
large the flowers are.
 Simple and tiny prints are needed to 'calm things down' or
'give your eyes a rest' from the larger prints on a quilt.

 This may be some form of Queen Anne's lace.

 Cosmos and Julep
 Cosmo is a favorite flower in my garden.
 Same print with a different color background and
here again I like the black better.
So there you have it - 'Botanica Blossoms' will be my next
 collection of fabrics I will be working on.  Only one thing
remains in my cue from '17 and that's the jelly roll holiday 
quilt.  I'm aiming to finish that by the end of the weekend.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cleaning Up 2017 Projects

 A peek out of my sewing room window this afternoon.
With snow and gusty winds it made for a nice day
of cleaning up projects left over from 2017.
 Yet another quilt I need to hang on to {at least for
a short period of time} until I find the perfect
person who should receive this.

 The back fabric is a nice holly print.
 This is a new pattern I pulled from one of the fabric sites
I follow.  It's a jelly roll friendly pattern which I like. 
 This is the last of my 2017 projects that needs completion.
Wouldn't this make a cute little coat for Derby?
 Money Business Quilt
I think this will go to someone who loves
bright colors and has a sun porch.

 The back of the Monkey Business quilt.
Thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's 2018!

 Even though I'm late I'd still like to take the time
to wish everyone a happy 2018.  
 New Year 2011 ~ Derby
There's nothing like a warm blanket straight from the dryer 
on a cold winters day to put a westie right to sleep.
The Eve-Eve party was very nice this year.  We had plenty of
food, appetizers and beverages of all kinds for folks to enjoy.
I think there was approx. 30 people here to celebrate.
 The wine we chose to serve our guests is a favorite ...
Writer's Block [Malbec] made by Jed Steele which is
a California based winery.
After the guests left and we were cleaning up I said to Wilson
I don't feel good and need to sit down ...
 and as they say ... the rest is history.
While I felt this is not a full-blown case of flu I felt
yucky enough to stay in bed and do nothing. 
The worse part - the chills!
Not being able to get warm even when the electric blanket
was cranked up to super-high.
At least today I feel 'okay' enough to do this short post and 
go up to my sewing room to tell it ... don't lose faith, I haven't
forgotten you, and I will be back soon.
So I leave you with ...
Keep warm and have a great 2018