Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Babies Are Growing!

Photo by Wilson
Those babies are really growing and I can't wait to see
how big they will get in one week.  Looks like we're
going to have a few days of rain in the Outer Banks so
I'm now planning on sewing together two quilt tops.
Next post will be from Duck, North Carolina on
Sunday night.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Look Who Flew In

Photo by Wilson
This is a new bird for us.  It literally landed right in the yard
in front of Wilson while he was taking photo's.  Since we're
[technically] not 'birders' I had to pull out the National
Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America
to skim through the pages to figure out what this is.
A Killdeer
What a strange name for a bird.  It's range tend to be grassy fields 
[which we have a lot of] and on the shore.  
They nest on open ground usually on gravel
[how safe is that?] and can be found across the United States.
I'll be packing bags and stuffing them in the SUV for the Outer Banks
vacation.  In checking the weather it looks like there's a chance
of rain for early next weeks so the old sewing machine
is going on vacation as well.   Better get my day started -
 there's a million things to do. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning Buns & Iris

 My bad sweet husband ordered morning buns from Williams-Sonoma
as a little treat for us [see my waist expand].  There are
 two more trays tucked in the freezer for when we have 
the 'bun' urge again.  

 Baked ... half way.
 These are amazing [and rich] especially after you roll
them in cinnamon sugar while hot.  He also purchased
two sizes of croissants - large and mini.  We have had
those before and they are a treat as well.
 I'm so tickled that the iris are blooming while we are
still here and not on vacation.

 Yesterday I noticed rabbit damage in our front flower bed.
Those pesky rabbits nibbled down the leaves on
several of our coral bell plants.  In doing this they have
broken off several new plants that started to come up.

Well, it's off to vote today [in Maryland] followed by
lunch out.  Yesterday it was so perfect outside I talked
Wilson into going to Foxy's [on the water] in 
St. Michaels for lunch - minus the westies. 
Have a nice day, Katie 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday to Julep!

Happy 8th Birthday Julep!
 Please disregard the 6th birthday printed on this picture.  
It [meaning the picture] popped up on my Facebook page today as 
a reminder of past posts.  I felt this was an exception photo of
Julep thus the reason for re-posting.
 Derby took a nap after breakfast just prior to going to
see Lauren, the groomer.  Derby grows fur [or coat]
like crazy so I had Lauren cut him shorter since we'll be
at the beach next week.
 Now he looks like a little boy westie.
 My what big ears you have!
The groomer took more off the head then I would have 
liked so now he looks like he has bat ears.  Oh
well, everything will grow back.  Next up ... Julep
on Wednesday to get her winter coat taken off.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Around the Backyard

 Nothing much has happened this past week.
I'm still working on grinding old paperwork that should have
been disposed of before we moved from Bozman.  Also
I've been moving a few boxes from the storage unit[s]
into the garage.  It's amazing how much time this all takes.
 Blue birds on their nesting box.  Haven't seen babies yet.
 Heron going for a walk down the path.
 Derby ... is going to the groomer on Monday.
Julep is going on Wednesday.
 Watching and waiting for anything to bark at.
 Taking a stroll in our back yard.
Yes, the westies barked.
 In the tall grasses [behind the heron] I threw a few
bags of wildflower seed.   I seriously doubt if any of it
will grow but I have my fingers crossed.
 The babies are here!  This is exciting.  So far the parents have
keep the babies away from our yard but they will be
visiting soon to snack on our grass.  We can't wait to
get some close-up pictures.
I finished bindings two quilts so I just need to take a photo
of them.  Since Wilson did 'something' to his knee during
a training session with his Y instructor I have time before
I have to finish the bird quilts [one is for his instructor].
This week will also be busy ... both dogs will be groomed, Wilson has
a doctors appointment, Juan will start painting the back porch
[power-washed it on Saturday to get the clay color off from
the workers boots], I'll still be grinding old papers and taking
bags to the re-cycle center and the big thing is to find the
suitcases and start pulling out clothing and dog stuff
to take on vacation.  We'll be leaving on May 1
for the Outer Banks.  It will so nice to get a break
from the pollen.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Their Royal Cuteness

 His Royal Cuteness
 Well, I didn't get the two bindings put on these quilts
over the weekend ... I simply ran out of time.
 Not a good fur day for
Her Royal Cuteness
 Outside my sewing room window.  The time of
year when our cars turn to shades of
lime green from this messy tree.

I did mange over the weekend to get these put
together.  Do I dare say I'll have them complete by
the next weekend.  I don't like having unfinished
projects laying around waiting for my return.  I'm
also debating should I or should I not take my sewing
machine to the Outer Banks vacation house.   

Monday, April 18, 2016

Yard Work

 Yesterday we put all the plants in Wilson's sun garden.
It doesn't look like many but it is.  We know one or two
won't make it but we have plans to add some sun-loving
annuals to the bed once these plants get larger.
 The natural grasses at the edge of our property must be kept
in that state - community rules.  We also planted 20 stargazer and
casablanca lilies in the bed next to the house.
It was a productive garden day.
 The second cherry planted is now starting to bloom.  
 Holy smokes does this community have bunnies!
I had Wilson count the new plants this morning to make
sure they were all there.  Of course when Derby sees any
bunny he makes this high-pitched 'bunny bark'.
 In the neighbors yard.
 While we lived in Bozman I could count on one hand the 
number of blue birds I saw.  Here they are everyplace.  We think
it has to do with the grasses and meadows.  I snapped this
picture while talking on the phone with my sister last 
night so it's not as clear as I would like.
I'm leaving on a jet plane. . . last night's sunset
I didn't see the plane until I looked at this on my computer. 
We may not be leaving on a jet plane but ... we will be
leaving soon for a week in the Outer Banks.
I'm counting down the days until we escape from
the land of pollen to the land of nice ocean breezes.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Derby & the Foxes

Derby wants to be the center of attention on today's
blog post ... so here he is in all his foxy cuteness. 

 I really like the fox fabric which I found in Lancaster while
shopping with my sister.  Why did I only buy one yard?
This would have made an adorable kids quilt.
 Dozing off on Cole's pillowcase is okay since I'm
not ready to pack it and the kids bed runners in a box yet.
Wishing everyone a nice and relaxing Sunday.
Our schedule today [since the weather has warmed up] is to
get all Wilson's plants in the ground.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Julep & the Book Quilt

 The westies love to run up and down the hallway
when they play.  Funny how neither one figured
out they can look through the railing to keep a watch
on the yard.  We still have one goose hanging 
around so Wilson and I are assuming there's a 
nest with a female sitting on eggs close by. 
 The single yard of book fabric that's been in my stash
for years has finally found a home.  This quilt
is made using the same pattern I made 
the kids Easter quilts from.  
 I made this quilt specifically for a writer who is helping
Wilson with the new issue of the Delmarva Review.
While Julep naps ...  my current projects are
* Finishing the binding on two quilts
* Making a bird themed quilt for Wilson's YMCA trainer
* Making a quilt [thank's Chris] and three pillowcases
for the Bayside Quilters Outreach program
 and hopefully ...
* Later in the week [if the ground warm's up] we can get plants
placed in Wilson sun garden

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bed Runners

 I've been busy rapping up projects started several weeks ago.
To be honest I'm glad they are done - next stop is the
post office later in the week.

 The back of Kaitlyn's runner - a big, bright, and happy print.
 This pillowcase went to Marinna with her bed runner today.
 Julep napping.  I call her little miss pink ears.
 Julep wanting belly rubs. 

 I like Cole's bed runner the best.  Mainly because of the
fabric and the boats on each end.  

 I found a few little iron on patches to add to Cole's runner.

This pillowcase will go with Kaitlyn's runner.
I'm working on Cole's case now.