Saturday, February 16, 2019

Spring Awakens

"Spring Awakens"
by Henry Glass & Co.
Fed-X delivered my package of free fabric from Jaftex on Monday.
I was very pleased with the selection.  The second package of
fabric arrived two days later and I will post this 
collection late in the week.
 When we came back home from vacation I started having
computer issues - I basically couldn't log into my computer
so I couldn't get past the screen saver.  Once I got the tech
to re-set my password everything was good.  Now I'm
having trouble with my photo's as well as not being
able to open up documents I have stored in Word.
I'm not happy.

 Getting ready for Valentine's Day

 On the way to our doctor's appointment on Wednesday 
Wilson mentioned he had a new steak recipe he
wanted to try ... so we decided to have one 
couple over for a last minute V'day dinner.
 Everything turned out great and the new steak recipe
is a winner.   All had a great time with plenty of food and wine.
I added this crazy dog quilt to the New England Westie
Rescue auction prior to getting on the cruise.  At that
point it wasn't done so all I posted was a photo
of the front with approximate size.  It raised $70 
and I'm happy with that.  For some reason my
computer will not allow me to add the photo of
the quilt back.  This is perplexing to say the least!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

More Cruise Photo's

 We saw a lot of other cruise ships sailing along with us.
Our ship was considered small next to the others.
 Someone on the ship mentioned this was the worlds 
largest cruise ship and they were wrong.  It's considered
#8 on the list of the largest ships in the world.
 We were docked next to her in Puerto Rico and I can see 
why some thought she was the biggest.  Here is a link
to the largest cruise ships in the world - which for the
record I will never get on!

 Back to a few last photo's from our Smooth Jazz Cruise.
 Lunch buffet ... if you couldn't find anything you liked in this
massive array of food then something is wrong!
 Main dining room.
 Each day several artists were grouped by instrument
to talk about how they got started and why they
picked that particular instrument.
These sessions packed in the crowds.
 The saxophone ... talk and jam session.

 There was no shortage of liquor on board.
Boney James vs. Brian Culbertson
in the annual ping pong competition.  
My ultimate favorite two smooth jazz artists -  ever.
 Puerto Rico
Needless to say the cruise ship port area of PR must have 
been a priority to restored after the hurricane. 
 Stalls with knock-off handbags [which I wouldn't consider
buying] on the streets in Puerto Rico.
 Our ship the Celebrity Infinity on the right.
 Passengers were asked nicely not to take photo's or
video's during any of the concerts so I took this
prior to the start just to show how big the area is.
We liked sitting in the upper level of the theater.
 Lunch buffet cake ... no one wanted to take the first piece.
The pizza station which I visited each day at lunch.

Monday, February 11, 2019

We're Back

 Our smooth jazz cruise vacation was great and it's such a great
feeling to leave 14 degree temps in the morning to find yourself
wearing flip-flops and shorts in mid-afternoon.
 While we didn't take a lot of photo's on the ship we did
take a lot of photo's of ships!
 Cruise ships in Port Everglades, Florida.

 I was told this is the biggest cruise ship in the world.
 Wilson pointed out the gun on front of the boat.
 This was the view out of our hotel room.
 Super Bowl Sunday
 After the game we headed to the Tuscan Grill which is an
Italian steak house.  The food was excellent on this ship and
not so good on the ship we sailed on last year.

 My appetizer which could have been my meal.
We had steaks, potato's and veggies for our main course.
Then there was dessert!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Just For Fun

 With the countdown till we leave [Thursday] I've
been so busy packing luggage, cleaning the house and doing
whatever else pops up.  Can't wait to get to warmer weather!
This would be Derby!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Simple Quilt Pattern

 Just had to share these that I spotted on Facebook.
 Don't think Wilson would believe me if I said that.
 I couldn't believe this and as they say ... a picture is worth
a thousand words.  The only fabric on the carpet
and Julep decided to sleep on it.
 While scrolling through Pinterest I saw a simple quilt but
when I went to look for cutting directions there was none.
To be honest I really didn't need step-by-step instructions 
so I drew out the layout, pulled out a jelly roll and sat
down at my sewing machine.
I'm calling this my crazy dog quilt. 
Step 1: Sew six strip together and press seams to one side.
 I love pressing on my felted wool pad.
Step 2:  Cut the end off the row to make it even
 then measure in 12-1/2" and cut.
Step 3:  Measure in 29" and cut.
There is hardly any waste of fabric with this pattern.
As you can see the 12-1/2" block is vertical in the upper
left hand corner then the 29" horizontal goes next to that.
 Super easy with no seams to match up.  The pattern
is a great way to use up a jelly roll or leftover 
random strips from other projects.  I just started
another quilt like this using Xmas fabric.
Update on Derby:  our little boy is doing better but still sleeping
a lot which is probably due to the pain pills.