Friday, August 14, 2020

Masks & Some Fishy Things


Do Not Disturb
Derby looks pretty darn comfortable on his pillow.

Last night I pulled fabric for the masks for The Child's Haven
I'm sending two sizes for the kids.   The fish mask is for Palmer.
He is the grandson of Rebekah [who is the lady I send all the things I 
make for The Child's Haven to]. 
Masks for the teachers.  
The first set of masks I sent TCH several months ago had ties which
are far more work.   I'm happy to have a stash of elastic for these.
Rebekah sent me pictures of Palmer's room and on one wall he has a 
fishing net with the 3 flat fish I sent him before.  It looked a little sad with
only 3 fish so I made the ones above to add to his wall decoration.
Palmer is telling everyone he's wants to be a marine
biologist when he grows up.  He is only 5 but seems pretty
darn set about his path in life.   I know he will go
crazy over the fish, mask and pillowcases.
Have a nice weekend and be safe out there.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Final Photo's


I really enjoyed working with this beautiful collection of batik fabrics.
Here are all the photo's I submitted to Jeniffer for use on social media.
I'm waiting to see if she approves.

While outside we had a nice storm brewing.

This is the third and last top I made with leftover batik pieces.
 It's a simple snowball block and when you put all the blocks
together it creates an interesting design.

All three tops together ... looks like an abstract painting of sorts.

Today I started working on masks for the teachers and kids at the
Child's Haven.  Not my favorite thing to make but it is

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chasing Unicorns


It's so hot the westies time out in the heat is very limited.
Chasing unicorns in her dreams.
Quilt #1
This was made for Fiona.  Since we are headed towards fall I love
the tiny pumpkins and mushrooms to artist added to this fun fabric.
Julep just came in from her 5 minutes outside and plopped down
on the quilt while I was taking photo's.
I added a thin strip of dragon and castle fabric to separate sections.

Quilt #2
I seriously thought about keeping this for myself and hanging it in my
sewing room {cause I loved it so much} ... but then decided
Gemma would appreciate it so much more.

There was no set pattern when I pulled out the unicorn panel.
I winged it as I went along using fabric from my stash to create
the side blocks and top and bottom border.
What I love ... all the rich colors the artist used in creating the unicorn panel.

Love Letters is the fabric I used for the back of the unicorn panel quilt.
Making Pillowcases

I'm sending 7 pillowcases and 2 quilts to the girls.
I'm mailing the box today to the girls grandmother who is related to me by marriage.  It
was by chance I saw her post on FB about Fiona's birthday so I reached out about
making quilts for the girls.  It seems that the girls dad suddenly passed away
two years ago and they miss him terribly.  Hoping this small box of kindness
will lift their little hearts and put a smile on their cute faces.
Here are the girls ... Fiona just turned 7 and her sister Gemma
will turn 9 in November.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Working with Batik Fabric

Have I mentioned I love working with batik fabric?
This is one of my 'go-to' patterns.
Beautiful jewel tone colors ... 

This is a layout I'm currently working on.  It's a lot of fun and
the block is called the 'snowball' block.
I call this layout the mini-zipper block.  I still need to take the
official photo's to send in and hopefully I can do that
within the next several days.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020