Thursday, June 23, 2016


 We live in Hummingbird Central!  I've never seen so many 
hummers in one place.  We have two feeders which I clean
and replace the sugar water every 3 days.  I also use the first
two recipes so they have options.  Trying to get a good picture
is almost impossible.
 On the edge of our property a solo deer.
I love the velvet on the antlers.
 Grooming for Derby on Friday.
Julep gets groomed today.  I hope she does
a good job and she don't come out looking
like a poodle!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Finally Made The Decision!

 As you may or may not remember we decided several years ago
we needed a new Christmas tree.  One that is basically put together
and pre-lite.  So last Christmas I slowly added our old tree to
the weekly trash pick-up until it was all gone.  With that
I had no choice but to search for the best tree at the
best price.  I've been monitoring prices since January
and came to the conclusion that no one orders trees in
summer so this has to be a good time to place an order.  
 I made my decision on the type of tree and felt the price was good.
With that I also decided to order a tree for the dining room.
 This is the 7' Classic Cashmere Pencil.  It has soft
tips with a soft golden look.  It will look very nice next to our
dining room wallpaper.  It is pre-lite and only 19" around.
 I ordered a storage bag for the big tree.  It's like a large rolling piece
of luggage and it's just about as heavy as the tree.
 This is our new tree ... a 7-1/2" Classic pre-lite
Frazier Fur.  I need to take it out of the box
and check to be sure the lights work.
One wild and crazy quilt for Daisy!
I texted Daisy a picture of her quilt and asked if it
was indeed too much for her and she said no.  I'm now
working on another quilt using the leftover of the
Kaffe Fassett fabric line.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bright & Bold: Designs by Kaffe Fassett & Timeless Treasure's Tonga Treats

 If you don't like to look at fabric you can skip this post.
 I'm smitten with Kaffe Fassett bright and bold designs.
 I ordered two fat quarter packs at what I feel was a decent price.
I could have ordered more but I did show some restraint.
 This will be used for the back of Daisy's college quilt.
 I'll have enough fabric for two additional quilts after I finish Daisy's.

 One of the sets included a few solids.

 The orange mun fabric is stunning.
 ... Batik Fat Quarters ...
 Batiks are one of my favorite fabrics to make quilts from.  They have 
a tighter weave and don't stretch [as much] as normal cotton fabric does.
 Within each group of fabric Timeless Treasures provided a
suggested pattern to use.  I like two of the three patterns
so when the time is right I'll give them a try.

 This is all three packages together sorted by color.
Thanks for stopping by & have a nice weekend.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Update on Wilson

 Here's a little update on Wilson's meniscus surgery.
The procedure lasted 30 minutes and the surgeon took 
pictures as he did the surgery to show us afterwards.
The good news is everything went as planned and there 
were no surprised once he got in there.
Elevated and iced every 20 minutes for the first 24 hours.
From this pic you can't tell how orange Wilson's leg is.
I think it's from the anti-bacterial liquid they used pre-surgery
to clean the leg.   
 The shade of orange reminded me of the Oompa Loompa's
from the Wizard of Oz.  It's hard to believe that Wilson didn't know
what a Oompa Loompa was so I had to find pictures to show him.
We had a good laugh.

 On Saturday we can remove the bandage and then he can
wash the Oompa Loompa color off his leg.  He's still taking
pain meds and using his cane but hasn't attempted the steps yet.
 I planted these in early spring ... Freesia 
Our neighbors Nancy & Larry left the yellow rose
plant as a get well for Wilson.  Hopefully, he'll be 
walking better by next week.  Stitches come
out next Thursday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

18 Years Ago Yesterday!

 It was 18 years ago yesterday that Wilson and I married.
We held the ceremony on the shoreline in Bozman with family,
friends and a few close neighbors.  The following weekend we a
reception in our home in Potomac.  
 As with every special occasion we like to celebrate
at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Annapolis, Maryland.
It was a perfect night so we requested a table
on the patio to have our celebratory anniversary dinner.
This was the arrangement just inside the front door at
Ruth Chris.  While waiting for the hostess I took this picture.
 Our table was decorated in rose pedals.
 The special soup offered was roasted yellow tomato
soup with a puff pastry center.  It was yummy!
 Wilson had oysters which he said were very good.
 For dinner I chose the 6 ounce filet with a side of
mashed potatoes ... Wilson picked surf and turf.

 There was nothing left over to bring home!
The manager came by to say Happy Anniversary and
sent over this special dessert ... nothing was left on this
plate as well!
Our first 'selfie' ... toasting each other to
another 18 years together with a nice glass
of red wine since we are really not champagne drinkers. 

Our first meeting was on June 14th,
Wilson's parents were married on June 14th
So we decided June 14th should be our 
wedding day as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Angels Have Arrived!

 The angel fabric arrived from and it's really pretty.
 I love the angels with musical instruments.  The colors are deep
and rich and I want to ordered more yardage.   That fabric would
make a set of beautiful pillowcases to give as a gift.  It's amazing
how many people love angels ... I do!
This is a better picture to see the scale of the angels.  
Either gold fabric would make a nice cuff on a pillowcase.
 I didn't pay attention to how large the panel was.
It's actually smaller than I thought but that's what happens
when you don't read the description.  In any event, it still
will be a nice center and since my Mom wanted a quilt
for one particular chair that is narrow this will work
fine with a few borders around it.
Little angel Julep [until she starts the non-stop barking]. 
This fabric is also part of this collection and I decided
I liked it for the back of the quilt.