Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday!

They've been lazy & I've been busy

 They've been lazy and I've been busy ... but then again
what else is new!
 Finally finished using the rest of the floral jelly roll fabric.
For those that don't know ... a jelly roll is made up of
2-1/2" pre-cut strips of fabric from savage to savage.  For the
size quilts I make I usually can squeeze 2+ quilts from one roll.
 Happy Birthday Derby ... who turns a big S-I-X {6} today!
 Patriotic quilt not finished for Memorial Day but
will be finished in time for 4th of July.
 My sister talked me into getting this collection of fabrics
when we went to the Old Country Store in Lancaster.
It needed some sparkle material to jazz up the flat colors
 Derby ... does he look 6 to you?
Have a great day & thanks for popping in to visit us.

Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Please To Report: We're No Longer On The Fence!

I'm glad to report that Wilson and I made the decision not to
built our next home ... but to stay in this development and
buy an existing home just a few hundred yards from our
rental.  We truly love this neighborhood and all the people.
Yesterday was the community picnic and met just about
everyone here ... we are very happy indeed! 

 The unfortunate thing or fortunate thing depending on who
you ask {us or the westies} is that the new house doesn't have
windows as low as the rental ... meaning they will not have
a birds eye view of the neighborhood as they do now ... unless
we built them a perch which isn't out of the question.
 Our New Home come June 17!
Even though this home looks pretty much like our rental
the interior is a different layout with upgraded cabinets, etc.
 We are debating about the front door.  I like the
glass and the light it allows into the hall.
The dining room
 We're not crazy that everything is painted the same
tan color and will make changes accordingly.
On the opposite side of the dining room is an office area
which we will set up pretty much like we have
in the rental ... same goes for the dining room.
From the front door a view down the hall.
To the right is a nice size powder room.
 The kitchen with upgraded appliances which we don't know
if they work.  The stove is gas which has been turned
off and we can't get the oven and microwave to work.
We'll call our local repair folks to check all these out once
we own the place.  Also we are going to see if we can 
lighten up the dark stained floors.  Even tho this may look
great in this photo ... the floors are not great.  There are scratches all
over and to be honest we are not dark floor type of people.
We like light floors and light walls.  I also want to take
out the existing counter tops and replace with granite.
 The kitchen is bigger than the one we have in the rental.
The doorway to the right goes into the master bedroom.
The master bathroom will be gutted and totally re-done.
We can slightly move the vanity top in the bathroom ...
which is not a good thing in our opinion.  Also no one likes
the tile color used around the tub {think dull hospital green}.
 In Bozman we faced due east getting the sunrises -
in this house we are due west so we'll have the sunsets.
There are 3 ponds and we face the center one.
We were told geese hang out here in the winter - we
can't wait and this was one of the major draws to this
home.  If we can't be waterfront then we'll be pond front!
 This room will get nice and toasty in the summer so I'm thinking
of a retractable awnings ... depending on cost.
 The breakfast area.  We want to add a built-in book case
along the wall with a small nook in the center.  Something to
hold the lap tops, nothing fancy.  The open door is to the
mud room/laundry room.  It has a coat closet right
behind the door and we're thinking of turning that into a pantry.
 This is one of 3 rooms on the second level.
 The paint color is driving us crazy!  Anyway, I'm
debating which room I want for my sewing space. Even tho
this room is on the smaller size I like the natural light.
 Can we say red sparkle tile!  
We learned yesterday that the former owners let
their teen girl pick the tile for this bathroom.  Now as
crazy as this sounds I like it and with a black shower
curtain I think it will work.
 The other possibility for my sewing space.  See how high
these windows are compared to our rental.  The problem
with this room is the lighting.  We've already contacted
a builder who suggested we could go thru the attic via a small
hallway onto a roof top sun deck.  Sounds nice but we
don't know the cost of such an ambitious project.  We did
notice one of our neighbors did just that but his master
bedroom is on the second level so that made sense.  The
only advantage would be if Wilson took this room he
could pop out on the sun deck and take pictures.
 Oh ... I forgot to mention we will be adding a screened in porch
with a connecting deck to a 3 season room so the idea of adding
a sun deck from this room isn't to far off ... but it depends on the
$'s for all these projects ... of course!
The house is missing a washer, dryer and refrigerator.
How strange is that?  Who knows if the stoves will
work or not as well as the gas fireplace.  
This is going to be a busy summer and
hopefully with all that we want to do in upgrading this
home and making it ours a late fall move-in
date seems possible.  The unfortunately thing is
 our lease isn't up at the rental until the end of February.
Happy Memorial Day

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello Everyone ...

 Hi everyone ... guess who we're waiting for?
 Ruby is the yellow lab who lives next door to us.
 The westies love to watch for Ruby so they
can bark at her while she plays in the yard.
 Finally I finished all the quilts I started in the Outer Banks.
 Nautical Naturally

 Love those bright colored Batiks!

 Soft Flowers

Wishing all a safe and great
Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Christmas in July!

 We lost the a/c on the second level of our rental two days ago.
Of course the repair person said the unit was 'frozen' and needed
to thaw so I'll see you in a few days!  {Make a not-happy face here}.
 Because of the way the house sits on this piece of property the
back facing east and front facing west the mornings
upstairs aren't bad ... but come around 3pm it's brutal.  
The words 'sweat box' comes to mind.
 So we've been mostly hanging out downstairs and thank 
goodness cooler temps are here for the day or so.  
 Sewing for short periods I did manage to finish
the two table runners.  One will be going to the Xmas in
July FB auction for WRSE and the other one I'm not sure
what auction it will go into or I may just keep it.
 This table runner pattern is easy to make but it does take time.
It's like making a mini-quilt.
 I'll be adding some Xmas embellishments later to
jazz it up just a little more.

 You probably don't remember that one of my quilter
friends {that's you Chris D.!} gave me a garbage bag
full of Scottie flannel that I believe someone gave her.
 Since I don't use flannel on the back of quilts I decided to
make sets of pillow cases from it.  One set will go into the
Westie Rescue SE Christmas in July auction.
 6 Sets = 12 pillowcases = approx. 12+ yards of flannel
 Hey Mommy Katie ... I'm not sure where you'll be sleeping
tonight but I've got dibs on the sofa.

So ... I'm off to work in the sewing room until I can't stand
it any more.  My current project on the chalkboard is to quilt and 
bind the 5 quilts I started in the Outer Banks.