Sunday, August 1, 2021



What a cute couple.
Here and there I mention my nephew {Billy} and his girlfriend {Dara}.
I thought it would be nice to share the pictures my sister
sent me of them on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I don't know
what waterfall is behind them.
I can't wait to hear how they liked their vacation and
to see more pictures.  Billy & Dara are headed back home.
My sister and her husband are now in Maui for the second
week of their Hawaiian vacation.  
One day ... I would love to go back to Hawaii.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

From the Sewing Room


A little girl's quilt made with leftover fabric.
Chris stopped by during the week and dropped off a bolt of
multicolor circle print backing fabric.  This is for me to use when
making quilts for Outreach.  While I have enough fabric to 
make the quilt tops I ran out of [kids print] yardage for the backs.  
I love working with batik fabric.
A Facebook friend sent me a photo of a new chair she purchased
with a quilt I sent her a long time ago on it.  She was using it to protect
the cushions since they are light in color.  I decided to made this for
her to use instead with the length long enough to go behind
both the top and bottom cushion.  It may be a little
longer than she needs but I'd rather it be longer than shorter.
Another little Outreach quilt with simple line quilting.
This is a better picture of the backing fabric Chris dropped of.
JoAnn's had flannel on sale for $2.99 per yard.  They had
tons of adorable baby prints so I picked up a few for burp cloths.
The burp cloths and taggies are being added to the bag
of baby stuff for my nephew to give to his friends who
are expecting a boy soon.

Today ... I'll be finishing up a few little projects one being
a Halloween quilt for a Facebook friend.  She is really into decorating 
for the Halloween holiday so this will be perfect for her.  She
is also part of a westie rescue group and totally deserves
a little surprise.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Just My Backyard


Blackeye Susan's
The wildflowers are still growing like crazy and yet some
have not shown any signs of blooming.  They might be
plants that bloom the second year.

Our prized lilies ... they smell so good!

Friday, July 23, 2021

What's Going On


My newest sewing project is a simple block made from a
fat quarter package of batik fabrics I purchased awhile back.
It was time for me to change my ironing board cover to a
clean one ... but not yet!

This is going with all the flannel baby stuff I made.  I asked 
Dara [who is my nephew's girlfriend] if she knew anyone having
a baby boy.  She answered 'yes' and said a friend is
expecting in September.  I want to make a few more things
so they will have a nice bag of new baby gifts to give
when they come back from Hawaii.
I was trying to think how these got into my sewing room.
The panels either came off the free table at a guild meeting or
one of my Facebook friends sent them to me.  These will put
aside with all the other stuffed animals until Chris wants to
pass them along - probably in the fall.
A nautical themed baby quilt I finished up for Outreach.
The plan this weekend is to work on the batik blocks
until I can't stand it any more!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Little Peepers & Express Tracks Final Photo's


Last night I finished sewing a baby gift set using the
"Little Peepers" collection from Henry Glass Fabrics. 
This is a 2-ply flannel so it's very durable and soft.
The gift set include: 2 bibs, 3 burp cloths, 2 soft blocks, a baby
quilt, a monthly watch me grow quilt and a small fabric basket
filled with 2 big bunnies, 1 tiny bunny, 1 tiny bird, 1 tiny dog.

I have to say I'm not fond of working the flannel unless
it's for pillowcases.

Express Tracks collection of fabric from Blank Quilting.
Wilson was my quilt holder in this photo. 
This one will be finished later in the year.
The center blocks were originally a panel of 9 train blocks.  I
wanted to make something different so they became placemats.
I only had enough fabric to make two matching napkins.
Additional napkins will be made later in a gray fabric.

These turned out nicer than I thought and look great on my table.
I'm officially done with my last shipment of fabric.   It's now
time to go back to sewing little kids quilts for Outreach. 
I also pulled out my fleece from storage and cut 200 small 
neck scarves for kids in need.  Will be sewing the
  Made by Bayside Quilters labels on them.  I figure they
won't need them until the October time frame so I
can do a little here and there.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Flowers Around My Yard


Sharing a few recent photo's taken around my yard.
It's been so darn hot I've been limiting myself as well
as the westies time outdoors.
Stargazer ... our favorite flower.
I've only seen 2 butterflies this summer.

Our ginkgo tree is not happy this summer and it may
be on it's way out.  This is sad.

Limelight hydrangea

Our wildflowers are still going strong.
We have plants still growing and may not actually bloom
until next year.

Today my plan is ... finish working with the Express Tracks fabric
and the baby flannel collection so I can get pictures to turn in.