Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Fabric Delivery

 I was surprised last week when a nice big package of
fabric was left by our front door by Fed-X.
The 1st Collection 
This grouping is "Udder Chaos" by Kait Roberts
for Blank Quilting.
 I can't help but feel the designer used the concept
of 'farm to table' when creating this fabric line.
 In addition to yardage this panel was included.
 What do the cows say ... Moooooooooo!
 The 2nd collection
 This grouping is named "Color My World"
Studioe Fabrics
 What else is new ... Julep testing the new fabric.

Place mats
I made a total of 6 place mats from the panel [which is shown
in the first picture of this post].  Here are two for now.
With all that's been going on with the holidays I
managed to finish working with all the fabrics
and the last thing to do is the photographing 
for Jennifer to use.

Would you believe ...
The next day another package arrived via Fed-X
with more fabric in it!  I have all of the new fabric pressed
and ready for pictures tomorrow.

Monday, November 25, 2019

I've Been So Busy!

 With the holiday season upon us I've been so busy.
Our home is decorated inside and out and I'm
glad I did the outside decorating while the weather was warm
two weeks ago.
 I made "10 minute table runners" to have on hand as gifts.
It was a perfect way to use up one tub of Xmas fabric.
 If it's on the floor ... it belongs to the westies.

 I love how the runners turned out and wish I could keep them all.

A little story 
I donated a quilt similar to this to a westie rescue auction.
There was a little bidding war going on so I contacted
the loser and told her I would be happy to make her a quilt 
using the leftovers from the donated quilt.  She
would only agree if she could donate $125. to the
rescue group in my name. 
This is the quilt I made her which is more sophisticated 
and larger then the original one I added to the auction.

 She loves dog prints so I added this table runner to her box.
She lives in Lancaster, PA and teaches cookie
decorating.  Her cookies are amazing beautiful.
Occasionally I have flash give-a-ways on my Facebook westie
health site.  One lady who I picked never received my message
saying she won.   That was several months ago.  The message
finally got to her so since I gave away the original bib I made
her two new bibs and sent them as a surprise. They will
be given to her new grandson.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Catching Up on Things

 I turned my back for one second and look who 
decided to hop on my messy desk.  Then he was
afraid to jump down so I had to come to the rescue.
 The last set of matching quilts I donated to a westie rescue auction
made a nice amount for the cause.  As a personal thank
you to the winner I added this festive table runner.
 The process is slow but I started completing a few
 quilt tops I pieced together over the past months.

 This pattern is pretty simple so I gave it a try.

 The kitty-kitty quilt.  My sister is getting
this one to give as a gift.
Derby ... why are you in my way?
 Julep ... why are you in my way?
 The winter theme quilt Julep is laying on will be donated
to a rescue group in Omaha.  The other top is now finished
and was placed in the to be done stack.
The two bristle brush trees are new to my ever
growing tree collection.
By the way, my house is almost done being decorated
for Christmas.  The two pencil trees are up, the fireplace
mantel is done, the silver bells are polished and the
garland on the front porch is in place.  The last thing
on my list is to put up the big tree in the living room.
 Then there is a group in Florida that is having a buy it
now auction for the holidays so I donated 3 of each
table runner to them.
Table runners don't take long to make and it's such
a great way to use up those leftover pieces of fabric.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Last Day in the Outer Banks

 We went to the beach after lunch took photo's and did a short
walk.  Wilson's knee is still a little on the sore side post-surgery so
 we didn't want to push it. 

 Seagull looking for dinner.

 I got a little close for this seagulls comfort.
 It was a beautiful day on the beach.  In the distance the
mist started to roll in.
 I was surprised to see all the folks surf fishing.
 Looking for sea glass but found none.
 Waves crashing along the shore line.

 Some bird is missing a big feather.
We had a nice and relaxing week in Duck with
nearly perfect weather.  This evening I started to pack up
so we can leave on Friday when we like.
Normal check-out time is Saturday at 10a.m. and we
feel it really doesn't make much of a difference leaving
on Friday mid-day vs. Saturday.