Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Block ... But First ... His Royal Cuteness

 His Royal Cuteness needs a good grooming
which is scheduled for next Thursday.
 With the fur hanging over is eyes he looks like an owl.
Not to be left out Sleeping Beauty is scheduled for
Monday morning.  Since we are living closer to the groomer 
I decided to take them separately.  It's total mayhem when
 I take both at the same time ... overall this will be
better for the groomer as well as for my sanity.
 I have stacks of fabric sitting out and about in my sewing
area ready to be made into 'some thing'.  I'm trying to re-build my stash
of donation quilts.  This was my sample block and have to
say I love the way this looks.  I used two different white on 
whites fabrics to add a little more dimenstion.
This will not be a large quilt because I only have one yard
of the red dog fabric ... but it's guaranteed to be a fun and happy
quilt for the future receiver.  I'm pushing hard to get
this one done by the weekend.  Signing off so I can ... cut, sew, press
more of these cute little star blocks together.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Julep Sleeps ... I Finish Another Quilt

 Sleeping under my sewing table ... I guess
Julep is comfortable because I hear a little snoring.
 Derby ... should I sniff the quilt
or should I go to the window and bark.
 I finished this top a few weeks ago and decided now
would be a good time to quilt it and add the binding.
This one will go into the Westie Foundation of America
Facebook auction in May.  I think it will do well.
 The westie blocks are cut from vintage fabric which
I feel will add value to the quilt.
With all that color on the front I decided to use a plain
white on white fabric on the back.  I still have several more
quilt tops that are done that just need my attention
to call them finished.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Julep Picked Out Her Birthday Present!

 This afternoon Wilson & I asked Julep what she wanted
for her 7th birthday present ... she thought, and 
scratched, and thought some more and came up
with a trip to Duck, NC.  Wilson and I were shocked
partly because we thought she would ask for a day of
continual treats and belly rubs.
 So being the good Mommy Katie I am ... I 
immediately started looking on line.  I found both
of our normal rentals were already booked and not
available until October ... so I continued to delve even
further into homes for rent via different Outer Banks
rental agencies.
 I landed on VRBO and for those that don't know this
is a website for Vacation Rentals By Owners.  
 Trying not to get Julep's hopes up too high I found
a beautiful home in the center of Duck that wasn't ocean
front but ocean view.  Pets needed to be approved by the owner
so even though this home said that it 'could be' pet
friendly I wasn't hopeful ... but I still called.
 I spoke to a nice agent and explained that this was Julep's
7th birthday and she really wanted to spend
her birthday in Duck.  The agent made a quick phone
call to the owner and she said yes ... yes, we can 
have pets in this beautiful home!
 So on Saturday, May 2 we will be driving to 
Duck for a week vacation.  Wilson is happy, Julep
is happy, Derby will be happy with new places to
sniff and I'm happy to sew by the ocean!
 Our rental named ... BEBE
I may never-ever want to leave this rental!
This home is unbelievable at 4,000 square feet with an
elevator no less!  You've got to see the pictures so
use this link:
... and all this was accomplished in 30 minutes!

Two Sets of Cases

Last night I made two sets of adorable pillowcases for a 
Facebook friend.  I still have 4 yards of the red and 4 yards
of the white westie/scottie fabric left.  But before I start
another quilt I have several that need to be finished 
including the Rocky/Murphy/Opie quilt.
Have a great weekend & thanks
for popping in.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Burning The Midnight Oil

Last night I wanted to finish sewing
together the letters to make the words. 
 I needed to design three 'filler' blocks to
balance out the rows.  I like this so much I'm
rethinking that this should be the front of
the quilt skipping the tropical block top
I was originally making as the front.
By doing that I would be saving a lot
of time and energy!
If you're looking for
the westies all you need to do
is look on the window seat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

 Rain Rain Go Away
A steady day of rain allowed the westies to catch up on napping
and it was a good day for me to get a quilt idea out of my head.
 What was I think?
Have you ever had an idea stuck in your head and you
just had to get it out?  Well, this quilt idea using Batiks has
been swimming in my head and it was finally time to get it out.  
My friend Leslie asked me several months ago to make her a quilt.
Since they 'winter' in Naples, Florida a tropical theme seemed
like the perfect quilt for her.  
Directions for making the "R" 
What was I thinking when I got it stuck in my head to spell 
out the name of Leslie's westies on the quilt back using Moda's
Spell It With Fabric guidelines.
 "R" is for Rocky ... westie #1
 The "R" in Murphy ... westie #2
Opie ... westie #3 ... the rescue 
It took approximately 10 hours to make all the letters and
I kept asking myself ... what was I thinking?
The sashing will be added between the blocks tomorrow
then I need to play with the final layout for the back
So ... while the westies had a super-restful day
I had a super-busy day working with fabric.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Birthday Trip & My Fabric Selections

 Deb and I left her house mid-morning on Friday for
our two day fabric shopping trip in the Amish country.  
 I think Deb drove on road that the Amish didn't
even know about ... we were all over the place ...
from Denver, Pa to Intercourse, PA.
 Walking to the Old Country Store ... one of our favorites.
We did notice that all the fabric prices have gone up.
 The Amish are a working people.  We saw so many of them
 preparing the fields for planting.
 Now to the good stuff ... my fabric selections.
 My friend Leslie {has 3 westies}.  She asked me to make
her a brightly colored quilt ... so here's the selection of 
Batiks I will use.  I'm also going to do something
different for the back.   I've printed out the instructions
from Moda on how to make letter blocks.  So the back of the quilt
will read ... Rocky ... Murphy ... Opie
 White on whites.  You just can't have enough.
 The center collection of brightly colored fabrics will be
used to make a new quilt pattern called Lantern.
 Derby ... the agitator
 This selection of fabric {as well as the picture directly below}
are 2 yards cuts which means I plan to use them for quilt backs. 

 How quickly they lost interest in my fabric.
 The Big Find!
I saw this fabric on line but never figured I would
find it on our trip.  I'm guilty of purchasing 6 yards of EACH
because it's so cute.  Now what to make.
 The bunny fabric was an impulse buy just because I liked
it as well as the butterflies.  The Xmas fabric was on sale.
 Basic blender fabrics.  The pink and green fairy fabric
[over in the far right] was another impulse buy but I only
had them cut a half yard.  It will make a cute quilt for a little girl.
 Oh how I loved this line - classy and different.
 More basics for my stash.
 I've been looking at patterns using 'fat quarters' and have found
a few I like and will probably make.  How could I not buy
this grouping of nautical fat quarters!
 The Old Country Store had two beautiful quilts in the window
using the 4th of July theme.  This is one of the collections.
 Another collection of fat quarters found at  Burkholders.
 It's nice to have collections of fabrics on hand
when you don't want to stress about blending fabrics.
I'm really happy with all my fabrics and Deb & I
won't be going back to Lancaster until late fall 
maybe even early winter.  Hopefully, I'll have
enough fabric to last until our next trip.