Monday, June 26, 2017

Beautiful Flowers In Our Garden

 I was in the mood to take flower photo's yesterday since
the weather was nice and I needed a break from
all the house cleaning I was doing.  
. . . A Sampling of the Garden . . .  

 I have four tiger lily plants.  The rabbits had a feast on them
last year [down to the ground] so I'm glad to see blooms this year.
Thanks to our neighbor [Scott] who told us about
a deer and rabbit repellent that really seems to work.
 A little fern I moved and tucked into a better spot seems
to be happy now.
 Tiger Lily
 We are talking about adding another [small] bed behind this one
in the fall.  The verdict is not in yet.  
 I found healthy basil plant at BJ's and snagged it for Wilson.  
Petunia's in the planters by the back deck.
 The cone flowers didn't do much last year but this year
they are blooming like gangbusters.  Guessing the roots
just needed to be more established.

 Wilson likes this color [the best] but I did spot a beautiful
double orange cone flower plant in a spring catalogue.
Thinking about next year's garden already.

 While full and beautiful this daisy plant is taking over the garden.  

 Joe Pye Weed has a tendency to attract butterflies but is
hardly a weed in our garden.  The blooms have nice sweet smell
but I haven't seen any butterflies on it.

 Cone Flowers
The seeds from the cone flowers [when the heads dry out]
will attract tiny birds like flinches that will pull out the
seeds to eat.  Hoping to get some good photo's then.
 White Cone Flowers

 We have two volunteer sunflowers growing in the garden 
which sprouted from all sunflower seeds we feed the birds.
Wilson wanted to yank them out but I said no.  I'm waiting
to see how large the head gets.  By the size of the stem I
feel it will be a small flower but that's ok.  In the past I use
to grow giant Russian sunflowers but in this garden that
will not work.
 I forgot the name of this plant which I picked up at Lowe's
as a filler.  It looks like a form of a snap dragon and I
have a yellow colored plant tucked into the other side of the bed.
My Father's Maple Tree
My dad started this maple tree for me when we were
still living in Bozman.  We had it growing in a pot on our deck
and when we moved that pot came with us.  This maple
was the first thing planted in the new bed and then 
everything else was planted accordingly.  I would say
it's happy now that the roots can spread out.  Every time
I look at this tree I think of my dad.  He loved to work
in the garden and I remember him growing plants from
seeds.  I guess I have a little of him in me.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

From The Yard & From The Sewing Room

 Finally, we have lilies in bloom!  That took monitoring and
the constant sprinkling of a rabbit deterrent.  {The rabbits ate these 
to the ground last year.}  While beautiful the smell coming from this
type of lily is really strong.  It was moved into the dining room.
 We had two more lilies that opened and before I could cut them
for an arrangement on our porch [we think] a rabbit
had a midnight snack.  I was also stupid enough to think if they
make it to opening they were safe from the millions of rabbits
we have here in Back Creek Landing.  Wrong! 
 I have always loved going into the garden to cut flowers
to bring in the house.  Our plants are finally getting to the size
for cutting without showing signs of flowers missing from them.
The quilt wasn't on the chairs for a second before the
westies took it over as their own.  Nothing new, right?
 A view minus the westies.  This was a pattern I copied from
Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company but I added my
own twist to it.
We're ready for the 4th of July which is right about the corner.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mini-Terriers, A Set of Pillowcase, Etc.

 I've been organizing and incorporating my new fabrics into
my current stash.  While doing this I decided to pull some red, 
white, and blue fabric to design one [or two] 4th of July lap quilts.  
Derby as cute as he is [is] unimpressed with my layout. 
Julep [in the far left corner of this picture] is 
sleeping on the fabric I pressed and was planning to
use as a 'template' for the size.  So ... instead of disturbing
her I moved my layout to another part of the floor.
This set of angelic pillowcases was made with my
cousin Alberta in mind.   She is scheduled for [knee] surgery
next month.  I think she'll love them. 
 I made more mini-terriers which I took into 
Baltimore this past Saturday to give to my mom.
She wanted to share them with her doctor and his staff.

 These are going to my cousin Alberta with the pillowcases.

 I love this flannel which I found on the free table at the
last guild meeting.  I gave two burp cloths to my mom to
 pass on to a friend and I have two to give to Outreach.
Giving up on trying to keep the back cushions nice
and neat I decided to just keep them down and
covered for the pure please of the westies [as
well as helping to keep my sanity].

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fabric: That's All I Got For You Today

It's nice to keep our UPS and Fed-X guys busy.
I'm starting a 4th of July quilt using a pattern that Jenny from
Missouri Star Quilting demonstrated a few weeks ago.
 I placed three fabric orders over the past month.  All
on sale for between $2.99 - $3.99 per yard so in my world
that what I call a real deal [plus no tax & free shipping].

This is the start of the music fabric collection.  I've been
looking at tote bag patterns as well as little clutch bag
patterns.  Let's see what I can make by February to take
on the Smooth Jazz Cruise to the Caribbean.
 I haven't posted this fabric on Facebook because it just
might start a riot!  I have enough to make two lap quilts for
upcoming rescue auctions and with the leftovers also
do some stuffed mini-terriers. 
 I needed some super-cute fabric to have on
hand for some small kids quilts.
 I purchased the last 1/2 yard of the gold fabric.  I can
understand why it sold out because it's really pretty.
 More fabric for kids quilts.

 The nautical whales I found at JoAnn's on sale.
 The whales, lobsters, and lighthouse fabrics have been sitting
in the sale section at Hancock's for months so I finally
broke down and ordered them.  
 These are flannel.  I ordered with Outreach in mind to
make a few things like taggies and burp cloths.

Simple pattern with basic colors to have on hand.

 More music fabric.
 A little Christmas.

The final stack to be incorporated into my stash.
This should keep me sewing for a few weeks.