Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bas Rouge For Lunch

 Bas Rouge is a semi-new restaurant in our area.  I think it's been
open a little over a year.  Our friends took us to lunch there
yesterday and it was excellent and as close to perfect
as you will get in this area.
 I always ask if I can take a photo of the wine restaurants serve.
I have an app on my phone that shows the cost and gives the
rating as well as comments from folks that have had
this before.  If I like the wine then I have a record.
From there I can go to our local wine shop and order it.
 Bread made from scratch was yummy & so was the butter. 
 Three beautiful flower arrangements lined the back wall.  
The table you see in the back is the 'owners' table.
 Cold corn soup with lump crab meat & hush puppy.
 You are looking at a $23 burger!
 No expense was spared in the design of this restaurant.
We were the last to leave so I was able to take
photo's without be obnoxious to other diners.
. . .
The California family is currently on the plane flying
east.  We are picking up Daisy today at the train station.
I have a ton of stuff to take over to the rental house
like breakfast food, snacks, fruit, laundry detergent.  It's
going to be a busy next few days for sure.  Carol planned
a trip to Washington, DC on Tuesday.  I think the 
weather will be nice and the kids should have a great
time.  On Thursday they are all taking the train to 
New York City to hang out there for 3 days 
before heading back to LA.   I know the rest of the
family will love seeing Daisy's apartment and
being in the city that never sleeps.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Something to Wine About: Vineyard Valley by Blank Quilting

Vineyard Valley 
My new collection of 1 yard cuts arrived Fed-X from
Vanessa the Digital Marketing Manager at Blanking Quilting.
I wrote Vanessa and said the photo's of this material don't do
 justice.   This is a collection you really need to see close to
appreciate the richness of color and the detail of design.
Grapes ... fruit of the vine!
 The panel [which I hate to cut] will probably land up on the
back of one of the quilts.  If the size of the squares was just a 
little larger I would have made them into napkins.  
 I'm hoping to get a set of napkins out of this collection
once I'm done with the lap quilts.

 Who doesn't like a good glass of vino with a nice
cheese and cracker plate to nibble on while sipping?

 It was easy to pick out a pattern to use and as you can
see Julep is in her usual spot ... on my project.
Can't open a bottle of wine without one of these.
I was playing with different fabrics for the center as well as the
top and bottom.  I kept the center fabric as is but did change out
the top and bottom.  This top is now finished.  Last night I
started work quilt #2.  This is super-simple center 8" square with a
2" border strip.  My goal is to get that done today.  On Sunday 
the goal is to get these quilted and the binding put on one side.
Wilson had another attack of Afib we will be going to John Hopkin's
in Baltimore on Monday for the 'shock' treatment.
That is scheduled for 3:00 so while I'm waiting I can hand sew
 the binding to finish them.  

Monday, June 11, 2018

Starfish & Mermaid Kid's Quilt

 Just finished two identical nap quilts for the twin girls who 
live up the street from us.  They are adorable!
Both backs are out of the same cute nautical fabric.
 This top I'm not crazy about [but I know someone will be]
so I'm giving it to the Outreach group to either add 
to it to make it larger or finish it as it. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Finished Projects

 Derby looking at I don't know what.  He's such a 
handsome little boy we love him to death.
 Julep ... hard to believe she's over 10 years old.
I know that stand and stare ... it's almost play time so as
soon as she moves I'm picking up that quilt on the floor. 
 Drum roll please ... I can hear the sound of music, can you?
A quilt of a musical kind. 
This was made for a friend who loves music so I hope she likes it.  
I'm also very happy with the way all the fabrics blended together.
 Close-up of the blocks.
 The embossed gold words really add elegance to the basic design.
 Some of the instruments are outlined in silver.  Another way
to add elegance to what would be a flat design.
 The quilt back jazzed up by the simple addition of
some of the blocks I used on the front.  
 His Royal Cuteness
 I was ready to put this under the needle of my sewing machine
for some simple quilting lines until Derby decided this was
 the spot he wanted to be.
 I think my westies love fabric as much as I do!
Julep is actually on two quilts that are ready to be pressed.  
I wanted to get these done so I did move her.
 This patten is called the 'picnic quilt' and I can't figure
out why.  It's a super-simple pattern that doesn't take
much time to make up.
 I have made this pattern before but this time I added
 more fabric to the top and bottom to make it longer.

Made with leftover fabric from the other quilt.  I'm trying
not to put any small pieces of leftover fabric back on my shelf.
This fabric is very summer-like.

 The back fabric is also very pretty.
The beginning a new project.  Right now my thinking is to make
two small quilts for the twin girls who now live on our block.
They are 2 years old and are as cute as a button.  

Friday, June 1, 2018

 Derby ... so comfy on the back of the sofa.
 We had a great diner party on Wednesday night and
of course I got so busy getting things ready I forgot
to take photo's of the rest of the food.
 I set a simple yet nice table.
Future quilting projects.  
All this fabric was sitting in a nice neat stack on my shelf
since last year & now it's on the floor - waiting.   With no pressing
 sewing obligations on my dance card I decided it's time to work
my way through all of it.
 A musical quilt almost done.
This collection of fabrics was in the stack I wrote
about above.  It will be ready to quilt this
weekend and with all the rain we are going to
get I can't think of anything better to do.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This ... and ... That

 I finished sewing the top and made the binding but as
usual Julep stopped my progress.

 I made the rocket ship ice cream cone pillow for my
neighbor's nephew and had enough left over to
throw together this little outer space quilt.

 Using up some of my scraps I made 5 baby burp cloths
for a FB friend who is having a girl.
 With the burp cloths I added a little stuffed dog.
 This is going with the other ice cream cone
pillow.  He has a little sister who is 3.  As we all
know when dealing with kids you can't give something
to one without giving something to the other.
Allan Brother's Prime Rib Roast is
Wednesday nights dinner.