Thursday, October 10, 2019

For Outreach & the Kid's Bazaar

 I thought Chris [who runs the Outreach portion of the guild]
could use a few simple generic holiday themed quilt tops.
I pulled my stash of odds and ends and made up 3 small
quilts for the ladies in Outreach to finish.
 The center of this quilt was done 2 years ago and it was
time to get out of my sewing room.  While those little 2-1/2"
squares are not perfectly sewn together it's good enough for a
child to enjoy and play on.  Outreach will finish it and pass on.
3 Holiday & 1 Generic Lap Quilt  
The use of more holiday odds and ends.
8 Baby Bibs
Two each of the same fabric/style/size.
Center of the bids have different fancy stitching.
. . .  
Chris put out a request to guild members to make a few
items to donate to a local school's holiday bazaar
in December.  I rose to that challenge and made
a bunch of cute items that I felt would sell.  
 3 Gnome Pillows
 6 Terrier Dogs
13 Sail Boats 
Since we live in a nautical area I thought little sail boats
would be a big hit.  These are so cute and easy to make. 
 8 Little Fish

 Christmas Bunnies
Who doesn't love Christmas bunnies?
 9 Bunnies 
 I made two non-holiday themed bunnies just in case
someone didn't want a holiday bunny.  I need to get
more bunny tails on my next visit to Hobby Lobby.
I had a lot of fun making all this stuff.  It's a nice break from
working on lap quilts but now I'm ready to start the log
cabin block kit I purchased from Jordon Fabric's.

The next project is to work on a large Christmas quilt that
needs to be quilted.  I plan on taking this with us to the
Outer Banks in November so I can hand sew on the binding.
While I normally don't hand sew bindings this is a nice way
to have some sewing time while on vacation without 
dragging my big heavy sewing machine.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Decorating For Halloween

 The house is decorated for Halloween but it's unfortunate
we don't have time to host a dinner party this year.
 I found the Halloween beaded table runner
at Home Good's.  I would have liked another for the
other side of the table but they only had one.

The guys delivered the third pallet of stone to finish
the wall today and it looks great!  They left to pick-up
 a load of top soil to mix in with the existing dirt
so now it's time to pick out the plants. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Dinner at Bas Rouge

Bread basket selection:  Cheddar Biscuit
I also tried the mini brioche seeded bun which
I lathered in wonderful French butter.
Chef's Special Appetizer Treat
Cosmo in a special glass and boy was it good!
I only had one and then split a glass of red wine
 with dinner. 
Cream of Corn Soup as my first course.
Dinner  Entree: Prime Tenderloin of Beef
{which I forgot to take a photo of}.
Chocolate Torte with melted marshmallow.
That kept me up half the night!
... and if the Chocolate Torte wasn't enough ...
compliments of the chef was a warm little 
nest of Madeleine's ... yum ... yum ... yum!
We have dined at Bas Rouge several times for lunch and
enjoyed it but this was our first dinner experience.
Would I go back?
The answer is ... yes!
This restaurant is a place you save for every once in a while.
Dinner is pre-fixed for either 3 or 4 courses which does not
include cocktails/wine/coffee.

Service is the top notch and formal and the atmosphere is
elegant but the restaurant is small so in my opinion I'm
tired of the overall interior look already.

It was a nice surprise to be handed a bag of two
little cakes to take home as we were leaving.

Reservations are required well in advance but that
may change when all the snowbirds leave to fly south
to their homes in warmer weather.

To  view the complete menu:

Monday, September 30, 2019

Stacked Stone Wall

 This is the second pallet of stone for the stacked wall.
 We decided that 2 pallets didn't make enough height
so our guy is going to pick up a 3rd pallet.
 The addition of this simple paver walkway on either side of
the driveway is so well worth not having to get out of the
car and step into the grass/mud.
 This is the bed on the other side of the driveway.   It originally
had a large and messy river birch tree with roots pushing
up the asphalt of the driveway [not good].  I was glad to see that tree
removed.   I found a photo of a stacked stone bench and should
we have stone leftover our landscaper will make it for me.
 Everyone agreed that another layer of stacked stone is needed.
 There will be a load of good soil added to the existing
terrible soil.  We know there is wiring under this area
and are waiting for Miss Utility to come out and mark
the exact spot before digging deep.
The morning neighborhood watch on duty.

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Fly-by & The Landscaping

 I think it was Saturday mid-morning when I heard a bunch
of planes flying by.  I grabbed my camera and snapped these
photo's.  Our little Easton airport was having the annual air show.
 Gosh, did they make a lot of noise.
 Our neighbors had pavers added to both sides of
their driveway.  We liked the idea so we are adding pavers
as well.  This placement is great especially in wet weather.
It's no fun to step into soggy dirt and have muddy shoes
so the stone pavers will correct that problem.
 With lack of rain the guys used pick axes to break up the
soil and then remove the grass.
 We are not going overboard with plants but just adding
enough bedding to soften the look of the front.
 Apparently, our neighbors up the street had a truck load of
soil delivered.  They are doing something in the back of the house.
 A gentle curve.
 The gray outline you see is for the placement of the stacked stone
wall.  It will only be a few inches high which will be just enough
to hold back the new soil and mulch.
Happy Fall
A mum from the front bed.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Things Going On ...

 Here is Wilson's new getaway car.  It has a brown and tan
interior and I love the split screen nav system.
 We traded in my Lexus which had over 102,000 miles.
I got Wilson's  Lexus SUV with 68,000 miles and 
he got this new 2019 Lexus with only 8 miles on it.
 The technology changes alone was worth it.
The best feature I like on his model is the blind spot
monitor.  Maybe I'll get a new SUV someday. 
 Yesterday we took the new Lexus out for a spin.
We went to Walgreen's to pick up my new prescription for
high blood pressure pills.  {I don't think this is a bad
thing since I'm 65 and this is the first prescription drug
that I'll need to take.} We also got Flu Shots and then
since I was whining about his new car, my flu shot and
my blood pressure med he took me to a fancy place for lunch.
When we came home after lunch our next door neighbor
was having their driveway sealed so we asked the guys
if they had time to do ours as well and they did.
It looks nice and it truly needed it.  On Monday is the start of
landscaping work along our front walkway.  We actually
wanted to have this work done since we moved in.  
First step is the addition of a small stone stacked
wall to keep the added soil and mulch in place
due to a slight slop of our property.  The planting
material will be simple and easy to maintain. 
Now back to our lunch ...
Wilson opted for the salmon appetizer and the salmon
entree.  I went for the Wagyu burger [medium] and it
was served well done.  It was a disappointment and for those
prices I should have sent it back!

Hopefully, I'll have some time to play in my sewing
room.  I have a several small projects to work on.

Monday, September 16, 2019


 I've been here - I've been there - I've been
in my sewing room - I've been in 
Baltimore [to see my mom] and I've been in
Annapolis to pick up our new 2019 Lexus RX350.
 This quilt top was made several months ago and was
just completed.  It has a new home with a little girl.
Burp cloths went to a new mom who is due next month.
 Yesterday the westies got a bath much to their dismay.
 I've been in a bib making mode.  Some have terry cloth
on the back which is a real mess to work with the others
have a heavier weight cotton.
 While it took longer I decided to sew fancy designs in 
the center of each bib.
 There are four different sizes.
 Total Bibs = 29 
These will be passed on to Outreach to share with
Early Head Start and maybe one other group ... it's
totally up to Chris as to who gets what.
Westie Bibs
It will be give-a-way time on my Facebook group
in a few days.  Wonder how many comments I'll get
on these ... I'm betting a bunch.