Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's Fun to Have Fun

 Tomorrow is grooming day for the westies.  While they still
look good Julep is starting to look a little fuzzy.  
 It's fun to have fun and that's the way I feel about
making American Girl doll clothing.  I honestly
don't remember the last time I went on a doll
clothes sewing spree but I'm on one now.
 A poncho make from fleece.  I didn't have pinking
scissors so I had to go buy a pair just
for this project.  Scissors are so expensive.
 Flannel nightgown fitting for a little princess.
 Super-easy skirts.
 The pair on the right is made from brushed suede type of
material and the pair on the far left is made
from velvet [which I'm not fond of working with].
 Doll quilt.  Grace {the little girl who this is intended for} will 
be be receiving the large quilt I made last month using
 this same collection of fabric.  She lives in New Jersey so 
I'm sure this will be on her bed during the cold months.

 This turned out so cute.

 The top is made using a sparkle snowflake print.
Taking a photo of white on white doesn't work {note to self}.
More traditional dress from leftover fabric that I used
on a back of a quilt.
 Ready for summer.

 I like this mermaid fabric and of course wish I had
more.  It came from Hancock of Paducah so I'll be scouting 
the sale section in hopes there is some left.
I have several more outfits cut out and ready to sew but
took a short break to finish up the sparkle bird quilt
I posted last week.  It's nice to get that off the floor
and on the stack 'to be quilted'.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

From The Sewing Room

 Bird block quilt #2 ... an update
The blocks are complete and I managed to sew together
the bottom row.  I'm pleased how festive, wintry and
beautiful this looks.  Next decide on a border fabric.
Close-up of one of the blocks.  These are so simple to make
but a little time consuming.
 I haven't made American Girl doll clothing for so long
I'm actually having fun sewing these.

This is a new skirt pattern I tried.  What I don't like to
do is make tops that match the skirts. 
 Who would believe I ran out of white thread ... 
I would ... because I did!!  I had to stop working on
this dress [and the one below] until I re-stock my thread.
Today is a trip to Salisbury to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby
with a neighbor.  Top of my list [of course] is white thread.
Hopefully when I get back this afternoon I can finish up
the mermaid and sailboat dresses tonight.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

There's a New Westie in the Hood

Meet Laird the new westie in the neighborhood.
Laird's mom {Lesley} moved into a rental home around the
corner from us until the completion of the home being
built in St. Michaels.  Lesley needed a ride to pick up her new bike
so it was a quick trip down the road.  Now back at home Laird
is checking out his new basket.  He looks right at home and
is ready to hit the road for a spin around the hood.
 Here is a little humor since I didn't take photo's of any
current projects ... but will say the blocks for the new bird quilt
are finished and ... I've started working on American Girl clothing 
for my former bosses grand daughter. 
I'm guilty!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Around The House

 Wilson left early this morning for a board meeting at the
Writers Center in Bethesda so I got much accomplished -
this [in part] is contributed to getting up early.
 A few days ago I mentioned I was working on a quilt I 
named Jungle Love.  That top went together super quick. 
Now I'm using the leftovers [plus another piece I had from that line]
in the top you see Derby walking on.
 I love this photo!  Last night I glued the flat back
pearls and crystals to the quilt my sister wants to give
her mother-in-law.  After all that work I didn't want to fold it
so there she hangs.  The boxes next to Derby hold my
collection of Xmas fabric.  On the shelves are plastic tubs
marked by size.  These are for leftover scraps I cut into
blocks.  This is in preparation for donating to the next
quilt show and boutique sale in 2 years.

 Simple borders around the tree panel.
 The back of the tree panel quilt.
Sample Block 
Yes, I'm starting another bird quilt!  This fabric came from 
my trip to Lancaster.  Will try and get the other sample block
done on Monday.  
 A small part of the bell collection.  The majority of bells
are on the opposite side of the fireplace.
 They are down for the count.
Bottle brush trees are back in style.  I remember them as a kid
but never cared much about collecting them until now. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action!

 There was and still is a lot of action going on in my old
sewing room.  For starters ... here are the photo's of Casey's
birthday quilt which I shipped out to California yesterday
afternoon for a cost of $18.00 priority mail.  No wonder the
post office is in trouble - that's ridiculous and with the
Forever stamps [for me] it's hard to keep up with the
actual costs of postage stamps.  By the way, I'm not
impressed with the selection of Xmas stamps this year.

The completed lap quilt.  
Casey will be totally surprised.
 The walk-through [by Derby].
The back fabric is pretty simple - but if you look closely at the
white fabric I used on the front you can see dancers.
Casey is going down the road of becoming a dancer, singer, actress
or all the above.  That child has serious talent and living in LA 
she's in the perfect place to take full advantage of that career.
Julep: the re-arranger of pillows.
 When I finished the main body of this it wasn't as wide
as I would have liked it to be ... so I added 3" to each side
by using the leftovers after squaring up the main blocks.
The completed top.  I'll put the finishing touches on it
later next week.
 This is the Snowmen/Sock Monkey quilt without the binding.
I finally said to myself last night I'm sick of looking at that 
fabric [you can see it on the left] on the floor ... so I started
to cut out the pieces of what I'm calling the Jungle Love quilt.
Hopefully, I will get that sewn together today since it's
a pretty easy layout and I don't want the westies to run thru it.
That's incentive enough to sew quickly!
Complete with binding and super-simple line quilting.
 The back fabric was another on-sale find from my
trip to Lancaster with my sister.
This is the second star quilt waiting to be finished.
Both small quilts won't be going far ... just 3 houses up from
ours are new neighbors that have 2 very small girls.
I'll deliver them in December.