Monday, August 22, 2016

# Pound # Cake #

 Before I talk about my next quilt block I just had to share
this adorable photo of Julep and Derby.  It's rare that I get
both of them together in such a good picture.  In case you
didn't know ... they have the same mom but different dad.  
 Since I'm still in a 'sewing with batik fabric mode' I found this
pattern that calls for using [basically] scrap pieces.
 This pattern is called [if you haven't guessed already]
Pound Cake by Sweet Jane.  I love this book and have
made several of her patterns.
Block #1 ... Completed  
I only have to speculate how designers come up with
pattern names.  This one is pretty easy - the pattern is a pound
# sign and you can use a 'layer cake' {which in quilters
language are 10" squares of fabric}.
 With the storm that blew through the mid-Atlantic last night it left 
behind perfect weather for the next 2 days.  Wilson and I are sitting on the
porch drinking our coffee.  I'm doing a blog update
and he's catching up on yesterdays New York Times.  All the
while the hummingbirds are zipping back and forth to the
feeders and a large flock of sparrows are flitting through the yard.
Enjoyable ... totally enjoyable.
 I know some of my blog followers have dogs.  As you may
[or may not know] I'm a big believer in supplementing any
pet's diet.  These are a few of the ones I use to help
support Julep & Derby's immune system and skin.  If you have
any questions, please ask.  I would be happy to 
share my knowledge with you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


 Since Wilson's been away I've been cleaning and sewing with
cleaning out weighing sewing if you can believe that.  One of the
things I did was wash all the dog bedding.  Here you see Julep in
a spot that is primarily occupied by Derby.  He fell asleep on the
sofa and didn't want to be disturbed.
Remember this stack of 2-1/2" strips?  Below is stack #1
made up.  I decided who will receive this when complete
and I also decided what stack #2 will be used for.

 I went through another roll of Warm & Natural batting.
JoAnn's on-line offered free shipping so I took advantage of that.  
The shipping weight is 30 pounds and it's nice to
have the box dropped at my door step.
 Cutting batting and getting ready for the next step.

Well, that's it for today ... Wilson is on the choo-choo coming
home from NYC.  Here are three of the photo's he sent me.
 The new World Trade Building
Hopefully, I'll get to go to the City next time.
Pet sitters book up in advance around here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

While Wilson is Away in NYC

 Wilson is in New York City helping get Daisy settled into her
first year at Parson's ... so while I'm here with the westies I haven't let 
any grass grow under my sewing pedal while the husband is away!
 This is the group of brightly colored Batik fabrics I though were
fat quarters but in reality they were 6"strips.   These are pressed
and sorted by color.  They filled my cutting table from end to end.

 The quilt pattern I pulled out calls for 2-1/2" strips of fabric.
This is what all that fabric {pictured above} came down to.
Each stack has the same fabric in it.  One for my new project
and one for a future project.

 I have a habit [as probably most quilters] of pulling patterns of interest 
out of magazines.  This is one of those patterns.  It's been resting in my
"quilts to make binder" for over a year.
Looks complicated but it's not.  This is a pattern by Moda
should anyone want to make it.  
 ... The Step-by-Step Process ...
after pressing and cutting into 2-1/2" strips
 1.}  Pick two fabrics and sew together using 1/4" seam.
 2.}  Take all those strips over to the ironing board and press
the seams...that is called 'setting the seam' in quilter language.
 3.}  Bring all those pressed strips over to the cutting table
and cut in lengths of 6-1/2".
 4.}  Take those cut segments back over to the ironing board
and press them open being careful not to stretch the fabric.
Pressed open and ready for the next step.
5.}  Find 2 two-patch segments that work together, pin - then it's 
back to the sewing machine to stitch across the top.  Now it's back
to the ironing board to press them open.
 Getting ready to chain-piece the four patches that was made
above with two more four patches to get one eight patch.
Confused yet?
 6.}  Then it's time to lay them out and sew them all together
to make the first long strip set.
This is what I accomplished last night.  As of this afternoon
I have another section completed about this size.
As I mentioned in yesterday's post ... you have to like 
bright colors to get this quilt.  Now back to sewing!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What' Done

 It took us a few seconds to 'get this one' which I
borrowed from my FB newsfeed.
 This top [and the one below] are the two pre-cut kits that came
from the Outreach portion of Bayside Quilters.  I'll turn them back 
in at the next meeting.  Still need to complete: 10 Xmas stockings.
 This is the pattern I wanted to duplicate using my stack of festive and
brightly colored Batik's ... but when I went to do the pressing they
were not 'fat quarters' {18" x 22"} but were 6" cuts 
[6" x the width of the fabric].  I must have hit the wrong item when ordering.
I found a pattern that I haven't made before that uses a lot of different
fabrics ... so those Batik's are now pressed and cut into
2-1/2" pieces.  I know this type of pattern won't be everyone
'cup of tea' but it will be someones for sure!
 This is the back of Savannah's holiday quilt.
This is the front of her quilt.  I want to add a sparkle
side border fabric in either red or white - then it will be done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Simple and Adorable

 I don't think I posted these photo's before but if I did you can just
skip over today's posting.  In any event, both dog fabrics 
{above and below} had been in my stash for a year.
Since I'm in the simple pattern mode and trying to build up my
lap quilts donations for westie rescue auctions I whipped these up.
The tops are made using {4" x 10" blocks} 
which are simple & fast to sew together.

... What I'm working on now to avoid going out in the heat ...
~ A Christmas quilt for Savannah from material left
from two previously made Xmas quilts
~ Two lap-size quilt tops from the Guild's Outreach group
~ Ten Christmas stockings which are also from Outreach
and next in line
From my Batik fat quarters pulling shades of orange
and using the pattern from the Outreach quilts I'm making 
We'll be hiding in the house today ... it's going to be
another scorcher here on the eastern shore.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Baby Quilts & Blanket

 This quilt is as simple as it gets!

 This was also simple and small and a great
way to use up small leftover pieces of fabric.

With a piece of leftover flannel and the navy blue satin
edging {I picked up from the free table at a Guild meeting}
I made this small baby blanket.  Still need to perfect making
miter corners but for a first attempt it's not bad.  All
three of these will go to an old high school friend who's
daughter is having her first baby at the end of December.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A New Use For The Fish Bag

 Sweet Savannah's mom sent me these photo's this
morning.  Seems Savannah woke up and remembered the
fish bag {I packed her quilt in it} and wanted to
be Ariel.  What an imagination that girl has.
I think she makes a totally adorable Ariel!  I'm also
glad I re-enforced the edges by top stitching.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Savannah & Finn

Savannah & Finn
I made this quilt for sweet Savannah and as you can see she
really loves it!  Savannah's parents own Derby's brother Finn. 
 Since Savannah's parents are art teachers I thought this would
be fun fabric to use to make them a set of pillowcases.  I didn't
realize Savannah slept on a big girl pillow.  There are two so
hopefully Savannah will share the other with mom and dad.
 The is Derby.
Can you see the resemblance between the brothers?
 Derby send his 'scent' to his brother to say hello in doggie language.
 Derby is not interested in laying on Savannah's quilt and
he's certainly not interested in having his picture taken.

 Here's a close-up of the block.
Sorry I forgot to rotate the photo[s] ... but
here is the back of the quilt.