Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Flowers, Fabric & Quilt Tops

 The last of the spring daffodil's have finished blooming.
The Dutch iris have just started to open and the
hummingbirds are back in full force.
 The landscapers finished edging and mulching all
the beds.  We asked them to take down the river birch tree
which is right next to the house.  It's a messy tree and one that
should not have been planted there to begin with.  The roots
 are invasive and are pushing up the asphalt 
in the driveway which is not good.
 I was very happy with the variety package of bulbs I
found at Lowe's last fall.  Now we need to decide on
what annuals we want to plant in our beds.
... Derby ... 
Could he be thinking ...
I can't believe she bought more fabric 
Doesn't she ever give that sewing machine a rest
I look at it this way - people collect many things like
fancy sport cars, art work, stamps, coins, jewelry 
you name it and people will collect it.  In my case
at least what I buy stays in my collection for a short
period of time before I use it and pass it along for
someone to enjoy.  
 The little white dogs look like little white lambs to me.

 I'm not crazy about these but I do think
they would make beautiful go-green tote bags.
I finished up 4 more last night and will post
photo's of them tomorrow.
I'm not crazy about this one as well. 
This was a pre-cut quilt I picked up from Outreach.
This top is a new super-simple pattern I wanted to try
using some of the fabric bundles I picked up on sale
at JoAnn's.  This will be given to Outreach to finish up.
You know what they say it takes a village to get
things accomplished and that's what I love about
Outreach.  It's a village of sewers working together to
accomplish one common goal - to help those in need
within our community and beyond.  For example ...
When I turn this top in someone else will pick the
back fabric, someone else will put the three layers
together, then it will move on to be quilted by yet another.
It then will be passed on to someone to put the binding on.
The final step is the transportation by yet another
to it's final in-need home.  So what starts with little old me
 in my little old sewing room will be touched by many
before it arrives at it's final destination.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Quilts: Completed {Finally!}

 I've been slowly finishing up the mound of quilt tops
I had stacked up on my 'to finish' table.  Still two tops
remain which I hope to have done by this weekend.
This was a simple pattern that I decided to try.   
It's a nice one to use those jelly roll strips.
I like the fabric/colors in this quilt. I took creative liberties
 with the layout on this top by adding a sashing between
the blocks.  This makes all the difference in the world
between what I did and what the designer called for.
In other words the designer's idea was pretty boring.

Panels are so simple to complete so I did a little
something extra for the back [see below].
Little boys love trains and this quilt should be arriving
at it's destination today.
 This went with the train quilt.
 Another one of the kits I purchased on line.  Here
again the designer had all the blocks stacked together
which I didn't like so I made a block to separate them.
Well, that's it for today.  I will continue cleaning the house
and completing 4 more of the go-green grocery tote bags
for the guild.  I need to sew a few more rows together on
an Outreach quilt from the bundles of fabric purchased
from JoAnn's.  This is a new pattern I'm trying out which
I like so I will start another one for Outreach as well.
Will post all this tomorrow.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fabric Finds

 Hello, my name is Katie and I've been buying fabric
for 6 days.  While the husband has been away I've
been hunting for fabric deals on line.  
 While I do enjoy all the e-mails I receive with various projects
and sales I also belong to several Facebook quilting groups.
These ladies know a lot and some of the quilts are out of this
world ... but in saying that these ladies also share info
on fabric sales.  While lurking in one of the group
a few days ago I spotted a post that read JoAnn's has a 
coupon for 75% off fat quarter bundles.  She showed her
mounds of fabric bundles and I immediately had to find the
coupon.  As you can see I did, I went, and I bought.  Now this isn't
the best quality fabric but it is perfect to try out new
patterns for quilts to donate to Outreach.  I started one late last night
which I'll post tomorrow once I get it sewn together.  
 The latest on-line purchases.

 I already used the cherry fabric for the border of a quilt
I finished last night.

 Additional temptation - they put in a catalog.  I have to say
Hancock's of Paducah has almost an immediate turn-around
on orders.  With free shipping [Fed-X] and no tax that's a deal.
 One of the fabrics in this collection is on back order.
 I finished making up the train quilt also last night.  It was
pretty simple with just one border all around.  Picture tomorrow.
 I love everything about this fabric and I may need
to hold on to it for some time before I cut it.

I still have a two orders of fabric that I'm waiting for.  One
is from a place called Marshall's Dry Goods someplace
out west.  Their website [at least for me] was extremely slow
and painful which took me over 2 hours to go through the
sale fabric.   I doubt if I will place an order through them again.  
For the rest of the day I'll be doing a little laundry and
general cleaning with some sewing tossed in for fun.
Wilson gets home on Saturday late afternoon.  When we talked
last night for a few minutes [the cell connection at
Bryce was awful] he mentioned he only took a few hundred
photo's.  Today they are driving about 2 hours to
Mt. Zion National Park and tomorrow they should
be in Salt Lake City.  He's ready to come home.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Two More From Out West

 I hate to say it but if you've seen one red rock you've
seen them all ... in my humble opinion.
 For someone who is afraid of heights the husband
is pretty darn close to that railing.

From Out West to Right Here at Home

 The other side of the Grand Canyon.
Wilson and his son {Wilson} are doing a little road/photography
trip.  They left from Scottsdale on Monday morning and are
driving up to Salt Lake City.  When you look at a map
it's a direct straight line as the crow flies.  
 I haven't seen many photo's but here are the few Wilson sent.  
If I know my husband he will take hundreds along the way.
 Wilson's favorite dessert - apple pie with a nice mound of
vanilla ice cream.  Just noticed two forks so he must
be splitting that with the son.
 An original hand carved totem pole.
... Now to the Important Stuff ...
 While I miss the husband I've been spending endless hours in
my sewing room.  My latest project is a roll-up grocery/
tote bag.  This happens to be one of those early morning
coffee drinking patterns I came across.
 I love these because they roll-up to a nice size which
don't take up much room in my purse.  
 Our guild is having a quilt show as well as a boutique set-up
with all hand-made goodies made by members.  This roll-up
material was provided by the guild and it's actually the first
one I made.  Since I already downloaded the pattern all
I took was the fabric.  Will turn this in next month.
 Jane Sassman fabric.  I know Jane's style a million miles away.
When I ordered this fabric I didn't have a clue what I was
going to use it for.  This happens to be one of my 
favorite prints so I'm keeping one for myself.  
 These [as well as the one below] will be donated to the guild
for sale in the boutique.  If you haven't guessed this is more
of Jane's design work.
While this looks like a pretty simple pattern [which it actually is]
the amount of time to make a bag is a lot.  It took me two solid
days of sewing to produce the bags you see here.  I pretty
much followed the instructions but did make a few minor
changes like using a heavier weight fabric for the lining
around the handles and top of the bag.  In the end I glued down
a portion of the lining with stitch witchery to hold it in place.
I also felt the white piece of elastic deterred from the
 nice look of the bag especially when you're using
 really nice fabric.  So while I was in JoAnn's yesterday 
[you'll here more about that adventure in the next post] 
I came across colored elastic.   Amazing how a simple 
change can make or break if something looks 
cheap or put together.  Hope these sell well for the guild.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Two Quilt Tops Done

 At the last guild meeting I picked up some fabric pieces off the
free table.  You never know what you'll find there and that's
half the fun.  Derby is inspecting the free fabric which
I just pressed and wouldn't you know it he pulled the
stack to the floor for a good sniff-over.
This material which I made into a pretty simple quilt
is from the free table which is now ready to give back
to the Outreach group to finish up and then pass on.
The Scottie blocks were made from a kit I purchased
on sale.   The designer [while I like the blocks themselves] 
had all the block stacked next to each other. 
I felt this was pretty darn boring so I made up
my own design with fabric from my stash.
Here again, this shows the importance of having
a good amount of fabric at your fingertips. 
Julep laying on what I picked for the Scottie quilt back.
Hope to have this one done by the end of the week.