Monday, February 5, 2018

Westies + 3 Finished Quilts


 Wrapping up projects pre-vacation.  I'm glad to get these
 done and put away.  Still one more to finish before we go.

 This was made using leftover Unicorn Kisses fabric
with a little additional fabric from my stash.

 This little quilt is already added to a fund raising
 auction for Westie Rescue Orange County [California].
I hope it brings in a few $'s for the rescue cause.

 I wonder if they'll miss us while we're gone.
Julep watching the Puppy Bowl prior
to the Super Bowl start.  I still have one more
quilt to get finished before we go which is
pretty simple - just needs the binding added then
I can go on vacation with no UFO's hanging around.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Camp-a-Long Critters: The Quilt & The Pillowcase

Camp-a-Long Critters by STUDIOe
Wanting to do something different I placed the panel 
to the left then came up with a design for the right side.
 Adding 3 boarders gave this additional length on the
top as well as the bottom.
 The right side of this quilt is made up of a
3" x 3" square connected with a 3" x 6-1/2" rectangle.

 Making the right side first then trimming about a
1/2" off the panel worked perfectly to balance out 
the length of both pieces.
 I pieced together a few pieces from this collection
 to make the back of this quilt more interesting.

One matching pillowcase to go with the quilt.  I have
fabric left over from this collection I'll work with
later.  All the photo's have been sent off to Vanessa
to post on social media if she likes.
. . .
I'm about 90% packed for our cruise vacation and
personally can't wait to get out of this cold weather.
My goal is to try and finish four quilts I have so
I won't have any UFO's sitting in my sewing room
waiting for my return.  All this can be done very
easily if I don't get pulled by wanting to start a
new project on impulse.  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Unicorn Kisses: The Quilt, The Toss Pillow & The Pillowcase

 Tonight I finished working with Unicorn Kisses by STUDIOe.
 A small toss pillow was made with the leftover fabric.
When I first looked at the unicorn fabric panel I decided to
place it off to one side and then do something simple
to compliment it ... so here it is ... complete.

I added a single 3" strip of fabric to separate
 the panel from the blocks.
I found a package of satin in my ribbon stash which
worked perfectly on this pillowcase. 

With the leftover fabric I pieced together 
the back for the quilt which is a nice
display of the entire collection.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Camp-a-Long Critters by STUDIOe

This is the second group of fabrics sent to me to play with.
I plan to have fun using these in a simple yet cute layout.
I love frogs and mushroom fabric.  Why - I have no idea.
 The layout using this collection is already in my head
and needs to come out soon.
 I plan on starting work on this collection Sunday.

This panel will be offset to the left and I
already know what type of block will be to the
right ... so stay tuned.  I'd like to get this
complete before we leave on vacation.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Unicorn Kisses from StudioE

 Isn't this a young Tom Selleck?
I was never a big fan of his but I enjoy "Blue Bloods".
 ... Unicorn Kisses ... 
This is one of the two collections of fabric Vanessa had sent
 to me to play work with.  Needless to say, I love the
challange of creating with no limits except to
stay within the fabric sent.
 The panel will be the focal point but I'm thinking of
doing something different.  Usually I would center it but 
I'm thinking outside the box so I'll play with moving
it to the left and then work from there.   We'll see.
Accompanying fabrics.
What little girl wouldn't love anything made with this fabric.  
 The white fabric will be kept in one piece because
it will be the center back of the quilt.  I'll need to
add fabric to the top/bottom to enlarge the length.
The good thing is I can use leftovers from the front.
Floating Hearts
It's time to focus on how I want to frame the panel so
that's it for today.
I'll post the second collection of fabric tomorrow.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Napkins

 Simple Gather Fold Napkin
Here are the final photo's from this collection of fabric.
One yard of fabric yielded 4 [average size] napkins.
Under the plate you can see the actual size of the napkin.
 This print also makes an attractive place mat as well.
It's almost Valentine's Day 
The flower fold napkin is a favorite
and one that I've used before and will use again.
I have one yard of this flower print with a light blue
background which will be more napkins ... eventually.

A Quilt and A Derby

 A set of flannel pillowcases I made and forgot to post last week.
I was tempted to keep them for myself but didn't.
 He's sitting in front of the storage boxes that are
holding fabric I'm cutting up until the next
guild quilt show in 2019.
 This is the final quilt from the stack of fabric that was sent 
to me about a month ago.  While it was hard to cut the big
flower fabric overall I'm happy with the layout.
 Derby just had to see what the mess on my desk was all
about.  I have stuff I'm gathering to mail to Daisy in NYC 
for Valentine's Day and then I have a few things to decorate
our cabin door on our cruise and then there is tax stuff.

 When I take pictures of completed items to send to Vanessa
I try and have an interesting layout or background. 
 While this quilt is lovely I must say Derby steals the show.
 As Wilson will remind me ... put a little white dog in a photo
and you can sell anything.  I think he's right!

 The back is pieced together using two fabrics
within this collection.

It was very nice yesterday afternoon so I draped this over
the deck railing.  Today I have some napkins to finish
up from this collection so stay tuned for those photo's later.

I also received from Vanessa two new collections of fabric
which I have already pressed.  They are now laying on my
sewing room floor so I can decide what type of layout
I would like to use.  Both of these collections are totally
adorable and I will post photo's later.