Thursday, August 27, 2015

Derby Needs Anger Management

While I was taking pictures of my sewing projects the
westies came running up the steps ... but before we get to 
them let's getting the sewing stuff out of the way. 
The scrappy quilt is all put together ... next step ... putting the batting
in between the front and back, then it's up for quilting.
This one doesn't have a home yet but I'm sure I'll find one soon.
 The Christmas Batik's I pictured a few weeks ago.
They have been sorted, pressed, and cut into 5" squares.
 This mess of cut fabric will turn into the blocks pictured below.
 I enjoy making this block.  Looks hard but really isn't.
Now ... on to the westies 
Boy oh boy ... these westies do NOT like the dog {or what I
fondly call the pony} that lives across the street.  
 I don't know who barks louder ... Julep or Derby.
In any event, it drives Wilson and I crazy.
In the new house they won't be seeing the pony.
Frustration or Anger ... I'm not sure 
Taking it out on the pillow.  This boy has real anger issues.  
 I'm glad he has this pillow to let out his anger.
 The 'pillow aggression' is a new behavior in this house.

 Derby has no idea that he's a small dog.
That's what I love about the westie breed ... a little
dog with a big dog personality.  They know no fear.

 Giving the pillow a good shake with a few growls thrown in.
Just as a note ... that big pony dog doesn't pay a second of attention
to the fool westies barking from the windows like mad dogs.
Can't wait to move into the new place!  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Look What's Finished!

 Done ... both chicken quilts.  Here is the first one.

 One set of chicken pillowcases.
 The second completed chicken quilt.
I like them both.

 One playing with scraps quilt.  Working on a second
playing with scraps now.

 Added buttons to the center of the Scottie holiday pillows.
 Installed the new Kitchen Aid oven and microwave.
The old and expensive Wolf units are gone.  Wilson said
we saved about $4,000 not replacing with the Wolf brand.
Project List
Also fixed is the tiny 12 bottle wine refrigerator by the kitchen
sink.  The tile guys are finishing up the tub today and the painters
are still working on the inside.  The new surround that Wilson
ordered for the fireplace has been shipped from Canada.
Also ordered yesterday was the new fireplace insert with log set.
This will help make the fireplace more energy efficient as
well as keeping fireplace 'soot' from coming into the room.
We're just humming away ... but we are STILL waiting for the
project manager to present us with the drawings for the back
of the house.  These will then go to 'permitting' which could
take up to 30+ days.  Wilson typed out a two page list of
projects and when they needed to be complete for the 
contractor.  At least it's nice and organized now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meet Casey ...

 Meet Casey who is Julep's sister.  
Casey's mom just sent me a nice e-mail note with a few
pictures of Casey for the blog.  They live in the Virginia area.
 I was told by Casey's Mom that Casey likes to 'stack' her beds.  
Julep doesn't stack her beds but she does like sleeping on highest spot
 like the back of the sofa or the pillow above my head.
I do think they look very much alike.
 Julep ... in black and white with a hint of pink ear.
 Derby in black and white with a hint of pink ear.
We don't know about Casey but I would bet she likes to
bake in the sun like Julep and Derby.  What I do know is that
Mommy Ming sure did produced some beautiful westies.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

California Closet Install

I had a nice big well designed California Closet in the old house
[notice I used the word "I"] ... but in the new house we will be sharing
one closet off the master bathroom [drats!].  Guess I'll just have to
suck-it-up and learn to share closet space.   
 I've found this complete unit a good home as well as the
current lighting fixtures in the master bath.  Our contractor
is building a home for a family in need so she will have
these to add to that project.
 Funny how a nice size space turns out to be a
little smaller once you make it into a CA Closet.
 We are still debating boundary lines.
I do know I'll be donating more of my clothing
prior to the final move due to lack of not fitting.
We know this will be Wilson's side because we had
CA Closets design the hangers {on your left} a 
little longer so his shirts won't hit the floor.
We are now looking at two new lighting fixtures
for this space as well as two new vanity lights
and two pendant lights.  We did order the wall
scones that replace the ones they had going up the
steps.  They are white with gold and will blend
nicely with the carpet.  Things are coming together
but honestly I just want to be there and out of this rental!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Arrival of the Wallpaper

 You never know when you order items from an on-line site
what type of service you will get.  I have to say I was impressed
with the quick turn-a-round from this wallpaper company in
Virginia.  It was much cheaper for me to order the paper than to
have our local furniture store order it for us.  I found a fair
price with no sales tax, free shipping, and a coupon for an
additional 5% off.  With all that you are still looking at $800.
in wallpaper!  I can't image what Higgins & Spenser would
have charged but I'm guessing double.
 The new chandelier arrived for the center hallway.
It will replace the plain drab schoolhouse white fixture there.
It blends nicely with our old dining room chandelier.

 We have the wallpaper man all lined up.  He showed me
pictures of rooms he's done in silk and fabric in some
of the big mansions here on the shore and in Potomac.
He is a real artist and since I don't have a clue how to
put up wallpaper I may watch him put up a few sheets.
The wallpaper will be next to the last thing done -
carpet being the last. The interior walls will have the final coat of
West Highland White this coming week.  Next up is finishing up 
the bathroom tile around the tub and then ripping out the 
cheap surround around the fireplace.  The new fireplace insert 
with gas  logs are on order.  After Labor Day the wood floors 
are scheduled to be sanded and re-stained.   Who knows
when the back two screened in porches and trex deck will
get underway.  This is what will hold us up moving in.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Warning ... Today's Posting Is Not Exciting

 His Royal Cuteness
 My fabric order arrived and I'm ready to start working on 
the Penny Lane quilt pattern.  I have stacks of holiday theme 
fabric but this collection of batiks blends nicely and was on sale.
The test block.
Penny Lane is a pattern that looks complicated but is pretty easy.
Hopefully, I'll start cutting on Friday.
Today was a busy day.  I had lunch with JoAnn & Francis
at Panera then I dropped off the deposit for the seamless
shower enclosure at Mr. Go Glass.   From there I went to the
Appliance Source to look at washers/dryers and refrigerators.
I'm still torn on which brand of washer and dryer to
get.  They are expecting the new LG's to arrive in the next
week.  I really don't need a complicated machine ... just something 
that washes clothing.  I don't need a 'steam' feature or a feature that
will dry your clothing slowly over an 8 hour period.
(Give me a break!) ... So if you have some input on washers
and dryers please share and help me make up my mind.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Everything Was Just Ducky ... Until

Not a Good Sign 
Everything was just ducky when we left the plumber
and contractor yesterday morning ... until ... the phone rang.
 After the install of the new bathtub fixtures they did a
test run of the jacuzzi jets before encasing the tub with tile.
 Wouldn't you know it there was a leak in one of the jets.
No one local or on the east coast [as a matter of fact] 
had the replacement part.  Phil [our contractor] did find the
 part in California.  Hopefully, it will be here in a few
days so we can get the rest of the tile work done.
 We didn't like the cheap plastic shower heads that
Lowe's carries so Wilson went on line and ordered
this nice [and mildly expensive] Kohler set.
Rain Shower Head
 We grew to love this style of shower head.
 What this house has and what Bozman didn't
have is a hand-held shower.  This is perfect when
 it's bath time for the westies.
 It will be nice to get this off our project list.  
 Everything is so white.  The painters haven't started with
the West Highland White yet.
 The geese ... a reminder fall is on the way.
Maggie is the rescue lab that lives next door.  
Julep and Derby love to bark at Maggie while she's
playing ball in the backyard.  She is a sweetheart who
now has a wonderful and loving home with Nancy & Larry.