Friday, January 20, 2017

Shipment #3 of 3

 Today the final delivery of sale fabric arrived.  I have to admit
I love getting boxes of fabric in the mail.  It's the little
things in life that make me a very happy girl.

 Both of these fabrics are adorable.  
 I don't know what the wording means so if anyone knows
send me a note. 

 This is who shipment #3 is from so if you see
something you like just pop on to their website.
 Total of the three orders of fabric.  The small stack is Xmas.
 This morning I wasn't feeling great but by the afternoon
I found some energy to go up and sew.  I pulled
this collection of fabric and the pattern before I got sick.
Doesn't Julep look sweet?  
I'm not sure if I would consider this a low-volume
quilt or not but the colors are light and soft.    

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shipment #2 of 3 Arrived!

 I'm slowly returning to the land of the living!  This head/chest
cold really hit me out of the blue.  After sleeping most of 
today I found package #2 waiting for me.  This is the
order from Hancock of Paducah which is in Kentucky.
I told Wilson I'm keeping his fellow Kentuckians employed.
 This is gorgeous fabric and the photo I took just doesn't
do this justice.  Wilson said it looks like 'old lady' fabric
and I totally disagree.  I'm going to save these for awhile.
 I knew sometime in January all my favorite fabric websites
would be trying to reduce inventory and being the organized
person I am I was ready to take advance of these reductions.

 What I don't see in a lot of website sales bins is cute
fabric for kids and I'm not sure why.
 One of my favorites.
This selection I'm thinking pillowcases but then again
a simple big block layout for a lap quilt would work also.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better than today. 
Fabric shipment #3 should be here as well. 
This shipment is coming from Zook's in Lancaster, PA
a brick and mortar store that my sister and I normally visit.
Since we didn't have a trip planned I just ordered off
their website. 
Also I just found out that postage rates go up on
Monday ... so get your Forever stamps now!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shipment 1 of 3 Arrived!

 This is my first delivery of fabric that I thought I'd
share with you.  I should have ordered more of the bunny
fabric since it's really cute and different.  
 I'm still sickie-poo and lost my voice so I've been
sleeping most of the day.  The westies haven't left my side.
 There were a few more designs in this collection
that I didn't order and of course now I'm sorry I didn't.
 This is the only one I'm not crazy about.

 The black with pink roses is a really stunning piece of fabric.
Pillowcases maybe. 
 What I love about this little fabric store in Iowa is
they aren't afraid to send you extra fabric if it's near
the end of the bolt.  This is also the place that sent
me that cute little charm pack of fabric at Christmas.
 I did manage to finish these up yesterday before I
got really really sick.  
 Both backs are identical since they are going to sisters
who are at the age of I want what she has.
Note to Chris D.
This top I plan to donate to the Guild's Outreach group
to finish up.  I did the binding with leftover fabric.  
Now back to bed I go to dream of those 2 additional
 packages of fabric coming my way.  It's the simple
things in life that make me happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 Bozman Sunrise
Another trip down memory lane thanks to Facebook.
 Isn't this lap quilt adorable?  I'm glad Lee sent
me a message with a reminder that I promised a quilt
for a westie event in Kentucky in the spring.
Just waiting for mailing instructions to ship this 
one off.  I hope it does well since this is vintage
fabric and no longer in print.
I do like the colors in the back fabric which blend
nicely with the front blocks.  
I picked up a few pieces of fabric from the free table
at the guild meeting.  Here is Derby giving them a good 
sniff-over.  I've already cut the fabric into blocks and
more than likely it will eventually be made into a 
small quilt and given back to Outreach.
Well, I can finally say I'm sick!  Started yesterday
afternoon and I'm pretty miserable today.  Head,
sinus, and throat but I'm thankful it's not the flu.
I have zero energy to sew so you know I'm
not a happy camper.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Not Much New Here

 It's been really quite around here so I have nothing much
[or exciting] to report on.  Sorry about that.
 I'm working my way through Valentine's Day fabric.
The two quilted pictured here will go out to California.  
I re-connected with the daughter of my former boss 
who now has two little girls - ages 5 and 3.  They are adorable 
and a little to young for American Girl dolls [I did ask].
 Simple blocks = lots of sewing hours!
4-1/2" rectangles with a 2-1/2" square attached.
I changed the layout from the original pattern by adding
sashing strips.  I tend to like it better this way.
 Derby aka Bird Boy
A Facebook friends asked me several months ago
to make her a quilt for an upcoming specialty event.  This is
it but I must have deleted the e-mail so I can't remember who
made that request.  None the less it's done and ready to go
once I know who to send it to.
 This is vintage fabric and no longer in print.
 Today I put all the quilts together with batting and spray bond.
I have 6 quilts to quilt which will take me a few days.
I'm not sure if I'll ever get this one done.  It's a panel I
purchased several years ago.   Guess I'll add strips around
the borders until I get it the size I want.
... Julep ... 
On my new winter forest quilt.
Wake me up when it's spring!
I've been pretty bored around here ... and you know what happens
when Katie is bored ...  She orders fabric!  I'm excited to have
package deliveries to look forward to over the next week.  
Three of my trusty on-line fabric stores are all having
 really good sales [as I knew they would] so the timing 
couldn't be better.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Reflecting Back on a Bozman Winter

 We took some nice pictures while in Bozman.  I managed to
save a few from my old computer before it went to
computer heaven a few years ago.
 When it snowed in Bozman we couldn't get out until
someone plowed out our long driveway.  
 In Bozman we had sunrises and now in St. Michaels we
have sunsets.  I prefer sunsets since I'm not a morning person.

 Leadenham Creek

 Bluebirds on the pool cover.
 I don't miss all the Bozman yard work but do miss the 
great variety of plants we had.  We are being very 
careful in our gardening selections in St. Michaels.

 Ice on dock piling.

Well that's it for today's brief walk down the Bozman
memory lane.  Stay warm.