Monday, October 24, 2016

I've been a little busy

 I've been busy planting spring bulbs in our three back garden areas.
The weather was perfect so I totally enjoyed myself.
What I still need are tulip bulbs for the flower pots. Lowe's here I come!
 There are a lot of upcoming fundraising auctions to
benefit westie rescue groups.  I'm working on having
 enough quilts to add one to each.  The last quilt
I donated to Westie Rescue Orange County in California
was won by a lady who lives in Hawaii.  If only I
could have fit myself into that box I would be basking
in the Maui sun right now.

 The holiday dog fabric was on sale for $2.99/yard.  Still have a
few scraps leftover so I may try to blend them with something else
to squeeze out another small quilt.
 You know I just didn't feel complete with the small
amount of fabric I purchased on my last trip to Lancaster
... so I did some ordering on-line.  Are you surprised?

 I intended to make a child's quilt using this fabric
for the backing ... Julep will keep it secure until I do.
 Couldn't pass on these batiks for my stash.
 Halloween fabric to put away for next year.
 This will become a pillowcase for next Halloween.
Well, I better go and get some Halloween candy.
We have a few more kids in the neighborhood this year.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

 Sweet Derby
From several years ago.  He still has a one in
a million face.  Love that boy!
 Just in case you don't get it ...
It's a greyhound bus.
 That's me ... me ... me
 Seriously ... are you kidding me ... you bet I have!
It's almost trick-or-treat time.  We have a few more
kids in the 'hood this year which will be fun.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

 Talk about being buzzed and I don't mean drinking!
It's that time of year that Mr. Pilot starts buzzing around.
I'm not sure if he's spreading seeds or spraying an insecticide
but in any event he's making a lot of un-welcomed noise.  
... Off we go into the wild blue yonder ...
Listen to the Air Force song via the link below
In the last passover our house was vibrating ... that's how
low this guy can go.  Well, it's off to start planting fall
bulbs in our new back gardens.  Until then - have a great day.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Our Trip to Lancaster, PA

 Our trip to Lancaster on Thursday morning started out on the
foggy side so it really wasn't great for taking many photo's.

 It's not a trip to Lancaster without getting behind at least
one horse and buggy.

I had to take one of the pumpkin pictures and play with
it in Prisma.  It's a modern twist on a simple fall photo.
 No trip is complete without stopping for a fresh
bag of warm kettle corn for the drive home.
...  Now on to the fabric ...
 This trip wasn't as productive as past trips.  I'm not sure if it 
was the selections or price or maybe a combo of
 both.  Deb felt the same way and we just chalked it
up to the time of year.
I would say a majority of my fabrics were found in
 Zook's sale bin.  Most were priced at $3.99 per yard
with a few at $4.99 per yard.  Those I purchased in
2 yard cuts - for that price - why not!

 The 5 fabrics [above] as well as the 3 fabrics [below] were not on sale.
I feel fabric at $9 and $10 per yard is way over-priced so these
fabrics are in 1/2 yard cuts.  The only reason I purchased them was
because of a holiday quilt I started and didn't have enough fabric
with golden accents to finish [as strange as that sounds].

 I did find two jelly rolls for a reason price of $26.00 per roll.
All the other stores we went into had them marked at $38.00!
 This fabric is Forest Frost and all the strips are glitter.
This roll has a French feel to it - thus it's name Ville Fleurie.
It's nice to have a few of jelly rolls hanging around the old sewing
room when you feel like doing something uncomplicated.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Little Out of the Norm ...

Here are a few funnies that I borrowed from Facebook. 

Here's wishing you a nice day.  I'll be heading to sister Deb's
later this afternoon and on Thursday morning we'll be in
Lancaster fabric shopping.  Until then, Katie

Monday, October 10, 2016

 It was a pretty yucky Saturday and Sunday.  We had rain, wind,
and colder then normal temperatures for this time of year.
I'm not ready to put away my sandals yet.
Derby in his little bed under my cutting table.
 I made a few table runners for the community yard sale
on Saturday.  I started selling stuff at 7a.m. and when the rain
hit I pulled everything back into the garage and finally
closed up shop at 10a.m.  Total made: $103.  This cash is a nice
addition for my Lancaster fabric shopping trip with
sister Debby on Thursday.  On this outing I will be searching
for bargin priced fabric at no more than $5/yard.
Shopping on-line has spoiled me but I might just have
to pay full price if there is a piece I totally fall in love with.
 In the continuing effort to clean out left-over pieces of
fabric I threw together this simple Thanksgiving quilt.
The back fabric was found on the 'free' table at the Guild meeting.
It works perfectly with this quilt.  This quilt doesn't have a
home so ... if anyone can use it ... let me know.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

 Sweet Savannah received her Halloween quilt in the mail.
I think she'll be a fashion designer when she grows up.

... Sunday Funny ...
I had to borrow this from a FB post.
Who do you think wore this better?