Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cute Little Models & Quilt Tops in the Works

 Here are two little cutie-pies modeling the toddler
bib give-a-way I had on Facebook last week. 
It's really nice to see how they look [as well as] fit
and I appreciate the receivers sending these photo's.
I will be making these again because it's a fun.
 I love this fabric and will have a hard time parting with
this quilt but as I say ... I can't keep them all.  Will post
a clearer photo when it's complete.
The same layout [as above] which is my 'go-to'
pattern when I need something semi-quick.  This is top on
the get finish list because it's going into a Facebook auction
that will benefit the Sunshine State Westie Rescue group.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fabric Finds

 If you are wondering what I would say in answer to this question
is what happened to the other half of the
fabric on this truck.  
 Speaking of fabric ... my recent order from
Hancock of Paducah in Kentucky.
 I have some really beautiful Christmas fabric and I may
start making a few holiday quilts in July.
 I have several friends with babies on the way so when
I saw this generic fabric I snatched it up.

 The fabric on the left I'm not crazy about.  I may cut it into
large blocks and make something simple for Outreach.
 I was thinking of grand daughter Casey when I ordered this.
If this child doesn't go into acting she'll be missing her
calling in life.  She is already is every school play and
living in LA she's in a perfect place to learn the craft of acting.
 These are cute and I'll just add a few borders around these panels
and call it a day.  
Wishing everyone a safe & happy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Westies & Two Quilt Tops

 I never get tired of taking photo's of the westies sleeping.
This is sweet boy Derby who will be 8 years old next week.
 Julep turned 9 last month and still looks great.
Seriously 9 ... how time flies!
 Hopefully, we are over the flea issue but I'm still semi-diligent
in keeping the furniture covered and vacuuming every other day.
I did take the scissors and trimmed them shorter then they
normally are which I like.

Pardon the mess behind Derby.  I need to clean this
up over the weekend.
 I altered this pattern somewhat to work with
the leftover fabric I had.  
This will go to Outreach to finish.

Simple pattern and calming colors another top in the
 stack for Outreach to complete.  When I sew I
think about all kinds of things ... from the state of
our nation to wondering who will get this quilt to
everything in between.  When you work on your
hobbies what do you think about?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Making of More Toddler Bibs

 On Saturday I got on a roll of making reversible toddler bibs.
 The first sample bib I made was posted on Friday and the
picture [above] shows what I made on Saturday.  I enjoyed
the process of making these for some reason.  Since the
red fabric is printed with Scotties/Westies I decided to do a 
flash give-a-way on my Facebook group 
amazing the amount of comments I received from members
wanting to have the chance to snag one of these for a
toddler near and dear to them.  All four are now packaged and
ready to be mailed to various parts of the US on Monday.
The remaining bibs will be going to Chris.  She said that 
Early Head Start would love to take them so that's where they
will be going.
The blue fabric is printed with tiny white daisy flowers all
with different colored centers.  It's a simple block and
the fabric is far prettier up close then it is here.  This is
also going to Outreach [with the binding] for someone
else to take it to the next step in the quilting process.  I'm
also on a kick to use my big stack of leftover fabric
pieces from various projects so I'll be working on some
scrappy quilts tops to turn over to Outreach.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sewing Room Stuff

I'm re-building my stash of quilts [on-hand]
and this is a bright and fun one for a child.   

Julep testing out a quilt top that will be going to
Outreach.  I'm having a hard time deciding on what
colors should be around the edges -- it needs to be larger.

 On it's way to South Carolina.  I made this
pattern before and decided to take some liberty
with the design.  Instead of plain corner blocks I
created the ones you see here.  

A set of pillowcases went along in the box with the star quilt.
  One side [which is hard to see] is a Scottie dog print.
These are for my FB friend [Jane] who helps me from
time to time handle training questions on my group page.
  Jane is a professional dog trainer and all around great person.
The star quilt is for Jane's friend who just had a baby girl.
 Toddler Bib
Going through my e-mails this morning I came across
this project from Shabby Fabrics.  It's a fat quarter friendly
pattern which is perfect.  I printed the free
pattern, pulled out a selection of fabrics, and hit the
play button on the YouTube video to learn how
to make this.  While it's pretty simple to make I
did make one change which was to delete the additional
 pocket from one side.  It's also designed to be reversible
which is a nice feature.  I didn't have the right
width of bias tape so I used a narrow tape.
This is heading to Chris [for Outreach] in hopes she can
pass it along to someone who needs it.  I will 
give this bib another try with the wider tape
maybe tomorrow.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sonny's of NY

 Gnocchi Sorrentino
There's a new pizza joint in town {Easton as a matter of fact}
that I can't say enough good things about.  First the menu
has a variety of items from salads, subs, pizza,
 pasta and a few desserts [if you have room].  The layout
is open with plenty of seating and the service is speedy.
 Eggplant Parmigiana
Spaghetti Mamma
Everything was excellent as you can see by the
photo's above.  I'll be having lunch there on Friday and
I think Wilson and I will be getting a carry-out for
dinner tonight.  We originally were going to Foxy's to
sit by the water and have dinner but it's
just to darn hot so we'll save this outing for the weekend.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few Things Finished

 Finished ... four bags for the guild sale so I can check
this project off my list and move on to something else.
 I have pieces of some of this fabric left over and I may
try and squeeze out an outfit for an American Girl.
I'm no longer going to put fabric back on
the shelf if I have any left-over pieces from a project.
This is a 'left-over' small quilt which will go to
Outreach to finish.  You're see the other baby quilt I made
using this fabric in a day or so.  Just want to get
it quilted and bound and on it's way to a friend 
in South Carolina.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

 Simply said ... Happy Mother's Day to the
best mom ever!

Wishing all the mom's out there a great day.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The March of the Goslings

 As you can see the furniture is still covered and all coverings
are washed every single day - this is getting old real quick!
 The leader of the pack.
 Family #1
Family #2
 Here comes the rest of the gang.
 The goslings are growing rapidly.

 Taking the long away around the yard since I came
out with the camera.

 Can you spot the goslings?
The westies are sorta use to seeing the geese family
but I don't think the geese family is use to seeing
the westies.  On another note ... I finally made it up to my 
sewing room and finished the go-green bags for the guild to
sell at the quilt show.  I did promise a few American
Girl dresses so that will be my next project.  Who knows
if they will sell and if they don't I'll get them
back.  Have a nice weekend everyone.