Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fabric Funnies & New Test Quilt Block

 This is so true! 
 My sister asked me to make a quilt for her to give as
a gift ... so I just had to order some fabric for it.

 Mommy cat bird decided to build her nest in the small
Japanese maple by our porch.  The deal is as long as 
she leaves me alone her nest can stay.  These birds can
be nasty.  So far she has kept her side of the bargain.
 Recking havoc on my quilt blocks.  I'm glad what
I placed on the floor wasn't the final layout.
 The blocks and rows are sewn together.  Since this doesn't
have a planned home to go to I'll finish it later.
Test Block
Traveling in style with a westie suitcase.
One change I'm planning to make going forward is to
reduce the width of the two black/gold strips by 1/2".
By doing this the westie print will not be so overpowered
by the black fabric.  There are many pieces to this
block the smallest being one [1] inch.  This tiny block
makes up the four corners of the suitcase.   What helped greatly
when sewing on this tiny block was to reduced my stitch length.

Monday, August 13, 2018

On The Fence

Julep & Derby would love a fenced in yard but ...
we are not on the fence about getting a fence installed
for the westies to run around in - that just won't work.
On the Fence ... blocks and layout. 
'On the Fence Rail' is the name of this quilt design
by the Missouri Star Quilt.   I just happened upon
the pattern by accident and decided to try it.
 This is pattern is made using 2-1/2" strips or a pre-cut
jelly roll.  I didn't appreciate how beautiful this
fabric was until I unrolled it.  
 Of course the photo's don't do this justice.
 The gold imprint gives this fabric an exquisite look.

This pattern goes together quickly which is a big plus.
I'm not that crazy about the pastel colors and prints in
this little quilt.  It was made using a package of 10" pre-cut
blocks called a layer cake.  This may be going to
Outreach to finish.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

News From Around The House

It's complete ... the quilt I posted photo's of previously.
 Quilting and binding are next and this baby is done.
 For reasons unknown to me this fabric has a Japanese feel to it.

 Julep and Derby having a play date in my sewing room.
 Around the back yard - here are a few photo's.
 I sprinkled 4 big bags of wildflower mix along the
back of our property - nothing came up.  As a test I put
a handful of seeds in the front and side beds around the house.
I got a few pop up wild flowers mainly zinnia.
 Crepe Myrtle's are in full bloom.  The post-bloom seed
pods are so heavy that I have to trim the ends.
Weeping Wisteria 
Finally we have blooms and this is exciting!
Wilson planted a tree wisteria last year and this tree has
grown like a weed with no blooms - until now.  We think
the 'hair cut' Wilson gave it sparked the growth of flowers.
There are only a hand full of these beautiful blooms
 so we are hoping next year it is covered.
 Around the house news ... now here's a story.
We decided to encapsulate the crawl space for various reasons
 - mainly because the plastic covering the earth was in
tatters and half the insulation was falling from the rafters.
{Side story - we were told the previous owners left the crawl
space door open so the cats in the neighborhood would have
 a place to go].  Included in the encapsulation process was a
new sump pump and dehumidifier.
Wilson wanted extra lighting installed which was a 2 day
electrical project.  Everything was going well until I
decided to take a bath.  When the electrician came back 
to finish his part of the work he told us we had a puddle of
water in our crawl space.  To make a long story short we need to
 pull out our jacuzzi tub and get a new one.  We will try and
get the same size tub in order to save all the new tile work.
Now let's go to the roof!
In January I was putting holiday boxes back in the attic when 
I found various piles of snow on the insulation and on the 
floor.  This is never a good sign.  Moving on to spring/summer and 
all the rain we've had coupled with the high winds we lost a few 
shingles off the roof.  This resulted in a leak which appeared in the
ceiling outside our bedroom door.   So we've been getting
estimates on repairing vs. replacement of the roof.  While
this is a big chunk of $'s we decided to just do it and get
the entire roof replaced [now get this] including the new
roof that's on the back porch addition.  All the roofing
companies pointed out the roof on the porch addition was the
wrong type of shingle because of the gradual incline.   Who knew!
Without a change to the correct shingle the warranty of the rest
of the roof would be void.   So the roofing replacement is set to 
start on the 21st.  This summer has not given me one dull moment.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Slicing Up a Layer Cake

  I'm betting a lot of you thought I was taking about a cake 
I just baked.  If you did you probably [by now] figured out
 you are wrong.
 For non-quilters - a layer cake is the term for 10" squares of fabric.  
 The pattern is pretty darn simple.   First you cut a
 3-1/2" strip from each 10" block.  Once all the squares are cut
 you mix up the prints and re-sew the two different size pieces
back together.  The picture above is that step completed.
 After you finish the step [above] you slice that block in half.
In this photo you see two halves from two different blocks. 
The final step in this block is to sew the pieces together.
After all the slicing, dicing, sewing and pressing it's
time to lay the blocks out in a way you like.  Work was
once again interrupted by sleeping Julep.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Batik Quilt's Done

Our boy ... Derby
Lap Quilt #1
 I love making quilts using batik fabric.  I know I've said this a
thousand times before but I can't help myself. 
 The back of #1.
Lap Quilt #2
I added a few blocks of turquoise just
to punch this one up a little.
Back of #2.
 While looking for something I misplaced in my sewing room
I came across this piece that was never finished.  It's made
up of various 2-1/2" squares of fabric.  This was started when
I read an article that suggested if you sew a few squares
together every time you sit down at your machine
you will get a nice size quilt [that is if you keep it up].
 I decided to add a simple 2-1/2" border around the sides
[that's the black multi-colored dot fabric that Julep body
is sleeping on].  After that I'll make the binding and donate
this to Chris for the ladies in the Outreach group to finish.
 Guess I'll sew those borders on after Julep
awakes from her nap.
That's it from the sewing room today.

Monday, August 6, 2018

A Walk in the Glen

A Walk in the Glen 
I finished hand sewing the binding on this last night and
it will be mailed to Lee soon.  From there Lee will be
taking this to "Montgomery" which is the big terrier show in October.

 The back fabric is one I finally decided to part with.
 ... Julep ...
 A second batik quilt.  The blocks are 3" x 10" and
this is as simple as it gets.  Love working with this fabric.
Julep is mad at me because she had her yearly senior
physical with blood work this morning.  I also had
to tell her that she needs to go back to the vets tomorrow 
morning because they screwed up one tube of blood
and need more to finish the rest of the tests.  So far
all her results are just fine - the only down side is
the hit my wallet has taken.  For both Julep & Derby
it was a tad under $1,000 - now that's crazy!
. . .
The bottom portion of the above photo is the beginning of
a bed runner that will be going to Lee as well.
I'm making it to blend with the quilt so it can be combined
as one item or split for two.  I hope these items bring in
a few $'s for the cause.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Finishing Up Little Projects

 The fun part about making little westie dogs is
decorating them with ribbon, bows and crystals.
 The one on the right is one that I'm keeping just for me.

 I added more sparkles and embellishments to all the
Christmas stockings I made.  Now they are waiting to
be hung by the fireplace and you know the rest.

This is my favorite pair of stockings.  I'm not going to post
all the stocking photo's here but they will be on my
sewing blog should you be interested.
 Pardon the creases but these still need to be pressed.
I have a nice stack of holiday quilts just waiting
for the holiday season to start.

 Every year I make myself a holiday quilt and
as of right now this is it.

 I'm holding this westie holiday quilt for a future
rescue auction.
 The holidays are always better with a westie
and a Katie-made quilt.  This is going to
the Westie Foundation of America Facebook
auction scheduled in just a few weeks.
My husband now has his own quilt.  Well, it took me
long enough, right?  It is now resting on his
Lazy Boy recline in our other TV room.
As I told Wilson ... see miracles do happen!