Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Sunset from Tuesday night before all the clouds came our way.
 Derby at his post on the deck.  
 Today the weather was yucky so we left the westies at
home and went for a quick lunch at the Duck Deli.
 From last night.
 The entire community could hear Derby barking his head
off ... you would think it was the first deer he ever spotted.

 This home is directly across from us.

Well that's it for today's pictures.  I've been working on sewing
2-1/2" squares together in strips of 10 ... which is about all 
the energy I have since I came all the way to the Outer 
Banks to get a head cold!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OBX Day #2

 We had a speck of rain last night and I think we may get
a little more rain tonight and maybe on Wednesday then
it's clear sailing through the rest of the week and into the weekend.
 Day #2 and morning coffee on the deck with
the westies ... Wilson was inside reading the morning paper.
The westies spotted a black cat coming out from the bushes
by the house ... they were fixed on that kitty and barking up a
storm.  They sat there for an hour just waiting for it to come back.
 A few pictures from last night.  Wink's was directly across the
street from the restaurant we went to for dinner last night.  It
opened one year before I was born.
 Spotted ... a sail boat in the distance before going into the restaurant.
 I found Ocean Blvd Bistro on Open Table and it received 
excellent ratings so I booked a 6:15p.m. dinner reservation
 to take advantage of 1,000 dining points.  Shortly after we arrived
Ocean Blvd Bistro became packed and with the excellent
meals we had we understood why and we want to go back.
They finally 'powered down' last night when we left
for dinner.  This is Derby all ready for a nap. 
Julep caught up on her reading while we were gone.
She picked the new issue of the Delmarva Review
which Daddy Wilson worked so hard on.
... So far Day #2 has been pretty low key.  I think
we may just pick up a carry out for dinner and
chill right here and enjoy our dinner at the
picnic table on deck #2 with a nice glass of wine.

Monday, October 20, 2014

OBX: Day 1

 First thing Wilson did was secure ...
The front upper deck with plastic fencing.   We can leave the westies
out there unsupervised.  This is their spot to watch what's going on in
the vacation 'hood'.  They would sleep out there if we let them.
 What a nice surprise we had this morning - a mini rainbow.  
 Our view of the ocean between the houses.  As I type this
post I'm listening to the ocean waves crash on the beach.

 Watching and waiting for man, dog, or wild creature!
Julep & Derby will need a vacation from the vacation.
No morning nap, no afternoon nap ... they don't want to miss a thing.
For lunch we put them in the car and drove to
Five Guys Burgers.  We cracked the back windows and
they had their little noses working all the way taking
in the different smells.  Happy westies they are!
 Now Deck #2 is okay to let them out on but I do
keep one eye on them while I'm sewing.

 I did see Derby push his entire head through the
pickets trying to smell or look at something. 
 Now Deck #3 they can't go out on since it has a set
of steps down to the lower level.  We didn't bring anything
to block that off which is ok because they have enough space.
Well that's it for Day #1 in beautiful, sunny and slightly warm
Duck.  I'm going off to do a little sewing before we head out to 
try a new restaurant [for us] tonight for dinner.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Bags Are Packed!

 Vacation time is finally here and our bags are packed
and we're ready to head out the door early Sunday morning.
 Between getting the house ready I had my
mind set on getting the 4 Frozen quilts done before we left.
 I hate to have unfinished projects waiting for my return.

 Of course the westies had to inspect what I just finished.

 I caught Derby just as he was getting up to run after Julep.
He looks a little drunk!
 The Bernina is going on a road trip to the beach.
So the next blog post will be from our rental home
'Life is Good' on Old Duck Beach Road in the
 beautiful town of Duck, North Carolina.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Frozen Quilts ... and ... Flannel Sacks for Rescue

 I've been busy working on 'Frozen' quilts.
 So far I've made one Olfe quilt.  I think this one will be going
out to Cole [our grandson in California] for Christmas.  Unless
he's not into the 'Frozen' thing.
 I also have 3 panels with Elsa and Anna which are all 
basically designed like this one.  I have one more to quilt that I'm
working on using 9-1/2" blocks [which include the Duke of Weselton].
I could take that with me on vacation to finish.  I also have enough
fabric to make each quilt a matching pillowcase.  Can I say
I've had enough of the 'Frozen' theme unless I happen to
get the 7 panels I have on back-order [which I hope they
forgot about].  Normally I would cancel the order but I 
forgot who I ordered them from!
Julep tests the small flannel blankets made with leftover scraps. 
Hands, Hearts & Paw small breed rescue in Omaha,
Nebraska likes me to make small sleeping bags for their
sick dogs.  I've made them out of fleece before but I suggested
to Karen we try flannel.  They can also be inserted into the
fleece bags during the extreme winter months.
My friend Chris {from Bayside Quilters} was kind enough to
donate some of her flannel for me to use for this project.
Since I don't waste an inch of fabric I was able to make a few
 'odd' size blankets which I know will go to good use.
A special thanks to Chris for sharing your flannel fabric.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gifts From Helen

 Gifts from Helen are like gifts from heaven.
Fancy Neck Scarves 
Helen and I are blog friends & we share our talents from time
to time.  Here are the latest goodies I received in Helen's 'care package'.
 Beautiful and warm scarves ... we're ready for winter.
 Two baby size blankets.  I really love the combination of
blue with dark chocolate brown and am thinking of keeping
it just because I like it so much.  The other items will be
donated to various westie rescue groups for fund raising.
 For the American Girl doll ... ice skating dresses.
 Fancy hair clips made just for Kaitlyn.
They're on the way to California along with one of the AG dresses.
 My mom gave me two skeins of yarn to send to Helen.
 Helen sent them back to me in the form of a throw.
Helen is also very creative in 'paper art' ... she has sent
me her custom cards before and I've used them all with great pleasure.
To see what Helen is creating today please visit her blog site at: