Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Back Yard In The Rain

 It's not often we have a rain storm while the sun is out.
I found the lighting during this storm pretty so I grabbed
my camera and took some photo's not knowing how
they would actually turn out.
 It's hard to tell it's raining and part of that is because when
I move photo's out of My Photo's I reduce the size
of pixels so it will download to the blog quicker - so what
is sharper in My Photo doesn't always look that sharp here.
 In the space to the left is the spot for a probable new garden.

 This is the porch we spend a lot of time on.
 After the rain we had a pretty sunset.  I saw photo's taken in St. Michaels
and they had a double rainbow.  We missed that here.
The rain knocked down the yellow glad so I cut it with
the white lily for an inside arrangement.
I wanted something new by our front door and put this
together quickly.  The wire container was on sale at
JoAnn's for $4.95 marked down from $15 and the flowers
were on sale for 70% off since they were classified
'spring'.  I like this wire container and will probably
just switch out the flowers later in the season.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Starfish Pillow with Matching Quilts

 Starfish Pillow resting on a nautical quilt.
You never know what will come out of my sewing room.
This pattern was on my to-do list for months and I
I finally thought of two little girls who just might
love this as an addition to their bedrooms.
 If you haven't guessed the pillows were made for
our neighbors two grand children.  Little did I know that 
they would be visiting today so I finished everything just
in time to delivery down the street.
The back of the pillows are the same.  I loved the look of
the starfish pillows on our bar stools so I'll be making
three of them just for us.
 Matching nautical quilts for the girls.
I picked fabric for the back that was not nautical and
was little girl cute.  From what I understand the girls
sleep with the quilts I made them every night and
they even packed them to take to Ocean City on
vacation.  That makes me happy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More Flowers In Bloom

 Saved from the rabbits our Stargazers are blooming for the
first time.  Last year they were rabbit food - but no anymore!
 Limelight Hydrangea
We have one plant at each end in the garden that
border the back porches. 

 A Walmart find.  I picked up the glad bulbs on 
impulse and tucked them into the garden
as a little surprise of color.  
 I also planted other colors which are just
starting to send up the flower stalk.
 Volunteer Sunflower is looking good.
 Given to our neighbor {Sarah} - they are now waiting for the
grandkids to visit.  I decided to make both of her
grand daughters new summer quilts using nautical fabric.
Sarah said the grand kids love sleeping with the
quilts I gave them last year so I figure it's time for new ones.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

When Your Mother Calls . . .

 When your mother calls and asks why you haven't updated
the blog in several days ... that's a hint to update the blog!
Okay mom ... this one is for you.
 This has been a busy week which means it took me longer
than normal to sew the blocks for this top together.
 The gold accents gives this fabric a rich look.
This will be my new holiday quilt which means it doesn't
go into the 'give-a-way' stack.
 This is the second project I've been working on.  This top
 needs a splash of color and I'm still working on that.
A westie on westie fabric - how original.
 While going through my 5 [small] boxes of Christmas fabric
I found two yards of sock monkey print.  This has been resting for 
around two years so it's time to use it.  This is next up to
meet my sewing machine but I'm still playing with the layout.
 We are half way to Christmas [give or take a few days] so
it's time to make some mini-terriers for the holidays.  
I'm using small leftover pieces for these.
 The pair of nautical terriers are going to a neighbor home tonight
since they are having us for dinner.  I'm sure their grand children will
enjoy them.  The pink fairy terrier will be going as well.
Next up ... sewing the bodies closed and adding the ribbon.
Photo's of the completed ones coming soon.
That's it for today [Mom].  Hope you enjoyed the new post and
for tomorrow I want to share photo's of the volunteer sunflowers
growing in our center bed that Wilson wanted to pull out.
Keep cool - keep hydrated. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

 Last night we went down the street to a neighbors for dinner.
I took the mini-terriers and a go-green tote bag to Vicky as a 
hostess gift.  Moving on to dinner ... for the entree we had hand-made crab cakes
by Roy.  He shared his one secret ingredient for crab cakes which was the 
addition of sour cream.  Yum-yum!
 While we can see Vicky & Roy's yard from a distance
I wanted to see it up close so I asked for a tour.
 Vicky started the sunflowers from seed.
 Nasturtiums.  I love this plant will add this to next
year's planting list.
 Purple Basil ... interesting.
 The view across the pond from Vicky & Roy's back yard.
 You can see our property and the large back bed with our
tiny little plants that hopefully will grow quickly.
 This is the plant I really wanted to photograph.
 Bishop's Lace
 I wanted to see this plant because I'm familiar with Queen Ann's 
Lace but not this specific variety of plant.
 Butterfly Bush
This ends the tour of Vicky's garden.  We had a totally enjoyable
and delicious dinner.   Afterwards we went to the front porch rocking
chairs to have a slice of fruit pie with a side of ice cream.  How American
is that!  Have a safe & happy 4th.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Simple Little Dinner Party

 Finally this year the plants are large enough for me to wonder into the
 garden and cut flowers for our dinner table.  This makes me happy.

 The flowers in the arrangement:  calla lilies, cone flowers, delphiniums,
Joe Pye weed, hydrangea [the center is from our Limelight 
hydrangea blooming for the first time this year] and a few
spikes from our grasses by the porch steps.  The debate is
still on if we should add another flower bed for next year.
We've been talking about & promising our neighbors {Tamera & Frank}
a Tommy Hawk pork chop dinner for months. We finally set the date
to have them over.  Wilson baked 6 chops and this was actually
the first time I ate one.  He's been working on perfecting the recipe
to get the marinade just right as well as the cooking time.
Pork is so tricky to cook since it has little fat.  They were
a big hit all around and tasted excellent.
I was in the mood to make popovers and these were also
a big hit.  We also had double-stuffed potato's and Tamera
brought a new salad recipe which was excellent as well.  
I'm sorry I didn't get a photo but I do want that recipe
and when we make it, I'll share a photo then.
Two mugs ... the story of my hostess gift
Tamera and I took a day trip to Salisbury during the
week.  We hit Home Goods, a great shoe store, and Hobby
Lobby [which was stocking the shelves with
Christmas items already].  Anyway, while in Home
Goods I spotted the seahorse mugs and was debating
if I should buy one - the debate lead me to putting the 
mug in hand back on the shelf.  Tamera snatched the pair
without me knowing thinking they would make a
nice gift when they come over for dinner.
She was right and of course we used them this
morning for our coffee.