Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Westie Update & Holiday Quilts

 Update on Derby.  He was doing just fine on all 3 meds until early
this morning when he got sick.  He was not a happy camper and
wouldn't touch any food including tuna fish that Wilson tried
to get him to eat.  This was not good so when Molly [my vet's
right hand tech] called to give me the update on Julep I told her
about Derby.  Long story short after I dropped Julep off at
home they had me bring Derby back in for an anti-nausea 
pill.  This worked and he's like his old self once again.
This boy has such a sensitive tummy so we will see
what tomorrow brings.
 This is not Julep after her dental today.  Actually as of this
writing she still looks pretty distraught.  She had 3 teeth removed -
one back molar which had a slab fracture, another tooth that
was loose from the gum and infected plus one of her
tiny front teeth that showed decay. It's now about 7 hours
since her dental and I finally got her to eat plus I gave her
the antibiotic and pain pill for this night.  I figure it
will take her a good several days to be feeling decent.
Completed sewing projects - this set of pillowcases went
with a holiday quilt that I sent to a friend in the Outer Banks.
This collection of pillowcases go with the below quilts.
All are pressed, folded, tied with string and tagged for
who I made them for - Wilson's daughter Carol
and her family in California.

 This is Steve's {Carol's husband}.

 For William.

 For Nicky.
 For Carol.

 For Casey.

 For Daisy.
Gosh, this was a lot of work and I'll mail out
right after Thanksgiving.
Next ... I'll be working on some quilt tops to turn
into the Outreach group next month.  It's a nice way to
use up some of my small pieces to help out a great cause.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Charity Block Challenge & Poor Derby

 We had to take dear sweet Derby back to the vets this week.
He wasn't getting better [as far as energy] and was not a happy
camper - his tail was still down.  His UTI meds needed to be
changed due to not agreeing with his tummy
[even after adding 1/2 of a Pepcid].  
We came to the conclusion that he sprained his lower back 
rough housing with Julep ... so the vet added pain meds plus 
and anti-inflammatory to his daily meds.  These took a
few days to kick in and he now seems more like normal.
I've been lifting him on and off he sofa and carrying him
up and down the stairs ... I'm going to need back meds
myself by the time this is over.  Julep is going for her
dental cleaning on Tuesday and I know she's not going to
be happy either.  
 Charity Block Challenge from the Old Country Store
My sister and I are headed to Lancaster on November 29
to attend a lecture by Scott Fortunoff the president of Jaftex
Corporation.   Jaftex is the umbrella company for several other
fabric companies.  The story behind Scott's visit to Lancaster
 in a nutshell is the Old Country Store was the winner
of a challenge contest that Scott had.
 Getting back to the Charity Block Challenge
Since my sister is not a quilter she sent me her pair of fat
quarters.  She received the black and gold fabric by FreeSpirit
designed by William Morris.
I received the orchard print from the Kaffe Fassett line who
[in my opinion] is a master of color and design.  I have
a small stash of Kaffe fabric that I don't want to cut [yet].
Finding the right 10-1/2" x 10-1/2" square pattern to use
is a challenge.   I should stay simple and just do a block with border.
 I have a few weeks before I mail back but the clock is ticking.
The incentive for returning the block is a $10 gift
card for the Old Country Store which basically is
a free 1 yard cut of fabric.  

Today I'll be working on some small Xmas quilts
and pillowcases and of course carrying Derby
up and down the stairs.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Going A Little Batty

 Is it just me that thinks time is flying by so quickly?
It's enough to make me batty and I'm not even going
to post how many weeks until Xmas!
 I finished the cats and bats that were just hanging
around in my sewing room.
 Know this is hard to believe but these are the very first
dogs I cut out and never finished ... now they are finally done.
 More cats . . . and . . .
More bats
 Moving on to other sewing projects.
 The bird quilt will be taken to it's new home
this weekend not far from here.
 I've been asking myself the question ... why am I saving fabric?
After a serious conversation with myself I came to the
conclusion it's time to start using this up.
 The bird quilt back.
The back for the next quilt [blocks pictured below]
is pressed so that now Julep can nap on it.
Poor Derby has not been feeling well.  He has a nasty UTI and
has been on antibiotics which made him feel pretty lethargic. 
I called the vet on Monday to get another pill.  He's still
feeling sorta out of it but it's only been 2 days on the new
pill.  I'm watching him closely.  Julep goes in for a dental
cleaning on Tuesday.
 A set of pillowcases [as well as a holiday quilt] is on the way
to Kill Devil Hills [on the Outer Banks of NC].  I promised
this to the massage therapist we use while on vacation in Duck.
The new project ... just started.  I'm trying to decide
should I do one border as you see here or add a
second.  I'm leaving towards adding the second.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy October 1

 Happy October 1st!
Using the Prisma app on my iPhone I changed
this photo to the style they label as mosaic.
 Meet baby girl Noelle and her mom Crystal.  Dad Drew is taking
the photo's.  They live in Arizona and have a cute little westie.
I wonder how the westie is adjusting to the new baby.
 I posted the completed Paddington Bear quilt several months ago.
Last night Crystal sent me these cute photo's.
What a sweet theme for a baby room.
Every time I see Paddington I'm going to think of Noelle.  
Paddington fabric is hard to find and Crystal sent me 
what she found locally in Arizona.   I added a few pieces from
 my stash to compete the back of this quilt.  

Thursday, September 27, 2018


 I spent several days working on pillowcases.  I have 6 more
cases to pressed that are Christmas fabric. 
 The dog cases will eventually go into rescue auctions.

I pulled out a completed Halloween quilt and whipped up a
set of cases then added everything to the Westie Rescue of
Northern California auction.  It's that time of year
when rescues go into overdrive trying to raise funds.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Give a Dog a Bone

 Give a dog a bone and he's a happy pup.
 Julep trying to bury her bone.
 Rainy day out the sewing room window.
 Today's bone is a bison marrow bone.  I removed about
half of the marrow since it's very rich.

 Happy and busy westies.
 With the attention given to the bones I had some
peaceful sewing time.
This set of stockings, the quilt & two pillow cases [below]
are now added to a Facebook auction to raise 
funds for diabetic dogs.  

 The white snowflake fabric has sparkles.
 The back of the quilt.
I had one yard of the gingerbread house fabric
left so I split it on the fold and pulled another fabric
from my stash.  Hope all these brings in a few
good $'s for the canine diabetes group.