Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Working with Tula Pink - Zuma Fabric Line

 Spring is here and summer is on the way which makes it a perfect
time to work with Tula Pink's Zuma fat quarter's.   
 I made two nice size lap quilts from the 24 fat quarters.
This is the first quilt I worked on.  If you're not familiar
with Tula Pink she is a much sought after fabric
designer.  She designs [fabrics] for Free Spirit [a
company that Scott and his family own under
the umbrella of Jaftex].
Deciding the layout ...
vertical or horizontal blocks.
 I liked the horizontal layout much better then the
vertical.  The blocks are simply a 3" x 10" rectangle.
 I would love to get these done and off the floor
sooner rather than later.
The entire Zuma line of fabric is beautiful. 
If you live in a nautical area [like I do] this fabric
is perfect  [thinking of keeping these just for me].
The colors are bright and the designs are detailed.
Printed on the waves [it's impossible to see here so
I'll post a close-up later] is a verse. 
The Verse
... a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor ...

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Westies

 Julep and the baby bibs.
 Testing a new baby bib pattern.
These are larger then the original set I sent to The Child's Haven
 Sleeping westies = do not disturb!
 Testing out a new quilt pattern I found using a layer cake
[that's 10" squares of fabric].  My sister found the
layer cake collection at Tuesday Morning's. 

Extra blocks will be used to give the back of the
quilt some pizzazz.
 Directly above Julep is the ceiling fan.  
She likes the nice cool breeze and is not 
going to move for anyone or anything.
Julep is sound asleep on the back of the sofa.
We took them for a nice walk today and this
almost 11 year old westie is exhausted.

Wishing you a very 
Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring Blooms

 Weeping Red Bud Tree

 Japanese Maple and Daffodils
On a whim I purchased a box of roots from Lowe's and
it amazes me they made it in this soil.  Being year #3
for these I am hopeful we get more blooms than last year.
 The birdbath is out and our back yard is overrun with
blackbirds.  They have been attacking the sunflower seed
and even the socks of thistle seed.  Once this food is gone
that's it for bird feeding until fall.  I've read on Facebook
that hummingbirds have been spotted in Maryland
so it's time to clean the hummer feeders and make food.


 They follow me like a hawk as I walk around
the yard.
 By the front door.
Yes, the westies are watching me from the front door.
The viburnum plants [we have 3 of them] are covered with buds.
They will pop open with the next warm sunny day.
Oh and do they smell good.  It's like being inside of
a perfume bottle.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Xmas Quilt

 It seems like it's taking me forever to get this Xmas quilt done. 
 While the blocks are done I don't think I can find a 
local quilter to quilt this in time for the quilt show.  The
finished size is larger then I like to work with on
my home machine but if I do a simple stitch in the
ditch going down the rows I should be okay.  It won't
be fancy but that's okay. 

Julep always looks great laying on the color red.
She will turn 11 years old in a few weeks.
How time flies!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Hand Made by Henry Glass Fabrics

Fabric Line:  Hand Made by Paula Joerling
By:  Henry Glass & Co., Inc.
I finally got around to working with this [free] fabric
that Jeniffer sent me several weeks ago.
 While this line is something I normally won't work
with I have to admit the small quilt turned out nicely.
I'm toying with the idea of hanging it in my sewing room.
There are two additional fabrics in this collection which I
didn't use.   They will go into another project at some point.
The sample bibs I sent to A Child's Haven were okay for
babies but they really needed something sized for
a toddler.  I found two patterns on Pinterest that I liked.
These will be ready to mail as soon as I get the snaps
on.  This sounds crazy but I like making baby bibs.
It could because they don't involve much thinking.