Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Julep and Derby

 Julep watching me out our front door while I was trying to
take pictures of the sunset through the woods ... which didn't turn out. 
 It's the time of year when the Viburnum flowers are in full bloom
and boy do they smell wonderful!
 Julep is watching something in the woods.
 Julep hears something somewhere ...
bark ... bark ... bark
 I think Julep is pretty comfy on the back of the sofa.
Have a great week & thanks for popping in for a visit.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Instead of Easter Baskets ...

 Instead of sending Easter baskets full of chocolate and jelly beans
to the grand kids in California I decided to do something completely
different this year.  We sent the kids two cardboard houses to color, paint
 and play in.  Kaitlyn has a house and Cole has a castle.  I
do think this will keep them busy while Mommy Sarah has a little
down time to hopefully put her feet up and relax.
This is Clair who is the grand daughter of a FB friend.  I sent
Clair a few Easter/spring dresses for her American Girl doll.
I think the doll in the front is a Bitty Baby also made by
American Girl.  I have two patterns that fit this size doll but
haven't had time to make anything yet.  Kaitlyn also
got an Bitty Baby from Santa this year ... so I better
find time to make them both a few outfits for 
this size doll before they are on to something else.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter Bunny Day!

 It's Derby and the Easter eggs.
 I hope this is the closest Derby comes
 to a bunny rabbit!

 Today is a perfect sun-napping day
on the deck with a touch of chill in the air
and a big splash of warm sunshine.
 ... and not to mention no layers of pollen!
 ... and there 'she' is again with that camera.

 Our project ... to drain and clean the inside
of the Jacuzzi ... which we never use.

 Smelling 'something' in the air ...
could it be the Easter bunny?

 I asked Julep do you smell Easter bunny
 and this is what she did!  Who said
dogs don't understand what you're saying!

Wishing you a joyous & blessed Easter Sunday.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

 Julep and Derby at the front door looking pitiful
while I take cherry blossom pictures.
Selling a house is a pain in the neck.  
Keeping all these windows clean of westie
nose prints is a bigger pain in the neck.
 High Alert Squirrel On Deck!
Julep spots a squirrel and all I can say is
run ... squirrel ... run!
 Helen from the blog  "Let's Create" sent me this assortment of items
for our grand daughter {Kaitlyn}.  The American Girl dresses
& hat and blanket with matching pillows should be arriving in
California today.  Helen also found some tiny silk flowers
for me to use as embellishments on doll clothing.
Thanks Helen for sharing your creative talents.
 Meet Alice
Alice is our real estate agents grand daughter who {as
you can see} loves American Girl dolls.  I made up
a big box of Easter and summer clothes for her
dolls.  I also made Alice a quilt for her bed with
matching pillowcase which she will get as an
Easter present.  I was told Alice is at that age
were she doesn't like her hair combed and
she doesn't like her picture taken.
 Heading to the Amish countryside after Easter
with my sister.  We're I'm having fabric shopping withdrawal
with an un-controllable desire to fondle new bolts of
spring/summer fabric. This is a sickness with no know cure!
 Have a great week ahead.  It's almost Easter bunny day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's a beautiful Sunday in Bozman

 Catching some Sunday morning rays on
this beautiful spring day.

 The pool nice and icy cold!
 I'll miss this view!
 Black Capped Chick-a-dee on Red Bud tree.
 More spring blooms.

Wishing you a super Sunday.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today Is My Big 6-0 Birthday!

 Hey Derby ... you would think Mommy Katie would 
put down that camera and start reading the bazillion
birthday wishes she has on Facebook.
Sporting the first summer trim of the season.

 What a beautiful morning it was for turning 6-0.

 Julep & Derby started barking around lunchtime
because there was a flower delivery for little old me.
 Wilson's daughter Sarah and her two children 
[Katilyn and Cole] sent these to me.  What a beautiful surprise.
Derby wonders if anyone will send him flowers when he
turn 5 at the end of May ... and I said probably not ... you're a boy
and boys don't normally get birthday flowers.

 I love flowers and these are just perfect.

Wilson asked me what I wanted to do on my big day.
I said something simple like a pizza at my favorite
pizza joint in St. Michaels named Ava's.
So ... gotta run ... it's almost birthday pizza time.