Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Fabric From Henry Glass Has Arrived!

 I'm not sure who is more excited ... Derby or me!
The fabric I won through Henry Glass arrived Fed-X on 
Friday.  I've been busy pressing out the shipping creases and 
trying to figure out what to make ... I have to the end of the month.
 This 'was' a panel.  A typical use of a panel would be
to make it into a child's book or make it the focal point
on a quilt.  I decided to step away from the 'norm' and
make the panel into a set of standard size pillowcases.
 This is the back of the pillowcase [above].
I have several [panel] blocks left and at this
point I have no idea what to do with them.
The complete collection I won from Henry Glass & Co.
contest called 'Desire to Inspire' Challenge 2016
This collection is called 
"Little Red Henby Dana Brooks.

Well, I better get creating ... time is running out!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Greetings From My New MAC

 Today we went to the Apple Store in Annapolis to pick out
my new MAC.  It took an hour to make the decision,
pull out my credit card, and walk out the door.  How simple
was that?  The real 'time grabber' is setting up the new
MAC with my photo software and downloading the Window's
office software.  Even though this is the same machine
they [meaning those young kids at Apple] did change around
a bunch of things.  I know it will take time but as I get
older I have less and less and less patience for this stuff.
Getting back to fabric and quilts ... here are two I made
specifically for a neighbor's grand daughters age 2 and 4.  
 Flannel ... perfect for the two year old.
 A scrappy V'day quilt for the 4 year old.
That's it for today ... I have to take a break from trying
to figure this new MAC out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

what a bummer

Julep and Derby sat right by my side
as I spilled tea on my laptop keyboard ...
So until I make it to the Apple Store to buy
a new Mac my posts will be seriously limited. 
What a bummer. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dirty Westies

 Monday was a nice mild weather day so Wilson and I decided
to take the westies for a walk around the ponds behind our
house.  Of course we knew the trails would muddy with puddles of
melted snow ... but westies are a tough breed and the loved it.
  They came home with muddy fur, sticks and leaves stuck in their furnishings
and muddy faces from smelling everything ... they were happy.
 I had to post this photo of Facebook because some of my
friends commented along the way they never never ever
see my westies with a speck of dirt.  It was off to the shower
for a good bath and a trim up and blow dry on the grooming table.
The after 'the bath' crash meaning ... don't
bother me 'cause I'm exhausted.  The boy sleeps

... As for today ...
I'll be working on some pillowcases for the
kids for St. Patty's day and starting on the
dreaded tax prep paperwork.  In between that I do
have 3 quilt tops pieced together so I be 
pulling fabric to decide on the backing.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

I Won ... I Won!

For someone who never wins ... I was just notified by
Henry Glass Fabrics that I won a new collection of fabrics
by Dana Brooks ... I'm obligated to create something of
my own design/pattern by the end of the month so
it can be share on the Henry Glass blog ... Oh ...
what fun pressure.  I can't wait to receive my
box of fabrics.  Here is the link that announces
me as a winner:

This is a first!

This is the first time I watched Derby run up the steps,
jump on the chair to look out my sewing room window.
I happen to have my iphone near to capture this photo.
Our internet connection is slower than a snail crossing
the road this morning ... so that's it for today!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Is It Spring Yet? & Baking Westie Treats

 Things around the new homestead have been sorta quiet.
Watching the snow melt is a highlight!  I did manage to
put together another quilt top which I'll show you later
in another post.
 I was poking around different dog food sites and decided
to make Julep and Derby some dried sweet potato
treats.  To buy a bag of pre-dried sweet potato's is
around $8.00 from a manufacturer.
So to make these treats ... the first thing I did was
scrub & dry the potato.  Next decision - how to slice.
I decided on thin rounds.
 Next I dump the slices in a zip lock bag with a little
Olive oil.  Gave them a good shake and placed them on
 a parchment lined baking sheet.  Next is optional - 
adding a little cinnamon on one side of the potato.
I decided to leave half plain ... just in case.
 The oven was preheated to 250 because they are slowly
dried for approx 3 hours.  Here are the potato's half 
way through the drying process after I flipped them.
 The finished treats ... with a BIG westie seal of approval.
 Since I only give them a few a day this batch should
last them for a week.
Will I make these again - you bet!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

After the Snow & Eggshell Calcium

 I'm  happy to report the westies have become use to
the geese in the yard.  I find that amazing!

The bird seed is blended with cracked corn so I'm guessing
this part of the reason the geese are here. 
 Wilson has a few amazing pictures of the geese
landing.  He took them with his new lens.
 View out the front door.  We had a 'local' ring the doorbell and offer
to plow out the driveway and walkway.  Wasn't cheap but it
was worth it.
Boiling Eggshells to make 
One of the most important things [besides Omega 3] to add
to your pets diet is calcium.  On my Facebook group page 
I recommend to members [especially those that have new
puppies] is to add calcium to the diet.  This is especially important
if you are home cooking for your pet.  A simple way to
make your own calcium is to ... save your eggshells!

The Recipe is Pretty Simple
Wash the shells and let them sit on the counter
until you have enough.  Bring a pot of water to a boil then
place the shells in the water for approximately 10 minutes.  This
kills any leftover bacteria.  Remove shells from the water and
let them sit for 24 hours on the counter. 

The Next Day
Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.   Place the shells
on a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes.  

It's Time to Grind
Use a coffee grinder to pulverized the shells
into a granular form.  Note:  If shells are not ground into this 
fine powder form they will not absorb in your
pets system.  Store in a sealed jar.  

Next Step
Add a small amount to the food bowl once a day.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Day of Snow = A Day of Sew[ing]

A view from the sewing room window. 
For blog readers who don't know we live in the mid-Atlantic region. 
The east coast snow storm dumped approximately 14" of snow in 
our area which is less than Washington, DC & Baltimore.  
I consider us lucky - we didn't have a single power outage.
 Yesterday I spent the day sewing.  Does that surprise you?
The pattern I used to make this quilt is called the "snowball"
block.  This is a nice pattern and I may make another quilt top
similar to this one using the rest of this fabric group.
 Derby ... can I go out and play in the snow?
During the peak blizzard yesterday I watched one of
our neighbors walk down the center of the road with
her two off leash dogs - a Yorkie and a Jack Russel.
Even though this was so cute to watch the dogs have
so much fun running down the street I seriously
don't think she gave a thought to injury.  Torn
ACL's are common in the terrier breed.
A Facebook friend converted my picture into
this painting using a new app.  I like it!
Be safe
... and ...
 Stay warm

Friday, January 22, 2016

Around The House & Some New Fabric

Let's talk fabric ... we'll be talking enough about
snow in the hours and days to come.
 I went to JoAnn's and found fabric for pillowcases
to match the back fabric on Cole's Valentine's Day
quilt.  Julep was kind enough to pose with the
completed project.  Box mailed to CA yesterday.
 I purchased one yard of the lake fabric and one yard
of the black star fabric.  Split them at the fold then
sewed one panel to the other so the front and back 
on each case would be different.
 With the drab and cold winter days my spirit needed
something bright and spring-like to work on.  I purchased
the entire line of this fabric collection in fat quarter bundle.
Last night I marked three quilt patterns that would work 
with the rest of this material.  So in other words ...
you'll be seeing this fabric collection again.
 Julep is trying to tell me by looking in the
direction of her treat jar that she wants a treat.

... Fabric Talk ...
 I have no issue with buying fabric on line since I know enough
about which manufactures produce nice quilting fabric.  This
leads me to spending my mornings drinking coffee and reading
'fabric' e-mails looking for bargains.  It is a rare occasion I pay
full price for fabric.  I look for sale prices between $3 
and $5/yard.  That's a fair price to pay and couple that
with free shipping and no sales tax ... need I say more.
 Fleece for pillowcases.   This is excellent quality and so
cute I might make a set of cases for my side of the bed.
 You've seen the Scottie fabric before and it was on sale for
something like $4/yard.  I purchased 3 yards to put away.
The red and gold fabric is beautiful. Wilson was wondering
how that would look in a holiday tablecloth ...
but I didn't purchase enough yardage to make one.
 A few Batik's for my stash.
 I spotted the race car fabric and thought it would make
nice pillowcases to go with Cole's St. Patty's Day quilt.
 Cole is getting older so I'm trying to look for more age
appropriate fabric for pillowcases.  
 I'm not sure why I purchased this.  Maybe they shipped it
to me in error - I will re-check my order.
 Since we don't have a back-up generator for my sewing
machine [should we lose power] I have my favorite fabric
catalogue to swoon over.
Be safe out there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I See Geese!

 I'm wondering how long it's going to take the westies to get
use to geese in the backyard ... if I had to guess it would
be NEVER!  Westies = born barkers!
 We have many more geese routing through the grass.
 Derby the way a westie tail should be when on high alert.
 Do geese feet get cold?  Inquiring minds want to know.
 It's rare I get the westies to sit like this.
 Not liking the barking westies ... they march away.
Wilson trying out his new lens while on the back deck.
As we brace for the big snow storm ... I'm laying
out my next quilting project.  The fabric is nice,
 bright and spring like.  Photo's tomorrow.