Monday, December 18, 2017

Quilt & 2 Mini-Stuffed Terriers

 Julep from a few years ago ... sharing another favorite.
Part #1 of my mission is now accomplished - that is working
with this collection of fabric.  The quilt is done and all the
photo's have been sent to Vanessa to post as she sees fit on her blog.
 A small stack of fabric is all I have leftover.  These will go into
boxes by size for either a future project or for the guild quilt
show in 2019 ... which will be here before you know it.
 Still love making these little mini-terriers.
 Using Wilson's Lazy Boy to display the quilt.

Part #2 will be using the batik jelly roll that was sent.
I know the pattern I want to use which is easy but not
as fast as I would like.  Part #3 is the fall fabric.
Still going through patterns to see what works.
 I'm just about ready to put away the holiday fabric 
and pull out Valentine's day.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Table Runner & Table Topper

 I accomplished my 'to do' list yesterday and then some so
that makes me a happy camper.  This frees me up to play in
my sewing room today.  The first thing I will tackle
is finishing the quilt that belongs with this collection.
I would like to get all the photo's off to Vanessa by
Monday morning.

 Bottle Brush Trees
 I'll be checking the after Xmas sales for more! 
 I added the festive ribbon around the border to jazz this up a
little more.  The cool thing is I picked up the ribbon on 
the free table at the guild meeting. 
 The Panel 
I decided to make this into a table topper for the main reason
 I didn't have enough fabric [from this collection] to do anything else.
Since all my photo's will be posted on the reps website 
I just couldn't add any other fabric to it.  
 The ribbon at the top of the poinsettia tree reads
"Blank Quilting" and is laying there for the photo.  
It will be changed after my pictures are approved.
 I glued red and green crystals to the flower centers and 
added flat-backed pearls to the holly berries and urn.
 This really looks gorgeous on my dining room table.
I'm slowly getting ready for our New Year's Eve-Eve party.

I cut out and placed the oval that reads "Blank Quilting" 
on the lower part of the urn for this photo.
So now I'm off to my sewing room to get the quilt finished.
Have a great Sunday & Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's Been A Busy Week

 I've been super-busy all week knocking things off my
'to do' list like ... a little Xmas shopping, baking cookies, 
running to doctors appointments and trying to figure out 
what to make with my free fabric from Blank Quilting.  
I'm glad today is Saturday but there is no time to rest
just yet [unlike the westies].  On my schedule ...  finish up sewing
using the free fabric plus take photo's to send to Vanessa and
to post on the blog ... I have time scheduled in the kitchen to
bake Spritz cookies for my sister and mom to take in on
Xmas eve ... plus the normal Saturday cleaning of the house.
It will be non-stop all day and into the night hours but
I will get everything on my list done!
I spotted an article in the Washington Post on the 
Color of the Year for Pantone ... while I can't say this is
a color I would wear or even sew with Pantone didn't
 contact me for my input.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Want to Sew?

 Before we get to 'want to sew?' I just had to re-post this
photo of Julep and Derby.  Another favorite of mine.
 Now on to ... Want to Sew?
Last week I received an e-mail from Vanessa who is the
Digital Marketing Director for ...
AE Nathan
The Blank Quilting Corp.
Henry Glass Fabrics & Co. 
Studioe Fabrics
asking me if she had fabric shipped to me would I be willing
 to create whatever my heart desires and then send her
photo's of my completed projects for the blog.
You know what my answer was to Vanessa
... a big Y-E-S!
 This collection is called
Holiday Trimming
Blank Quilting Corporation
 I love the vintage look and colors in this collection.

 While there is not a lot of yardage of any one piece in 
this collection {plus} I don't have a lot of time to get 
something made ... all this has it's challenges. 

This is a quick and easy layout I started tonight.
I hope to have this sewn together by the end of the day
on Wednesday then I can move on to phase #2
with the rest of this collection.

Couldn't help but drape some fabric over Derby and
for some reason he looks like the pope to me.
The two other collections that came in the package are a fall
theme set and a jelly roll of batiks. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

One Less on the UFO Stack

 Another oldie photo I'm fond of ... Julep
 One less quilt is now officially off the UFO stack.
 My Facebook Westie group reached 8,700 members so I
decided to use this quilt as a Flash give-a-way to members 
to show my appreciation to the group.  A random winner
will be picked Friday at 6p.m.
This morning I found Derby under the dining room table after he
ate breakfast.  He does enjoy napping there from time to time.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Few More Finished Projects

 This was made a few years ago and is still a holiday favorite.
 Derby wanted attention while I was trying to photograph
the holiday stars so I used him as a prop.
 A Facebook friend asked if I could make a few outfits for
her god daughter for Xmas.  Here are two completed.
 Mermaids ... I love this fabric and now have 3 yards of it!
 Being cute is exhausting!
 This is finished and not pressed but wanted to do a
blog post so here it is - wrinkles and all.
I have 4 lap quilts that need finishing.   I personally don't 
like UFO's hanging out in my sewing room.
~ N O T E ~
For the non-quilters or non-sewers a UFO equates to: 
Unfinished Objects {like the partially sewn quilt or
quilt blocks we accumulate but never seem to finish.

FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FQ = Fat Quarter
PhD = Projects Half Done
SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
TGIF = Thank God It's Finished
WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
WOW = White on White

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Birthday Boy

December 3rd 
Today is Wilson's birthday and as usual
we celebrated at Ruth Chis Steakhouse
in Annapolis.  First course ... oysters.
Surf and turf was ordered by the birthday boy
followed by this special dessert.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Westies & Fabric Order #2

 I swear one of these days I'm going to step on these dogs.
For the most part they are under or near my feet.  Derby
decided to park himself right by by cutting table.
 ... and Julep is in my path to my sewing machine.
She is looking at Derby.  I try and remember to look down
but one of these days .... 
 This is the beginning layout of the next holiday quilt using 
the layer cake {10" squares}.  While this is super-simple
to put together the jury is still out if I like it or not.
 Fabric Order #2 arrived from Hancock of Paducah.
The above two fabrics have been hanging out in the 70% off sale
 bin for as long as I can remember.  For $2.99/yard I figured 
I really didn't have anything to lose and in my mind I
thought this pattern would make nice pillow cases.
 This fabric was a surprise because I couldn't see the actually gold
in the fabric when I ordered it.  Plans are for another bird
quilt just like previous ones I made.
 Think Spring!
Re-building my stash of kids fabric.  
Owls, mushrooms and wood print.
 Multi-colored sprinkles and red and white string.
 Same print different colored backgrounds.
This was the real reason for the fabric order #2 - the mermaid
fabric.  This was $3.99/yard so I ordered 3 yards.  I'm happy.