Monday, September 18, 2017

Bless Me Father ...

The Portable Confessional
I can not tell a lie ... I purchased more fabric
Bless me Father for I have purchased more fabric.
This is the fabric that started it all. 
 When I decided on the bunny fabric I thought the flower
in pot fabric would be a cute combo for a quilt.  Little did
realize just how large those pots were.
 I have a thing for gnome's and have a nice collection started. 
 This is from the Scandi line.  I'm familiar with this line 
because I had a jelly roll of the entire collection.
 More of the Scandi line here and below.

 I ordered two of the princess panels.  These are really
cute and will have fun making these into quilts.
 I had this panel before and liked the way it turned when
complete ... so I ordered another to keep on hand.

 More Xmas

 Not crazy about these but I'll use them in something.

 This one is sorta strange and all I can think of is
that it must have looked better on the website.
Now that I have confessed to my fabric purchases
I really feel a lot better.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Christmas & Unicorn Quilts

Hello ... Julep
 My mom wanted a new Christmas quilt so I went to
work shortly after the request.  I'm very happy with the way this
 turned out [so much so] I actually thought about keeping it!
 I decided to jazz it up by hand gluing crystals
and flat-back pearls on and around the tree. 

 I could have spent hours and hours gluing but decided
simple is better and not to overdue it.

I considered using the back fabric on the front but
decided against it thinking the front needed to be more
then just one fabric surrounding the panel.
 The unicorn quilt will make some little girl happy. 
 This is really cute fabric with a lot of gold accents
which my photo's don't show.

The leftover blocks were added to the back for more interest.
Late this afternoon I started to cut out 2 Christmas quilts ...
more on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Around The Backyard

 Yesterday afternoon Wilson and I went out back with our
camera's to take photo's of our row of wild flowers.
 It's sad we didn't see a lot of Monarch butterflies
passing through this year.
 I think this plant may be ragweed which is not a good 
thing to have in your yard if you have allergies.
 The debate is still on about putting in another small garden
in the open space ... we shall see.  I still want to go out
along the path behind the row of yellow flowers and take
a photo of our house from that angle.  Maybe that will
help us make up our minds.
 I don't know what these are.  If you do, please let me know.
 This is our neighbor's wildflower wall.  I asked Scott how he
got his flowers so tall and full and he said fertilizer ... & I said ... oh!
While the bag of seed come mixed with fertilizer to get them
started I never thought about adding more when they started
to grow ... so next year I will remember to do this.
 Frank and Sailor taking a walk along the path.
 Sailor loves Wilson and he started to give a little howl when
he saw him.  It was so cute.

 Sailor is a rescue and in a previous life he was a racer
at one of those greyhound tracks in Florida.

 What a find at BJ's!  Loved the bright color of this mum plant.
I'll find mum's with a more traditional color for the front steps.
It's fun to decorate the front with mums and pumpkins.
That's it for today ... signing off from St. Michaels, Maryland.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What's Next

 The designer of this hit the nail on the head!
 Next up from the sewing room ... will be a
mythical unicorn lap quilt.  I purchased a bundle of the
complete line which gave me a little piece of each of the fabrics.
 I'm actually sorry I didn't buy yardage of this collection
because that would have given me more flexibility in the lay out.

 It was by luck I spotted a bolt of the unicorn fabric
at Hobby Lobby.  This was the only print they had from
this collection.  Just one yard came home with me.
Sweet dreams ... Julep