Monday, September 26, 2016

A New Restaurant In Town: Limoncello

 Last night we went to Limoncello with our neighbors.  This is a
new restaurant that opened after a major renovation to the space
[that housed several other restaurants].  It's right on the main drag in
the town of St. Michaels.  It was packed with a lot of tourist
last night and I was glad Nancy made reservations.
 Since we've been living on the shore this space has
seen a few owners each coming in with different
concept of design and food.  This is now our second Italian
restaurant which I consider more upscale in dishes offered
that the other one which is Ava's [a pizza joint].  
 Nancy & Larry studying the extensive menu
which was very impressive in meal offerings.
 I took a picture of the drink menu so I would remember 
what this drink was but I guess I deleted the photo
accidentally.  I think this was a Limoncello Blush.
It's one of those drinks that you could have more than
one of while dining.  I only had one!
 Wilson ordered the Bellini which he graded
as excellent and would order again.
 Wilson's salad which he rated excellent.
 My salad was a Cesar with a light dressing.
The Parmesan wafer on the top was a thick
which gave it a salty taste.  Usually these accents are as
thin as paper.  I rate this as above good but not excellent.
For those that know me if pizza is on the menu I will order
it.  Even though it's interesting in presentation the overall
rating was below okay.  The crust was dry yet chewy with
no taste.  Speaking of no taste ... the sauce needs to be
jazzed up with some spices.  I couldn't believe the sparseness of
cheese on this pizza ... not good.  Would I order this again ... no!

Wilson liked his entree which was a veal dish.
There were two veal dishes offered on the menu - he ordered one but they
served him the other!  No apologies for that or when the
waitress accidentally tipped over his Bellini glass spilling the
last sip he had on his pants.

The noise level was over the top loud and not great for conversation.
This will change as the tourist population decreases as we
head into winter.  Would I go back to this restaurant: probably yes. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Pig Roast

 Our friends Tom {pictured above in the red apron} and
Sheila [pictured below] hosted a pig roast at their home
in Royal Oak.  Tom said cooking the pig in the 
'pig cooker box' took just 4 hours from start to finish.
 Sheila and friend Mark.
It was nice to see everyone and catch up on life.
That's a lot of pork!
 Pig meat ... nice and hot right out of the pig box.
 Look at the size of that cutting board - it had
to be custom made.
 The side dishes were provided by the Italian Market in
Easton.  The size of Tom & Sheila's kitchen is massive.
Part of the dining room.
 The pork was perfectly cooked and tasted great.
 Tom and Sheila's dog named ... Runner,
 The back screened porch.
 Wilson said the oysters were yummy - we were
told they were Choptank Sweets.
That's it for the pig roast - it was a great night
and a good time was had by all.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Not Making Any Excuses

 As one of my fellow bloggers wrote in a recent blog post ... she's not
making any excuses for her massive amount of fabric ... so I'm taking
her lead and not making excuses for my 'occasional' snag of a good deal.  
{fyi ... she has me beat in fabric yardage by a long shot}.   

 One of my favorite on-line shopping places is Hancock's of Paducah.
I remind Wilson it's my way of supporting his fellow Kentuckians.
 This is a beautiful fabric so I ordered one fat quarter stack
so I could have everything in the line.  What I'll make is t.b.d.
 Owls are one of my favorite birds.  We would hear them in the
woods in Bozman but here at the new place I may have heard an
owl once.  Maybe the community needs to put up owl nesting boxes.

 What makes this fabric pop out is the outlining in silver.
I actually may not cut this for awhile.
 All the fabrics are between $3.99 and $5.00 per yard.
 The fabric on the right is bright and happy.  Perfect for a baby quilt.
 The fabric on the right are fireflies.  Not crazy about the one
on the left.  It looked better in the photo.
The Scottie fabric was $3.99/yard.  I'll be making a set of
napkins to donate to a rescue auction.  That will be a different
item and I hope the set brings in a few $'s for the cause.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sewing for Shelley ... But Before That

 Before I show you the adorable pillowcases I made for Shelley
I wanted to show you some adorable westie pictures.
 Derby was in a playful mood and so was Julep.
He's scheduled for a grooming on Friday.
 Playing under my cutting table ... that's different for these two.
Set #1 for Shelley
I've been following [for several years] the blog
Art@Home.  You can pop over by using this link:
Ricki Jill's daughter {Shelley} started college and I noticed
in the photo's RJ posted of Shelley's dorm room she
 had some decorative Paris items around the room.
 Set #2
I went through my stash and pulled
all my Paris-themed fabric and decided
it would be nice to make Shelley pillowcases.  
 Set #3
Set #4
I hope Shelley likes the fun fabric combinations.
Fingers crossed!  

Sunday, September 18, 2016


 Here are a few pictures from our little burgers from the
grill dinner party on Friday night.  I found these adorable
pumpkins at Home Goods in Annapolis.  They have
a small battery operated light on the inside.  I also finally
found my box full of Halloween stuff which was buried
in the back of the guest room closet.  
 The fall themed tablecloth is from Home Goods as well.
I like that store and could drop a few $'s on stuff I don't need
but is fun to have when entertaining. 
 Simple but festive.
 Wilson lighting the charcoal at the bottom of the Primo Grill
We love our Primo -- it was a good investment.
 The amazing yellow flowers that line the edge of our property.  
Last but not least ... the westies watching for anything that moves.
Have a great Sunday, Katie

Friday, September 16, 2016

Did You See This Week?

 This is another week that just flew by!  For me it's been
filled with various appointments both here and in Annapolis
which really cramps my style when it comes to sewing.

I'm still working through that stack of Batik's and am
getting closer to the bottom.  Since my days have been
'taken' I've been sewing after dinner each night.  The above
quilt pattern ... I've made several times before.   Now
I'm working on 'placement' of the blocks before
they are sewn together in nice rows.
 There's something new in our house and if you guessed fabric -
you're wrong! Wilson decided to clean out all his old camera
stuff {lens and other misc. things} including his latest camera and
send it off to New York.  There's a place who will examine and
then give you a fair price for your stuff.  He used that as a partial
payment for his new camera. 
 Me ... I take my pictures on the 'auto' setting so this new
Nikon really doesn't mean a thing to me but does to him.
 Tonight we're having two couples over for a simple burger
on the porch dinner party.  Wilson will be firing up the Primo
later this afternoon and I'm in the process of baking
chocolate cupcakes for dessert.
Instead of napkin rings I went onto Pinterest to look for a
new way to fold napkins.  I found this flower fold which
was super-easy to do.  The addition of the baby pumpkins
in the center makes the statement ... fall if finally here!
Gotta run ... it's time to ice those cupcakes! 
p.s.  I whipped up the napkins just for this dinner.  
That removed two [2] yards of fabric from my stash.
Guess I'll need to replace it!