Monday, March 30, 2020

A Little Fishing In the Pond

 OMG ... how cute is this!
Dad Jessie, Charlotte & Ellie
I can't tell them apart.
One of the girls loves pink and the other purple.
 When I saw the twins [who will be 4 in April] walking
down the path with fishing rods in hand I just
had to take a few photo's.
 Thank goodness I snapped the photo's when I did
because about 3 seconds later they were done fishing.
I remember going fishing a few times with my dad
but I refused to put the live worm on the hook.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

"Live Free"

 I just finished working with "Live Free" by
Jessica Mundo for Henry Glass & Co.  This
was my free fabric for the month.

These are 1 yard cuts and I used just about every 
square inch of this line to make 5 quilt tops plus
7 placemats.  I did pull some fabric from my stash
to finish up the placemats.
 All the tops are my favorite so they will be hard
to part with ... but I must.
 Star pattern which I made a little larger by
adding two borders.
 This pattern is called trellis - don't ask me why.
The star fabric separating the rows is a Studioe 
Christmas fabric which worked beautifully.
Studioe Fabric is owned by the parent company
Jaftex based in New York City which also owns
Henry Glass & Co.
 Here is a pattern I made up based on leftover scraps.

 This layout took me the longest to make.
What I'll be working on next
Pillowcases from the fabric I picked up on the free
table at the last guild meeting
... and ...
Finishing up quilting the tops I have sitting in
a stack in my sewing studio.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Box of Chery's Cookies

 I had a nice surprise on Saturday when the Fed-X guy
placed a small box by my front door.  This was from Cheryl's
Cookies and was a thank you from Nancy {our former neighbor}.
Nancy noticed a quilt I had made with horses as a theme.
As a back story ... we had a neighbor who loved horses and
had a terrible accident while riding.  This was several
years ago and she will never come back to her house.
She is in long-term care and her house was sold.
It's a tragic story all around. 
Nancy arranged for a friend from church to pick up the
quilt to take to the long term care facility for Marie.
That's the story in a nutshell.

Sending a big THANK YOU
to NANCY for Chery's Cookies!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Spring Blooms From Our Yard

 The porch is all decked out for spring with a new
tablecloth and flowers.  Now we are having a cold snap.
 Which way did they go?
We had a bird strike our living room window and of course
Derby heard it hit.  I was in the shower and Wilson was in
the den watching TV so we didn't hear it.  Next thing you 
know Derby went out and got the bird then brought it
into the house to eat by the front door.  Thank goodness
Wilson realized what he was doing so quietly.  It was
only headless by the time Wilson got it from Derby.
I swear he must have been a cat in another life.

 We had stones leftover from our front wall addition so
I've been moving a few stones over the back bed
to see if we liked the look.  We ask our new landscaper for
 an estimate on another pallet of stone + labor
to correctly lay and finish up what I started.  

 The bunnies are from Pier One last year.
They were on sale for a great price.
I'm waiting for the red breasted finch to build a nest
in the arrangements I have hanging from the lights.

 Bleeding Hearts
Hope you enjoyed the flowers from around
our yard.  The red bud, cherry and Japanese 
Maple are getting ready to open soon.

Friday, March 20, 2020

"Live Free" by Henry Glass & Co., Inc.

 I love surprise fabric deliveries!
 This panel makes a YoYo wreath but I seriously
doubt if I will make it.  If anyone has an idea what else I 
could do with this please let me know.
The "Live Free" collection was left at my door several days ago.
I finally got time to post the photo's.
 On another note ... Julep started limping on her back leg. 
Not good ... I tried to keep her on the low-key
side for a few day [no steps, no running, no jumping].
I had pain meds on-hand as well as a pain med with anti-
inflammatory.  These seemed to do the trick.  The vet gave me
a refill on the pills and so far she is doing okay.
Summer and the 4th of July will be here before you know it.

 This pattern took a little longer then most I put together.

Second quilt layout and trying to decide on 
a border fabrics I like. 
 My design layout using leftover pieces for quilt number 3.
When I turn in photo's for social media they like to show
projects in progress.
Three "Live Free" tops done so far.  
I may finish the one on the right and then turn in the
other two to the guild to finish up and give to a
Veteran in need.  I enlisted Wilson to go with me to
the harbor in St. Michaels on Monday to take
pictures by the water and the canons.  

Saturday, March 14, 2020

This & That

 I whipped up this spring table runner to go with a quilt I
donated to the Westie & Scott rescue auction.  It will be a 
nice surprise for the winner who already has several of my quilts.
 Wilson found a blueberry pancake recipe on line and wanted
to give it a try.  I fried up the bacon and warmed the
Vermont maple syrup and we had a feast.
In my opinion ... these are the best pancakes ever!
 The cuteness of Derby.
 Donated ... 24 flannel burp cloths to Outreach to 
pass on to those in need.
 At the February guild meeting I picked up two pre-cut 
kits for Veterans pillows.  I jazzed them up by adding 
decorative stitching on either side of the center block.
 Baby Bibs
 24 went to Outreach as well.

Veteran's Pillows
 I searched through my stash and pulled my
red, white and blue fabric.  16 more pillows were turned
into Outreach for the group to stuff and hand sew
 closed.  Decorative stitching was added to these as well.