Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Easter Fun" by Helz Cuppleditch for Henry Glass

I can understand why fabric manufacturers want samples
way in advance but I've gotta tell you I had
a hard time getting ideas as to what to make.
While I'm still working with Xmas fabric I put the
 "Easter Fun" collection on the floor hoping for an idea.

Thinking of stuffed Easter Bunnies from this piece.
I decided not to stress and just get this project done
and turned in.  Personally, I can't image posting this
collection on Facebook until after the 1st of the year.

Baby Quilt #1 or Table Topper
The bunny blocks started out as a panel but decided
to cut them into individual blocks.
Baby quilt #2 or Table Topper
... yet to be determined...

Monday, November 23, 2020

Fat Quarter Baby New Pattern Book

I can count on one hand the amount of times I placed an order
on-line for a quilting book.  Most patterns that I'm interested in
making are free but I thought what the heck ... so I ordered it.
What I like about this book is ...
The patterns are simple and the finished size is small.
As soon as I finish sewing for Xmas and working with the Easter
fabric "Easter Fun" by Henry Glass I want to make
the butterfly baby quilt.  
Yes, you did read right - I'm working with Easter fabric.
The collection is adorable but have to admit it's pretty
hard working so far in advance for spring when it's not even
Thanksgiving.  I will post photo's of the collection 
tomorrow [if you don't think I'm crazy]. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Horse Quilt Kit & Happy Holidays Quilt

This is a kit I ordered from Hancock of Paducah to make for the
non-fiction editor that helps Wilson with the Delmarva Review.
He and his wife love horses so when I spotted this kit I
felt it was right for them.
I guess I didn't realize [or pay attention to the overall completed
size of this quilt] because it's a little on the small size.  I tried
playing with different fabrics I have in my stash to add a
border or two but didn't feel any of them worked  ... so I placed
an order for two different colors of horseshoe fabric that
I spotted on sale for $3.99 per yard.  My order has already shipped
so it should be here by next week.
Bottom of the Panel
The panel [pre-cutting] is beautiful but for some reason
the designer decided to use only used the top 18" of it
[that's what Julep is sleeping on].  The bottom of the panel
will be placed on the back of the quilt.
Happy Holidays
I woke up two days ago thinking of my relative {Karen} who
is a doctor at a veterans hospital in Virginia.  I felt she could
use a surprise so I pulled this panel and started working on the layout.
While I could have used the burnt red fabric from the back between the
light gray snow blocks I decided to do shades of gray.  I liked
this so much I could have kept it for myself ... but I didn't.
I like to do simple and fast lap quilts.
This seems like Karen and I hope she likes it and that the quilt
puts a smile on her face.  I can't even image what doctors
and nurses are going through now and especially those
working with the elderly.  I will mail it on Monday and
hopefully she will get it prior to Thanksgiving.
Like I mentioned previously ... 
This year has been a difficult year for so many reasons 
for so many people.   I like to think the little surprises
I send to friends will hopefully will lift their spirits just a little. 


Friday, November 20, 2020

Field of Sunflowers Lap Quilt / Kitty Masks / Doggies Stockings

I have a friend who simply loves sunflowers so when I happened
to see this panel I ordered it from Hancock of Paducah.
I had no set pattern in my head so after looking at it for a few
days I remembered some 2-1/2" strips leftover from another 
project that would work nicely.
Since the Post Office is urging everyone to mail early this year
this is already on it's way as an early Xmas gift.
The back of the sunflower quilt.
Here kitty-kitty!  Both kitty fabrics came from Hancock
of Paducah's {at full price!} but I had to have them.
I'm still working on making a variety of masks for 
Dara's vet office.  The stuffed fish is a "Cat Fish" ... get it!
Six little doggie stockings for the ladies at
Julep and Derby's vet office.  I need to find a few
small things to put inside.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Sewing for Gifts

First up ... Derby
Second up ... Julep
The two identical star quilts are for the twins who live up
the street.  The girls are so cute and will occasionally 
come down to pay me a visit.  It's usually to bring me a sticker
or to show me what they are wearing.  
Going back to the quilts ... 
what I changed to make them just a little
different was the outer border and the back fabric.  

I thought these would be the perfect size for their play room.

I made this pattern using identical fabrics for two poets
who greatly helped Wilson with the new issue of
the Delmarva Review.  They were surprised and very
grateful for their holiday quilts.

Made with leftover batik fabrics this one is going to the vet
who owns the practice that Dara works at.  She makes a lot
of YouTube video's and wears her heart on her sleeve.

Holiday masks for Dara to use at work.
This scrappy quilt went as a surprise to one of my Facebook friends.

This star quilt was sent as a gift to a baby girl who
is celebrating her first Christmas.  They have westies
so I used mostly dog fabric.

I found this fabric on sale so I purchased two yards.
This is a mask I made for myself and will probably make
a few more for the girls at my vet's office.


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Gold Accent Fabric

I wanted to make the "Tea Time" pattern from Jordon Fabrics again
since I paid $25 for the acrylic template you see on the 
left of the photo.
The combination of 2-1/2" strips from two different jelly rolls 
worked out nicely.  I love when this happens!

Placing blocks until Derby showed up.

It takes a little concentration when laying this pattern out.
How could you not love this little face?
I have enough blocks leftover to layout another smaller
version of this.
I think I went over the top with the back fabric but thought 
what the heck ... I wonder if this will find a home?