Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Fabric, Fabric & More Fabric


On Sunday afternoon I put in a request to Jennifer 
for some fun color blender fabrics to use in
upcoming projects.  On Tuesday morning
I found a nice fat package at my front door.
I was in total amazement that all this happened
so quickly.
Jot Dot ... my favorite blender fabric.
I wanted these specifically to use with the soft book panels.
When I cut the panels into blocks I like to border those
 blocks with fun colors to make them stand out.

Then today Fed-X made another drop off with this new
collection called Monster'ocity.

What's cool is the designer made the eyes 

I'll be taking tomorrow off from the sewing room
so I'd like to wish everyone a grand and great Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

What's Finished & What's Started & What's New


Finished:  "A Trip to the Farm"
from Studio E Fabrics
There is leftover fabric from this line as well as a few others
so in between things I'll be making simple large block quilts.
Finished:  "Lettuce Makes Pea"
from Blank Quilting
Started:  Go-Go!
from Henry Glass Fabrics
Plus ... 
Just Received the new collection of 
soft book panels called
"Huggable & Loveable XIII"
from Studio E Fabrics

But first I have to start working with the
spring/Easter collections of fabric.  

Sunday, November 12, 2023

What Scott Donated


I reached out to Scott at Jaftex to see if he would be willing to 
donate some fabric to the guild holiday luncheon.
He said yes immediately and in 2 days I had a big and
heavy box sitting by my front door.
Dream Horses
In the box there were several collections of yardage.
I proceeded to cut those collection into bundles so 
more of the guild members had a chance of getting
some new fabric to work with.
14 bundles of fabric fun.
Coral Reef
Lettuce Make Peas
Timeless Linen Basics
Happy Hunting
Game On!
I'm going to wrap all the fabric bundles in holiday paper
to make this a little more festive.

Monday, November 6, 2023



I thought it was time Derby had a post dedicated
to him.  He is the sweetest and not to mention
the cutest westie in the world.

This is my favorite of all the  pictures of Derby.
I received a new collection of fabric today called
Go-Go ... I'll post pics soon.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Almost Finished Quilts

This was the last batch of fabric I received. When I opened the
package and saw it was kitty fabric I knew exactly what pattern
I wanted to use.
"Quilted Kitties"
from Henry Glass Fabrics

This is the kitty block pattern I used on both sides of the panel.
While this wasn't my favorite fabric I'm pretty
 happy with the way the quilt turned out.
This collection is called "Lettuce Make Pea"
from Blank Quilting

This collection is adorable.  I have several pieces
that didn't make it into this quilt so I'll be creating something else.
"Paw-sitively Awesome"
from Studio E Fabrics

Woof-woof this fabric line is for dog lovers!
The quilt patterns used are from a book I had.
Both are nice and I will use those pattern again in the future.
I have 3 more collections to work with.  
Next up will be 
"A Trip to the Farm" from Studio E Fabrics 
plus two collections that are Easter. 

Monday, October 30, 2023

Scrap Xmas Quilts + Another New Collection


The Santa panel I snagged off the free table at a guild meeting.
I've been wanting to make a stack of Xmas presents so I finally
did.  Still want to sew buttons on the boxes to make them
a little more fun.

Each year when I make the 100 stockings for the kids at
The Child's Haven I take the leftover fabric and cut
it into squares.  In an effort to use some of those squares
I decided to make scrap Xmas quilts for the ladies
at Derby's vets.  The office manager will hold a drawing
for anyone interested in having one.

I have 4 done and I'm going to try for a few more.
The staff there is great as well as all the vets.
"Quilted Kitties" arrived Fed-X today.  This particular line
will not be shipping to stores until January.  I'm going
to pull out the Missouri Star Quilting pattern for cat
blocks and place those blocks around the panel.

Between working with fabric, cleaning the house and getting stuff 
out for Xmas I'm pretty darn busy ... but in saying that 
I'm pretty darn happy!