Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Additional "Paws for America" Quilts


Did I tell you the designer of "Paws for America" {Jill Meyer}
doesn't sew.  Because of this she offered me the fabric
 Jaftex sent her which was 2 yards of the entire collection.
While I'm finished with my official' project pieces it's sure
 fun to play with these layouts and fabric combinations.
The pattern used between the dog blocks is called "Cloudburst".
The first quilt [above with the red background] was made as 
the designer indicates - sashing between blocks and rows.
I cut this step out of this quilt and the one below.
I still have one more of the dog block panel left. I
found a different style block to separate the dogs.  
Derby checking the sample blocks.
Next on the project list is to find backing material then
 to quilt and bind them.

Monday, June 5, 2023

"Little Reader" Quilts


I Love You This Much is the name of this quilt.
The collection of 4 soft book panels is from Henry Glass
Fabrics.  I'm not a fan of 'soft books' so I made them into
{something I feel will get more use} which are reading quilts .  
I used Jot Dot and the solids are from Free Spirit Fabrics.
This is called "Moon & Back.  I had leftover fabric from
the Blast Off collection which worked perfectly.
This quilt is called "USA Symbols & Monuments".  The white 
stars on red background fabric is from the Paws for 
America collection I just finished working with.
This quilt is called "Rest Your Little Head".  I used solid colors
for the blocks from Free Spirit Fabrics.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Quick Pic of Billy & Dara


Billy & Dara are the cutest couple.  They are
enjoying a few days in Ohio [I believe] visiting
her relatives.  

Friday, June 2, 2023

Flowers in the Garden

Another French Rose quilt is cut and ready to sew.
This is Julep holding one of the roses in place. 
The wild flower bed is in full bloom.
The daisy plants are spreading nicely in one section.
Yarrow ... has taken over but we do have more
of the yellow flowers pushing through.
Baby Breath is still blooming among the Sweet William plants.

This is a great pollinator garden for our bee friends.
The lawn ... just cut.

I have a few hollyhock plants coming up here and there.
I tossed a ton of seed from last years plants in with
the wildflowers and none of them took.  
Will try again this year.


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Quilts & Pillowcases


Derby ... helping me lay out a French Rose quilt.
Pillowcases for The Hole in the Wall Gang.
Decided to start making these to go with all the quilts.
My guest room closet is getting maxed out with quilts/pillowcases.
This quilt is going to a FB friend who is a teacher.
She actually is a Special ED elementary teacher.  Her
classroom has a special area designated with soft lights,
sofa, beanbag chairs and pillows to help the kids calm
down.  She deals with autism or kids that sometimes
get frustrated they learn slower or are different
then the others.  I offered to make her quilts to
use at school when the fall term starts.  Donna is a 
blessing to those children and this is the least I
can do to try and help her and the kids a little.

The map came from the free table at a guild meeting.
I Spy quilt using scraps that are 2-1/2" x 6". 
This particular one is geared for a girl.
I purchased 2 of the cat panels on sale last year.
Had them pressed and ready to add borders many
months ago but just never had the time.  
I'm happy to say they are done.
A simple block quilt with leftovers.
Second cat panel.
A Little Reader quilt top that Julep decided to nap on.

There are 4 Little Reader books in this series.

The Little Reader are done and I'm just waiting for a nice day to
take them outside to photograph by the wildflower bed.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Auriful Thread & Little Readers


From time to time Aurifil Threads will send the Brand Ambassadors
thread.  They asked us to choose what color scheme we liked.
I picked the Verona Mauve collection which is out of this world.
The price of this box of 3 is about $40.00.  This is such great
thread I wish I had the entire collection of colors.
I plan to start on the 4 Little Reader soft story books quilts today.
They are cut out and ready to go!

I'm starting with U.S. Symbols and Monuments
 since Memorial Day is coming up.
Well, it's off to work I go ... wishing you a nice week ahead.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

More Garden Pictures


Our Japanese Snow Bell is in full bloom.  The flowers are in
a very soft pink and the tree is covered which is lovely.
Peony blooms are beautiful this year.
All the bushes had a nice set of blooms especially the
yellow one which was the first to open.

These two follow me around the yard because 
everyone wants a free meal.
We have 2 couples that didn't have babies this year.  There are
three couples that had 3 babies each.  The duck pair had
five babies but now there is only three.  Rabbits - we've
got rabbits and there are a million of them in our development.
What we need are more fox for population control.
By the way ... the geese think the bird bath on the bench
is their personal water bowl.    
The white specks are Baby Breath.  It has spread out into
the common area behind our wildflower garden.
Sweet Williams / Baby Breath
We have Sweet Williams in a variety of colors.
Yarrow  ...  you can't kill that stuff!  It's the dominate plant
in the wild flower bed.  In between the plants are more
Baby Breath plus we also have Forget-me-nots.  These are
tiny blue flowers and I'm going to try and get a picture of
them later today.   I had a few Lupine plants growing in
the wild flower bed but they are not doing well.  The 
Hollyhocks have sent up flower stalks which is exciting.

I signed up for a free summer course from
 The info on Erin's course is below.

In our upcoming three-part video series, you’ll learn a simple 
step to double the number of blooms your plants produce, 
how to cut and care for your flowers for the longest 
vase life, and how to make mixed bouquets quickly and efficiently.
. . . . .
I'm getting caught up on my sewing projects and just have
the 4 soft story book panels to make into reading quilts.
These are not due until July so now I can breath!