Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"Cowboy Culture" + Misc. Stuff


Here's a collection I just started working with called
"Cowboy Culture" from Blank Quilting.
The start of quilt #1.  Still deciding what pattern to use
with the two panels below.

This is a big collection and is probably something I would
never have picked out but in saying that I 
do like working with this range of colors.

"My Childhood Christmas" from Henry Glass Fabrics.
  The first quilt in the photo [below] was made using this collection. 
The other collection is called "Winter in Snowtown".
Interesting fact - the same artist designed both of
these holiday collections - so I did a little switching
of fabrics between the two collections.
Derby inspecting the stack that's ready for quilting.
You could say ... I've been busy.
Then Fed-X dropped this big and heavy box
at my door of "Dot to Dot" from  Studio E Fabrics.
Jaftex was very generous in that I received
three [3] yards of 8 colors and what's great is 
that it's 108" wide.  Now that's a lot of fabric!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

After Yesterday's Post


About an hour after I finished yesterday's post Fed-X
dropped a big and heavy package at my front door.
Collection #1 is:  "My Childhood Christmas"
Collection #2 is:  "Winter in Snowtown"
Both collections are designed by
Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin
for Henry Glass Fabrics.
There are 14 prints in each collection so that's
a total of 28 yards of fabric!  I love vintage
prints so these will be so much fun to sew.
I didn't realize it until I looked these collections up 
that the collection I just finished called
"No Tricks, Just Treats" was designed by
her daughter, Hannah West.  So over Easter
weekend I'll be working with Christmas fabric as
crazy as it sounds.  
I'm allocated to receive 3 more collections:  
"Cowboy Culture" - Blank Quilting
"Fresh Cologne" - Blank Quilting
"Dot to Dot" - Studio E Fabrics

Friday, March 29, 2024

This & That & Happy Easter

While waiting for my next shipment of fabric from Jaftex 
I decided to take this 'free' time and make a quilt or two
for the guilds fund raising sale in November.
Since we live in an area that has a hunting season I found this
deer fabric in Lancaster.  I'm using the American Flag 
fabric for the backing.  It was a 5 yard flat fold for $5/yard.
My first contemporary modern quilt made using
the collection "No Tricks Just Treats".
Wilson was interviewed for a local magazine and they
 asked for a few pictures to run with the story.  I snapped
this while he was taking pictures with his big boy camera.  
This is only a small sampling of the issues he published.
A brand ambassador asked about using this contraption
to photograph quilts.  I decided to order it from Amazon
to give it a try.  It's really nice when I can't go outside for
photo's or if I want to hang new collections on it to
scan for the unboxing video Jaftex requires.  Professional
photographers use this to hold backgrounds.  I also
got a 'selfie' stick to use with my cell phone.  Now
all I need is the professional lighting and I could
have a new profession!
Happy Easter


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

"Hello Honey!"

Small soft stuffies came printed on the soft book panel.
The collection showcased is
"Hello Honey!"
This is my favorite quilt.  It's a new pattern from an old
magazine I picked up from the free table at a guild meeting.
All borders are softly scalloped.

I added 9 patch blocks to both sides of the
panel then added a soft scalloped border
on the top and bottom.
This little quilt was made with the leftover fabric. 
It's simple and fast which I like!

From a soft book panel to a reading quilt
which is much more functional in my opinion.
Now I wait for my new shipments of fabric from Jaftex.
Guess I'll work with fabric from my stash.

Monday, March 25, 2024

"No Tricks, Just Treats" Quilts & Candy Sacks

"No Tricks, Just Treats" Collection
The center of this quilt is a panel.
I had leftover blocks and decided to add them
to the top and bottom to make it longer.

I had made this block before and for some reason
this fabric drew me back to it.  The light gray sashing 
is from the collection called Glaze.
Glaze in orange.  It comes in 108". 
Candy Sack #1
Candy Sack #2
This is a new pattern I spotted on YouTube.
I liked it so much I decided to make myself a
grocery sack in a dog print I had for a few years.
In Talbot county we now have to take our
own bags into the store.


Saturday, March 23, 2024

Spring Blooms


Beautiful spring blooms around the yard

Lupines ... anticipating the spikes of blooms

Peony's ... this plant has big yellow blooms and is my favorite
I have 6 quilts done and in need of picture taking
which I want to do outside.
I need to get those pics done next week.
Scott requested the brand ambassadors
send him our finished quilts so he do a video talk
on our projects for social media.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Final Project: Graveyard Ghouls


"Graveyard Ghouls" by Victoria Hutto for Studio E Fabrics. 

What's cool - this is glow-in-the-dark fabric - perfect for quilts, 

trick-or-treat bags, costumes or anything else 

your imagination can conjure up ... like a village for

the ghouls!

My final project using this line.  I'm going
to have a hard time parting with this one!