Thursday, January 16, 2020

Jot Dots & Peacock Pavilion

 Back behind my pile of Xmas fabric I found a stack
of fat quarters called "Jot Dots" from Blank Quilting.
 I quickly whipped this little lap quilt up so I could send photo's
to Jennifer for posting.  {Better late than never!}
I'm happy to have enough Jot Dot fabric left over to
make another small quilt.  This new quilt will have a
Zebra print fabric as the 5" center block.
 Peacock Pavilion by Blank Quilting
Designed by Delphine Corbin
This panel is so gorgeous and elegant it was really
 hard trying to decide what to do with it.
 After a lot of thinking I drew a rough version of my vision
on paper.  It took a bit of math to figure out the size of both
the side and bottom sections but I did it.
 A view of a corner.
 I posted this top before but wanted to add it again so I
had all the items using the Peacock Pavilion
collection in one place.
 A block close-up.  
Finished block size is 9".

 This collection was just released for shipping to
quilt stores.  It's always nice to work with a fabric 
line before everyone else.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Small Projects

Today we took the westies to the vets for a 6 month 
mini check-up.  It's actually recommended for dogs over
10 to get checked twice a year.  In any event, they
both needed a nail clip [which they were not happy
about].  Derby was fine but Julep has two back molars
that don't look good.  That means blood work and
dental extractions at the end of this month.  She
won't be happy but it has to be done.
 How many hearts are in the basket?
If you guessed 74 then you guessed right.
 The tiny felt hearts were easy to make and have ready
 been shipped and received at The Child's Haven.
The teachers will give each child a heart 
to show they are loved.  I've also committed to make
the kids Xmas stockings again.  They were a super-big
hit and the kids loved all the goodies inside. 
 The One Hour Basket
 This fabric is part of the Spring Jubilee collection from
Blank Quilting.  The two pieces in this line 
of fabric are Easter Eggs and Jelly Bean.
 With only two half yards of fabric I had to
come up with something cute and unique ...
thus the one hour basket.

 I added the pink rick rack, buttons, and little roses
This is a quick and fun little project to make and can
be made using any left over piece of fabric.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Peacock Pavilion - Designed by Delphine Corbin - Blank Quilting

 This is the newest fabric collection I received.
I love the rich colors in the coordinating prints
not to mention that gorgeous peacock panel.

 Designed by:  Delphine Corbin
For:  Blank Quilting
Collection Name:  Peacock Pavilion
Ships:  January 2020

 This year I'm 
Brand Ambassador for Blank Quilting.
I'm very excited and look forward to the collections
that are chosen for me to work with in 2020.
 Here is one of the projects I made using the 
collection Peacock Pavilion.  I've been wanting
to make this pattern for a long time and I was
sent enough background fabric to finally create it.
 I like this pattern and want to make it again.
I used the beautiful peacock panel with my own design around
it.  Also, I had enough fabric left over to cut 8" blocks
and do a simple layout which I'll donate to Outreach to
finish.  I used every inch of fabric to make up the 3 quilts 
so I'll have to pull from my stash to make the bindings
for the quilts.
Still need to take the official pictures of the quilts today.
I need to turn them with a description for posting.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Caching Up Post

 I just haven't been feeling 100% since Xmas and while I'm
functioning I'm still not 100% me.
 We did decide to still have our Eve-Eve party but it was pretty
simple this year.  Appetizers that just needed to be heated
in the oven, a Honey Baked Ham and the tenderloin Wilson
made.  I baked only chocolate chip cookies for the table
and that was out of a box mix!
 Everyone had a good time so it was well worth doing.
 I don't think I posted this but I took 10 table runners to
my dentist office as little gifts. 
 All the decorations are packed away until next year.
 This was a little gift from one of our neighbors who
came to the Eve-Eve party.
 Each piece of chocolate looked like it was hand painted.
I wouldn't let Wilson eat one until I took a photo of the
box.  I have to say these are the best chocolates I've
ever had.  Double yum-yum!
 The party's over pictures of the westies.
I had the westies locked in the laundry room by using a
gate across the doorway.  Julep figured out how to open
it and made herself right at home during the party.
They actually were really good this year.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

"The Lightkeeper's Quilt" Collection of Fabrics from STUDIOe

 Here is the second bundle of lovely fabric I was sent to work
with called ... "The Lightkeeper's Quilt" from STUDIOe.
 Living in a nautical area I have a great fondness for fabrics
of this theme.  One day I'll show you my pile of nautical
fabric just waiting for the right projects.
 The Panel 
While I'm not a big fan of orange I can understand why
the artist used that color to show separation
between the water and the sky.
 I chose a simple pattern and I'm glad I did.
I love the fact that the wave fabric [separated by the
dark starry sky fabric] looks like it's one big wave in motion.
The designer did an excellent job creating movement on fabric.
 Jennifer asked me to make this quilt for her dad for Xmas.
This was another 9-1/2 hour day but I got it done and mailed
the very next day.  I need to find out if it was a hit or not.
Apparently, this fabric reminded Jennifer of walks along the
beach with her dad when she was a child.
Best Friends Forever
I got this panel for like $2 on-line and made the dolls up for
the twins who live on the corner.  Since I've been sick I still
have the gifts sitting in my sewing room.  Hopefully, I'll 
drop them off soon.
. . . .   . . . .
Now to get ready for our annual Eve-Eve party tomorrow
night with the neighbors.  Wilson will be cooking two
tenderloins for slicing and we've got a Honey Baked Ham as
well.  He'll also make a dish of corn pudding to go along
with the ham and tenderloin.  I'll be making a hot crab dip,
bacon wrapped water chestnuts, spring rolls, and baked
goat cheese and honey balls.  Wilson will toss a big
bowl of antipasto fixings together in the morning for
folks to pick on as well.  It will be our normal fest and
it will also be fun to see all the neighbors since we didn't 
have a neighborhood Xmas party this year.  
. . . .  . . . .
This year as little party favors I had custom printed
M&M's in gold, white, and silver saying Happy 2020
on one side and Eve-Eve on the other.  I put them into little
plastic champagne bottles with a Hershey Kiss.  They are
really cute!  I'll take a few photos during set-up if I can.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

"Bee Sweet" by Studioe Fabric

 I know it's been forever since I posted but have to tell you
I've been a sick little puppy!  This flu/sinus issue hit me like
several tons of bricks 2 days after we got home.  It wasn't
a great Christmas.  I was sick in bed and didn't even know what
day it was!  Passing out in the shower isn't fun and since once
wasn't enough I did it again and hit the bathroom floor.  
Thank goodness Wilson came running when he heard
a loud 'thud' or I would still be on the floor.  Only injury from the
fall [besides my pride] was a gash in my big toe and sore back muscles.
Now if only this cough would stop I would be happier.
 Well, that's enough of sick talk.   Let's move on to fabric.  I received 
two collections about a week before we left for NYC.  Here
is one collection called "Bee Sweet".
 The panel that came with the collection.
 Jeniffer asked me to make a quilt using this
collection - she wanted to gift it to someone.
I worked like a crazed person and this 
shipped out to her prior to our leaving for NYC.

 Bee Sweet was a really sweet and cheery line to work with.
While I didn't have time to work the panel into the back of the
quilt I did put in a nice accent center piece.  From start
to finish of this quilt was 9-1/2 hours.
Tomorrow I'll post the second line of fabric's
which is nautical in nature.

Monday, December 16, 2019

New York City

 Wilson and I left Saturday morning from the Amtrak station
 at BWI Airport on the Acela express train to NYC.
 Our hotel [Sofitel] is located on the west side in the theater
district.  This location is an easy walk to Radio City 
and the tree in Rock Center.

 While we don't visit NYC often Saturday night was a
mob scene.  It was almost impossible to get from point 
A to point B.  It was unbelievable.
 The tree at Rock Center.

 The waiting line for skaters to get on the ice was
very long.  I didn't see the cost but I bet it isn't cheap.
 Today we went to B&H Photo to look at cameras.
From there we walked across the street and had
lunch at Uncle Jack's.

 This the dry-age meat locker.  Notice the name
of the meat on the upper left ... Yabba Dabba Doo!
 From our hotel we walked down a few blocks into the fabric
district.  We went to visit Jaftex Fabrics and Scott Fortunoff.
He's the President of several fabric companies and has a heart
of gold.  He's always giving fabric and brand new
sewing machines away on-line to those in need.
This is the company I occasionally sew for.  I've been
approved to be a Brand Ambassador 
for Blank Quilting.
I had a gift for Scott which I wanted to deliver in person.  
It was a paperweight [which he collects] and a set of stone
initial coasters for his desk.  I came out with a nice
a stack of fabric. 

We did have a few snow flurries while walking
but the nasty stuff is coming later tonight but then
will turn to all rain.  We don't leave until Wednesday so
we'll be okay for travel back home.
Sak's Window
Not impressive at all.  What a big disappointment.
 Macy's windows were a little better than Sak's
but not worth taking a photo.
I packed light for this trip ... hahahah!