Monday, January 24, 2022

Not Much Happening Here!


It's winter and there's not much happening around the old homestead.
We've been pretty darn low-key and careful since the virus 
is still hanging out around the world.  Wilson & I have never
stopped wearing masks and are still using anti-bacterial wipes.
?? Will this ever go away??
Over the last month I managed to complete 20 lap quilts
which I dropped off to Chris last week.
Most of those were tops already made from the fabric
Jennifer sent me over the months.  It was pretty easy
[and quick] to quilt and bind them.
Now ... I'm working on the next batch to give Chris.
The quilts I'm showing in this post are the beginning
of the new stack for her.
What I'm trying to do now is pull fabric that will 
fit an older child and/or teen.
This one is simply stunning.  The center flags
are a panel and I just added the top and bottom pieces
to give it more length.  Chris will see if she can find
someone to long-arm this and it will be given to a
veteran as a thank you for their service.  I have
two more flag panels like this and will do something
different on the top and bottom.
Combining odd and end pieces from other quilts to make this one.
Someone posted the Full Moon chart on Facebook and
I snagged it from there.  I didn't realize each month's
moon had a name.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Read: 6 Soft Book Quilts


Finally finished!  These little quilts were a lot of work.  The
designer created the 6 panels to make into soft books.   Since
we are asked to do something different ... I made them into
 reading quilts for kids.
These are quilted/bound plus labeled and ready
for delivery to Chris for Outreach to give as needed.
There was a little diagram on the panel that I cut out and
made into a small pocket just because it was too cute not use.
The pocket is sewn on one of the block in every quilt.
'There's A Mouse In The House'
'Lots of Love'
I used fabric leftovers from other sewing projects
to separate the blocks and rows.
Here are three of the quilts.
'You Are A Sweet Pea'
Derby is on the 'You Are A Gift To Me' book quilt.
'If Kisses Were Raindrops'
'You Are A Gift To Me'
For fun I made READ rag letters.

A lack of progress shot due to Derby.
I don't think I'm scheduled for another shipment of fabric until
February or March.  I'll be using this free time to work on 
a few projects I want to get done.  

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Trendy Meadows by Henry Glass


Quilt #1
Trendy Meadows is a really cute fabric line from
Henry Glass that I was sent to work with.
 I had a lot of fun creating small kid-size lap
quilts using it.  The blocks and layout are 
simple to show off the overall prints.

Quilt #2
I love making the French Braid side pieces.
Quilt #3

Quilt #4
The rabbit blocks were a panel which I cut into
7-1/2" squares for a new pattern I wanted to try
from my I want to make it someday binder.

Trendy Meadows fabric collection.

I'm still working with the 6 soft book panels and hopefully
they will be finished soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Have a Little Snow


I've been praying for a little snow since last winter and
my prayers were finally answered.  
The view from my back porch.

Couldn't believe our mail lady was out delivering mail.
I was impressed that she actually got out and walked to
the mailboxes to put the mail in.  Usually, if they can't
get to the box via the truck they pass the box by.
Mid-afternoon the sun came out.

I must admit I'm impressed with the snow plow driver who
kept on top of keeping our roads passable.

The edge of the storm meets clear blue sky.

Today I'll be working on the book panel quilts.  These are
the last pictures I owe to Jennifer then ... I can
start my own project ... which may be a quilt for Outreach.