Thursday, April 15, 2021

"Here We Glow" by Henry Glass Fabrics


"Here We Glow"
by Henry Glass Fabrics ... is the 2nd collection of Halloween fabric 
I received.  So far I made 3 small quilts and there may be enough leftover
for a 4th one ... then there is the panel which I'm saving for last.

Progress shot ... of the blocks for the below quilt.

The layout on the right and also the one in the below
photo are two new patterns I had in my 'want to make' book.
The panel [I still have to work on] is in the upper left
hand corner of this photo.  It's sorta distorted and not cut
properly so I will need to trim it down.  I hate panels like this.
This fabric is so cool because it actually does glows in the dark.
I'm not sure I can get a decent photo of the 'glow' but will try.
Tooth Fairy Pillows
I'm off to the dentist today for a routine cleaning and thought I
would take them some tooth fairy pillows for fun.
They have a kids treasure chest by the check-out desk
so I thought maybe these could go in there.
A Facebook friend asked me to make her a quilt.  She has
cairn terriers and picked out this fabric from Spoonflower.
For those that don't know Spoonflower is a custom fabric
printing company.  The designs are totally unique and are
by independent artists.   There is no printed fabric sitting
on a shelf - it is 'print on demand' when they receive an order.  

This quilt will be super  simple and will start on it as 
soon as I finish with Halloween.  Since my friend is into 
dog agility competition she wanted a specific fabric 
for the back which I just ordered.  That should be here
by the end of the month.  

Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Walk Around Our Gardens


This is the first year for our Coral Bark Maple.
This addition to our garden really popped out during
the drab winter months.  I'm told it will not be as vivid during
the summer months but that's okay.

The Viburnum Bushes on both sides of our screened porches are
just staring to open.  You would not believe the scent ... we
love it!

The Iris are starting to open.  In the fall I planted a variety bag
of allium behind the iris and those flower heads are growing.

Tulips and Pansies were planted in the pots on the front
porch last fall.
I had two extra tulip bulbs so I stuck them in the
bed with the extra pansies. 
Coral Bells and Ferns
Two out of the three Bleeding Heart plants are coming up in the
bed right by the porch.  There are several other plants poking
their heads up through the soil but are too small to photograph.

I picked up two bags of mixed Daffodils at Lowe's in the fall.
I was pleasantly surprised at the variety.  
Here are a few pictures of the many we have in bloom.
There are also some late bloomers that will probably
pop this week.

The fountain was turned on in the community pond.

Weeping Red Bud Tree

Military Fly-by
We are on the flight path to Andrews AFB, Dover AFB 
and Patuxent Air Base, the Naval Academy [Blue Angels],
 Langley AFB, Dullas AP, BWI AP, Regan National AP.
{I've probably missed a few.}
Then we have Chincoteague Island, VA, which NASA operates
Wallops Island Flight Facility [we've seen an 
occasional launched rocket from our front yard!] 
and let's not forget to mention Norfolk, VA.
Did you know ...
The Hampton Roads area of Virginia is home to one of the largest
concentrations of military bases and facilities of any
metropolitan area in the world.
I could go on and on about what's in our area but
I'll stop at that.
The Cherry Tree is just starting to pop open and since I took
this picture yesterday I see some blossoms have opened.
Why go see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC when
I can sit on my porch with a nice glass of wine and enjoy
their beauty right here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Witchful Thinking by Blank Quilting Corp.


"Witchful Thinking"
Henry Glass
This is one of the two collections I received from
Jennifer at Jaftex last week.  I received one panel and
a half yard cut of each of the fabrics in this collection.  
The second collection will be posted later.  
It has two panels and a yard cut of each of the blending fabrics.
I pulled several patterns and decided to make the
first quilt pretty simply letting the main panel stand out
[as you can see in the first photo].

Julep and the witch. 

Westie Approved
Here is the second quilt top made from leftover pieces.
The rows need to be pressed then sewn together and
it will be done!  Next up will the second grouping of
Halloween fabric which is glow-in-the-dark fabric.  
On another note ... I'm personally itching for some
Xmas fabric from Jennifer to work with.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Sunday with Family


Not only did we celebrate Easter Sunday with dinner at our house
we also celebrated my mom's birthday which was April 1.

Julep hadn't seen grand mom Dot for months and months so
she spent a lot of time with her.
Here is the final set and decorated dinner table.
Waiting patiently for our guests to arrive.
We had my sister {Debby}, her husband {Bill}, my mom {Dot},
my nephew {Billy} and his girlfriend {Dara].  It was a full house!

I love decorating for dinner parties.

Each guest place setting had a min- bunny, a small Easter basket
with chocolates and a Ball jar filled with homemade Spritz cookies.
These are a family favorite - like forever!
I found this cute kitty at Hobby Lobby and just had to buy it
for Dara [my nephews girlfriend who loves cats and is a vet].
I filled the kitty body with Easter M&M's.
All decorations were found at Hobby Lobby.
It was a very good day but a lot of work.
Wilson did all the cooking and I did all the table
and house decorating.  Of course I was so busy
I forgot to take pictures of everyone except my
mom with her birthday cake.
... on another note ...
Jennifer sent out new batches of fabric for the
month.  Would you believe I received two different
sets of Halloween fabric.  Once I put away the bunnies
then I'll deal with the spooks, pumpkins, and witches!