Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I'm a Bandit Quilter!


My labels arrived earlier than expected [by 3 weeks]
and I'm very very happy with them!
. . . . . 
Let me explain who my newest charity quilting is for
and how I found out about this group.

Several weeks ago I read a small article about the
"Hole in the Wall Gang" and really didn't think much
more about the group.   Then Wilson read another article and
started asking me questions so I pulled up the website
and started to go through it.  Apparently, the Aspen Institute 
[which is not far from where I live] is closing this location
and dividing the property.  It's a gorgeous site with several
beautiful and functional buildings.   Anyway, the "Hole in the
Wall Gang" is getting a portion of this land ... so in going through
their website { } under
"Get Involved" I read they currently give between 800 and 1,000
quilts and pillowcases to the kids that attend the Connecticut 
camp.  When I read this I made contact saying I want to
make quilts and will keep them stored until they open
the doors here next spring.  It took a few days until I received
a reply and was told I was the 1st quilter in Maryland to
contact them [I'm never first in anything!].  
I asked a few minor questions and one of those
questions was regarding labeling the quilts.  
I was told it's up the quilter so I decided to have custom
labels made [pictured above] for my donated
quilts.  Since this order was for 100 labels 
I will commit to making 100 quilts for the kids.
{I have 20 in the works now!}
These children are between 5 and 15 and come in all
sizes with various serious health issues {the website
will explain this in detail}.
I was told there is no special size or specific pattern
to make but it recommended that no quilt be bigger than 
a twin size quilt {which is just perfect for me!}.

If you click on the link I posted above it will explain
what this group is and who the kids and families are that
they help, etc.  It's really a wonderful group.

If any quilter who reads my blog would be interested
in making a quilt for donation I will store them until
next year.  I offered this to my contact as well should
someone contact her directly from the state of Maryland.

Everyone has their own cause to support and right
now this one is mine.  If things are going well next year
then I will probably physically volunteer to do something
at the camp as well.
Wishing you a great 4th of JULY

Sincerely yours,
 Bandit Quilter
Katie Wyatt


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moonbeams and Rainbows


Just a quick post to show you my finished project for
the SIY [Sew It Yourself] challenge.  If you're interested
in learning more about SIY and the variety of simple
things you can sew I added the link below:

The unicorn and rainbow panel is adorable.  I can't
imagine a little girl not loving it.  Heck, I would be
happy keeping this one for myself [but won't].
Receiving only a 1/2 yard cut of this collection I was
limited to what I could do with the panel after
completing my main project.
The French Braid pattern came to mind and
since I only had 4" left of the yellow mulit-colored
star fabric I could only add 1" to the top and
bottom of the braid.  Never the less, it adds
just the right touch and I'm happy.

Countdown to the 4th of July

Monday, June 27, 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Simple Sunday Post With Derby


It's a pretty simple post today ... just Derby & the quilts.

When working on binding the Outreach quilts there was a 
quilt that was really cute and pretty darn simple to make.
I liked the pattern so much {as you can see above}
that I measured it and laid out several at a time to sew.
Derby was kind enough to keep me company during the process.
I also have a new charity I'm making quilts for
which I will share with you at another time but
it involves quilts and pillowcases for sick children.
I've already reached out to the coordinator and was
told I was the first quilter in the state of Maryland
to contact them.  
Have a nice Sunday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Moonbeams and Rainbows" from Henry Glass & Co.

"Moonbeams and Rainbows" 
arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon
and I think it's really really cute.

I was sent 1/2 yard cuts of this collection
{personally I wish it was more}.

This panel was designed to be sewn into a soft reading
 book but I've got other plans for it.

I was so excited by the cuteness I took a photo to post
 on Facebook even before I pressed it.
This month I agreed to provide a sewing project from 
the Jaftex program called SIY or Sew It Yourself.
These projects are designed to encourage new
sewers to sew simple projects.  
We needed to pick a project from the website, provide
pictures of how the project is going along the way
[the picture above is cutting out the blocks
which is Step #1] and then the finished project pictures.
  I picked a quilt pattern which requires 7-1/2" fussy-cut blocks
so I'm off to the unicorn races!

Monday, June 20, 2022



A few days ago I was texting back and forth with granddaughter 
Daisy.  As I walked around the yard checking out the plants
I texted her these pictures.  

Our wildflower bed is now filled with mostly yarrow
and some type of invasive weed coming in from the
meadows.  Our landscaper doesn't know what it is
so he's going to reach out to a few of his friends to
see if he can find out for us.
The daisies are starting to bloom in one section and in
the mixed there are Sweet William and Black Eyed Susan.

I have been sewing a few quilts plus working on Outreach quilt
bindings that Chris dropped off.  The weather has been so wonderful
I've been spending more time outside on the porch then in my
work room.  I know this weather won't last so I'm enjoying
every second while I can.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Pizza & Quilt Batting

Ponzetti's Pizza
Is as good as it gets!
My sister came down last Thursday night and we went
 shopping on Friday morning in Salisbury.  We finished
hitting all the stores on our list just in time for
 lunch at our ultimate favorite pizza joint.
Derby holding my fabric in place.
I ordered a big roll of quilt batting from Walmart for a 
great price plus free shipping.  Another quilter from
another blog posted the link so I just ordered it.
What I didn't realize is it's 120" wide x 30 yards. My
normal order is 90" wide x 30 yards.  I was wondering
why it was so heavy to carry up the steps [33 pounds].  
With this width I can get 3 tops instead of the normal 2.  
So all in all it's worked out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Rock 'N Bowl Collection from Blank Quilting


Wilson and I went outside to take the final pictures
of my Rock 'N Bowl quilt.  I had fun with this
collection but also must admit it was a challenge 
to work with.  I feel the design I came up with
works well with the bright colors and large prints.
There are few retro fabrics like this on the market 
{especially on the sport of bowling}.
Because I didn't want a second quilt I used
the coordinating fabrics to create the back.

Not sure if I'm on the schedule to receive a collection
of newly released fabric from Jaftex at the end of this month.
I have enough projects started [3 to be exact] in my
sewing room to keep me busy.

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Wardroom


Let me introduce you to a not-so-new place in Easton called
The Wardroom.  It's been open for at least a year and this is
the first time we went in to browse around.  This is only
because we had to update our wills and the attorney's 
office is on the same block.
The Wardroom is part of the group called 'Bluepoint Hospitality' and 
is owned by Mr. Moneybags {I won't mention names here but
my local blog readers know who I'm talking about}.
Mr. Moneybags is doing a great job buying old buildings
in Easton and renovating them into specular spots to visit,
dine [and once his waterfront property is developed] stay.
His Italian restaurant named Roma has excellent pizza.
For a small hand crafted pizza {plain} was $16 the
last time I checked.  That's crazy in my opinion. 
Mrs. Moneybags opened a bookstore and it's beautiful.
But I have to ask myself why pay full price when you can 
get the same book on Amazon at a discount?
There are several other places he owns but I won't
go into them now.
Mr. Moneybags does donate to various charities. I just
read an article that he paid for a new squash court building
at the Naval Academy [which he attended] in Annapolis.
Of course the building is named after him.

The one little package of pasta I picked up was $8.00.
Personally, I probably couldn't tell the difference between
that one and the one I get at the grocery store on sale
for $1.00 a box!
Wilson did have a good time looking but of course
we didn't buy a single thing.  The staff didn't seem
overly friendly either.

Everything is meticulously placed.

Wilson pointing at the bourbons.  He hasn't had any
adult beverages since his heart procedure. Next
week he goes back to John Hopkins for a follow-up
post-procedure check.  Maybe he'll get the green light to be
able to enjoy a drink.  That re-check is on Wednesday and
on Friday he has to have a molar extracted which is the
same one I had extracted 3 weeks ago.