Monday, July 13, 2020

National Parks Fabric

 National Parks by Riley Blake Fabrics
This is the National Parks quilt I will be gifting to my primary
care doctor.  It was easy to make but did take some
calculation on sizing the five side blocks.

Six placemats made with yardage with two sets of napkins. 
There was enough leftover yardage from the placemats to make a
simple table runner.  Natural wooden buttons were added for accent.
 I ordered the Rocky Mountain National Park panel for fun.
 During my last trip to JoAnn's I picked up a 20" pillow form.
Since I'm not an expert pillow maker this may stay in
my sewing room and not go with everything else.  We'll see.
I normally don't pay full price for any fabric but this panel
was the exception.  I ordered 5 panels thinking I can make
them for donation to westie rescue auctions.  It's rare
to see a westie on any fabric let alone a panel like this one.
Julep's thought ... it's about time they printed me on fabric!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

A Scrappy Quilt, Napkins & Westie Derby

A scrappy quilt top made using up my box of 4-1/2" squares.
This has already been placed in the pile for Outreach to finish.
This is mindless sewing.
I'm trying to use up my scrap blocks instead of saving them and Outreach
will benefit from my efforts [which is an excellent thing].
Yesterday I pulled my 6" blocks and will start sewing them together
in pairs of two over the weekend.
Derby ... napping under my sewing table.
This set of napkins and the pea pod set below are going to
Sarah [Wilson's daughter] in California.  I ran out of fusible interfacing
for the placemats so I need to make a quick trip to JoAnn's.
Pea Pod Napkins
This was $3.49/yard!
Putting the cart before the horse [so to speak].  This set of
napkins actually goes with the set of national park placemats I'm
mading for my primary care doctor.  I'm still working on the
national park themed quilt for him which I know he will
go nuts over.  He mentioned to me he has a room
full of national park collectables in his home.
I think the a/c guys must have slept in this morning because
they still are not here.  I baked them some cinnamon muffins
as a treat so I hope they get here soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Coast to Coast

Our friends [Stan & Leslie] just started their 11,000 mile journey
across the United States.  When they stop in Maryland in
a few weeks I have this quilt to give them.
Several years ago [as well as several motor coaches ago]
they did a similar trip across the U.S. so they are no
stranger to traveling like this.
This is R.J. who is the official co-pilot.
The other white fur you see in the lower left hand corner is Opie.
This is their brand new motor coach named "The Queen" ... plus
the Jeep & two electric bikes ... basically everything you need for
a trip across the U.S.A.  I personally would have nightmares 
driving something this large [not to mention towing a Jeep]!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Timber Gnomies ... From Henry Glass & Co. ... Test Photo's

14 Stockings are hanging on my tree from the 
collection designed by
Shelly Comiskey of
Simply Shelly Designs
Henry Glass & Co
These are only 'test' photo's and not the ones
I'll be sending into Jennifer to post.

I was trying out the lighting to see if I liked the photo's
better with the tree lights on or off.

Placemat and napkin ... I want to dig around in the attic and pull
a few of my bristle brush trees to add more interest to this photo.

I'm still debating how to display all 8 placemats/napkins
plus the 3 stockings that wouldn't fit on the tree.

Christmas in July ... and there you have it!

Monday, July 6, 2020

The Back Garden & Sunflowers

We still love our little stacked stone wall around our center bed.
Wilson & I are tossing around the idea of having one just
inside our back property line which will help keep
all those weeds and tall grasses out.
Volunteer Sunflower #1
Volunteer Sunflower #2
The plants have grown so big it's time to move and re-plant in the fall.

Wishing you a bright and sunny week ahead.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Timber Gnomies & What I Created With 13 Yards of Fabric

Here is group shot of everything I created with the
fabric collection "Timber Gnomies".
I was sent 13 yards of fabric to play with.
There is a leftover stack of 6-1/2" squares so
I plan on making a simple 'scrappy' quilt.  
. . . What I Created . . .
1 Lap Size Quilt Top
Pattern design was created by me.
. . . What I Created . . .
8 Placemats ... and ... 8 Napkins
14 Christmas Stockings
. . . What I Created . . .
1 Table Runner
That was a lot of sewing!  
I still haven't taken the 'official' photo's yet.
We are having our two new a/c units installed on Wednesday
and Thursday so I will need to remove the pencil Xmas
trees stored in the closet with the a/c unit.   I was thinking
of hanging the stockings on the Xmas tree to see how a photo
would look and then go from there.  I dread the mess not to 
mention having men go in and out of the house with the 
virus still going strong.
Remember Ava from a few posts back?
She was finally given her 'mid-year' birthday present of the
quilt and pillowcases I sent to her grandmother.
She was super-excited to receive them not to mention
she never expected a thing.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tiger Lily, Sunflower & Eastern King Bird

I have two volunteer sunflowers this year which sprung from
the winter bird seed.
The Tiger Lily plant is indeed showing off this year.

Both plants are in the front porch area of the house.
This lily plant is still blooming!

The yellow finches will be picking at this as soon as seed form.
The new dog wood tree planted last fall is struggling.
Mommy Cat Bird has been building a nest and as long as
she doesn't bother me I won't bother her.
Wilson was in his office on a conference call and the
westies couldn't figure out why his door was closed.
A centerpiece I made for the table on the back porch.
There's a new bird in town or at least in our backyard.
I didn't know what it was so I posted this picture in the FB
group for Maryland birds and learned it's an Eastern King Bird.