Sunday, January 15, 2023

Commotion in the Ocean from Blank Quilting


Commotion in the Ocean from Blank Quilting
I'm getting in the mood for our smooth jazz cruise
which departs Ft. Lauderdale next Friday.  My bags are
half packed but there's still a ton of stuff I need to
do ... like leave notes for the pet sitter, take my sewing
machine in for a tune-up, take my computer into the
Apple store [it needs a new battery], pick out a
new iPad [my current one is so old the software wouldn't
even up date so it just died].  I could go on and on .. .. ...
Progress shot for the quilt [below].
It's simply a 9-1/2" square with [2] 5" squares placed
on opposite corners of the block.  The trim away from
the corners I turned into pinwheel blocks.
This turned out so cute I made another just like it.
The pinwheel blocks worked perfectly along the
right side of the panel.

Everything came together so nicely - I'm happy.

I won't have my sewing machine [that could
take up to 3 weeks before servicing] and I 
won't have my computer [service could take 5 days] 
but at least I will have a new iPad to set-up. 
My iPhone will allow me to check e-mails, etc.
so I won't be totally out of touch but I know
time is going to slip right by as I count 
down the days until warmer weather!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I Couldn't Help Myself!


Right after Christmas Hancock of Paducah had a great
sale which I took advantage of.  I ordered two
 of the cat and ocean panels.
I don't remember the last time I ordered fabric on-line
but with a sale like that I couldn't help myself!
All fabric is from the $3.99/$4.99 sale section.  There was another
20% off plus free shipping and no sales tax ... what a deal!

I could have ordered a lot more fabric but I showed some restraint.
I started working with the mermaid and star fish fabric last night.

Smiling starfish.

Most of what I ordered was 2 yard cuts but this fabric I ordered 4 yards.
I don't have much fabric that would work for little boys.
This is my favorite which I think is from Dear Stella.  
I'm so happy I treated myself to a new selection of
fabric ... it was a late Xmas gift to myself, gave
me something to look forward to plus it was good for my soul.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Derby on Batiks


Derby ... I'm not sure what his facial expression means
but I do know one thing ... he's a cutie-pie.
Periodically I go back to my stack of batik fabrics and make
a few more quilts.  I actually see the light at the bottom
of the batik box.  These quilts [I'm thinking] will go to
the teens at the Camp.
This simple quilt is done and I'll complete the rest of the
process after vacation.  There is one more batik quilt on the
floor that will be sewn together over the next few days.

Monday, January 9, 2023

2 Kitty Quilts


This is such an easy and cute pattern I just had
to make two of them.
These will be finished when we get back from vacation. 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Out Back

My morning ritual ... The 3 P's
Feed the Pups
Feed the Peckers
Pick up the Poop
The Blue Jays receive a cup of shell peanuts every morning.
I can hear them squealing even before I'm out of bed.
We have geese!

I'm not sure if this is a military jet or not.
I have a new appreciation of clouds since joining the FB
group called The Cloud Appreciation Society.  Some of
the pictures of cloud formations are simply amazing.
Another group I enjoy is the group A View From My Window.
It's really interesting to see views from around the world.
The doves are waiting for me to throw a cup of seed on the
patio bricks.  The birds have it made ... breakfast every 
morning and a heated bird bath with fresh water.
Geese in the pond ... what a life!
We have many new families in the neighborhood that I can't
keep track.   This gentleman with his dog is one of them.
That's all the pictures from out back.  
Keep warm and take good care.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Huggable & Loveable VII


Here are the soft book panels I converted into quilts
from my last shipment from Jaftex.
I tried several block styles and this is my favorite.

I searched through my fabric stash to look for
blender fabric that would work with the panels.

I suggested to Jennifer that the Brand Ambassadors
be sent a stash of blender fabrics we could use to
enhance collections we receive during the year.

This was the first layout I made -while cute
I liked the top layout much better.

I'm working on getting all these done and put away
prior to our cruise at the end of this month.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Data Point from Studioe


Data Point from Studioe
Jennifer from Jaftex sent me 2 new fabric collections right
before Christmas.  It was a nice surprise!
The second collection is a group of soft book panels
which I'm making into quilts. 
When I receive 'guy fabric' [that's what I consider this to be]
my go to pattern is Ten Cent.
The pattern uses a Layer Cakes [10" squares].

All pictures plus my unboxing video are in DropBox
along with my finished project write-up.  This is the
site Jennifer goes to pull what she needs for social media.

A little trimming is required for this block.

The center panel was used as is - all that was needed was to even
out the top and bottom.  I thought about making this
into another quilt but decided it will be the back for
the Ten Cent quilt.

This is the Ten Cent quilt pattern.  
I won't get this quilted and bound prior to our cruise.
Wilson will reach out and offer this quilt to the guy
who helps him with the Delmarva Review.  Bill does the
the final layout prior to the issue being printed.  He's a real
computer guy as well as a writer.  He teaches an on-line
course at MIT on sci-fi writing so he's over the top
smart.  Bill also has a son so maybe he would like
it for him.
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!