Sunday, July 21, 2019

Woodland Wonder's Fabric Collection

 Just finished sewing with the Woodland Wonder's fabric
collection this afternoon.  I really enjoyed the challenge of
working with line.
The top is finished and it will be made into a quilt soon.
 I didn't know what to do with the yard of wildlife print so I 
made a table runner from a portion of it.

I like the finished runner.

 I started with the center panel and went from there.

 Derby just came in from outside and he's hot.

This is the fabric I made the table runner from.
I pieced it together using 2-1/2"strips of tree fabric.
All the photo's have been sent to Jennifer for
her to post on social media.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

What's Cooking?

 This is what was cooked for our dinner party last night.
It's an Allen Brothers USDA Prime Bone-in Rib Roast.
 We had our next door neighbors as well as another
couple from our 'hood over to share this hunk of meat.
 Changing the photo to take on a vintage look.
 The table setting was simple.   I pulled out out 'big boy'
steak knifes for the occasion.

 Wilson insisted I make popovers for dinner.
I had intentions of taking a photo of the baked popover
but I got extremely busy in the kitchen.
'Dinner favors' for each guest to take home.  
The little watering cans were on sale at Hobby Lobby.  
Each was filled with a mixture of M&M's and Snowcaps.  
 Checking to see if it's done.  Wilson tried a new way of cooking
this hunk of meat which came out perfectly.
 It was yummy!
 Also served with dinner ... 
Mixed garden salad, smashed potato's, the above pictured
 white corn cut off the cob, green beans, popover's, hush
puppies and steak sauce.  Dessert was fresh baked
chocolate chip cookies with a side of ice cream.
 Tuesday night I went upstairs and noticed how hot it
was which is never a good sign.  It must have been
90 degrees in my sewing room because the hall temp
read 85.  So we put in a call to our heating/ac service
company and they came out Wednesday afternoon.
Of course we were told our units are 'going out of date'
and basically parts are no longer available.  We all know
what that means so the guy re-set the unit and showed
Wilson how to do it if it should go out again.  I have
a feeling we will be spending big bucks soon on 
two new units.  There goes my fabric shopping $'s!
 Tamera spotted two fawns in our yard last night.  This is
a first for seeing them actually in our yard.  
 My long camera lens was upstairs so this is the 
best photo I could get.
 From our garden ... the limelight hydrangea with the pink
 flowers from our neighbor's Heidi & Scott. 
 Playing with the filters in my photo editing software.
The candle holders and the bowl the flowers are in
belonged to my mom.  I always loved this set
[especially the candle holders].  I was so happy
she gave them to me when she moved.
We will be staying in for the next several days due to the
extreme heat.  This will give me time to finish up a quilt
top I started with the Woodland Wonder's fabric and plan
the second one with collection.  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Things For Baby: Mini-Crib Sheets, Soft Blocks, Taggies & a Quilt

 As much as I sew and love fabric I had no idea there was such
a thing as a "Baby Bolt" of fabric ... until now!
Crib Sheet #1 for a Mini-crib 
The lady who sends me fabric is expecting her first child [a boy] 
so I thought it would be nice to make her a few crib sheets.  Since
this is something I haven't made I searched Pinterest and realized
there are different size cribs and mattresses.  Thank goodness I didn't
assume she was going to have a standard size crib for Colton
because they have a mini-crib.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  
 Crib Sheet #1

 Crib Sheet #2
This is the fabric from the mini-bolt Jennifer sent.
Colton's room [baby's name] is decorated in a woodland theme.
 Julep wants to know if squirrels and bunnies are
considered woodland creatures.
 Crib sheet #3
 Crib sheet #4
I ordered more of this fabric because it's still on sale
for only $3.99 per yard!
 This panel is part of the new collection I just started to work with.
It's called "Woodland Wonders."
 While I didn't see this panel for a baby quilt I did see
it as soft baby blocks and baby taggies which are 
pictured right below.

 This is the rest of the "Woodland Wonders" collection.
 Since there was leftover fabric from the baby bolt [after making
the mini-crib sheet] I made a baby quilt to match the sheet.
Jennifer also sent me a collection called 'Jot Dot' in fat
quarters.  I chose colors that would compliment the 
woodland fabric and I'm happy with the outcome.
 While the back of the quilt is fabric from the Dear Stella
line at least Jennifer can post photo's of the
front for marketing their line of fabrics.
Leaving you with sweet Julep dreaming of 
running free and chasing woodland creatures.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Loads of Fun Fabric Collection ... Finished Projects

 I just finished working with the fabric collection called
"Loads of Fun" ... here is what I made.

 Table runners or should I said ...
washer and dryer runners.  
 It's amazing how cute the runners look in my laundry room.

 This pattern is called stepping stones and it's
a new one I decided to try.
 Irons and clothespin fabric.
 At first I wasn't crazy about the panel in this collection
but with simple borders I actually fell in love with it.

 Last but not least ... simple blocks with boarder fabric.

I'll be turning these in to Jennifer for her to use
on social media to promote this fabric line.
Next up  ... Woodland Wonders.