Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wilson and Derby take a walk along the driveway

Changing the bed with clean linens can be a challenge

Derby loves sleeping in the bed with us
which means no crate at night

Derby takes a break to rest

We didn't want to wake Derby up last night


  1. Hi Katie: Love seeing your sweet Westies. Found you via Ming's mom. We are getting a 10 week old boy Westie in three days. (We have had two Westies in the past.) I have only trained girl Westies. Do you see a big difference between Julep and Derby? (Darling names BTW)Any tips? We are getting a professional "clicker trainer" and will probably do a puppy kindergarten for socialization. But it's been 15 years since I had such a young one. Would love your insight. BTW We started a blog for our little dude. Visit us at: Hope to hear from you. Kathleen

  2. Hi Kathleen - I just saw your comment and will check your blog site. I would be happy to pass on things I've discovered - if you like - I wish someone would have done that for me. Here is my e-mail: - put in the subject Our westie puppy so I know it's you.

    Happy Holidays - Katie