Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Boredom Sets In

I can always tell when boredom sets in with Julep & Derby.  They make me feel so guilty - yet I don't know why.  With three toy boxes filled to the brim - fresh rawhide chews (from Wholesome Hide) plus going  in and out (at will) onto a fenced deck making the activity of chasing squirrels great exercise ... yet after all this ... it isn't enough.  They are typical terriers ... needing to go somewhere, see someone, and do something far more exciting than stay home!
* * * * *

The sights, sounds and smells of yesterday's walk still linger in their little minds.  Julep & Derby were not happy until the garage door opened ... then they knew I caved into their need to go out!

So ... off we went to do take a walk and do errands in St. Michaels.  Everyone was happy!

Back at home and I've got two westies in need of a nap.  Derby settles on warm towels out of the dryer.

Julep goes to her usual spot in the bedroom and keeps one eye on the yard.

And ... as I put this post to bed ... Derby finds his way to my desk and plops down to finish his nap.  How I hate to wake him ... but ... it's dinner time.

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