Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Derby went to a make-up training class this afternoon without Julep.  Missing his routine after lunch nap he plopped himself under the coffee table to catch a few winks as soon as we got home.  Derby didn't do as well as I had hoped.  This was a private lesson and he was very preoccupied with all the sounds, smells and doggies in the store.  Oh well, that's okay ... my experience tells me that it will 'just click' one day (soon I hope!).

Julep on the other hand didn't care if Derby was home or not.  She had the opportunity to catch up on sleep and be Queen Bee in the house just like pre-Derby.  I know Julep loves Derby but I think she also would have been happy being in a single westie home.  Oh well ... wonder what Julep would do if we added westie #3 ...  just kidding (I think!).

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  1. Westie #3!! Now that could be exciting :)

    Louis escaped out of the door today, and tried to run into the street. Only a neighborhood street, but still. I need to get him to classes ASAP. He needs to learn "stop", "heel" or something to keep him safe!