Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Derby is a Bad Boy!

Yes, Derby You Did!
When you think they're sleeping ... you better check!
Derby threw a temper tantrum (last night) which begs me to quote a line from the Wizard of Oz ...
Don't make me call the flying monkeys ... Derby!
Was mommy mad ... you bet!
. . . .  .
...  With This Mess ... Spring Cleaning Begins ...

This mound doesn't include all the rubber balls and misc. stuff they have scattered around the house.  Our westies have more then they need!


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so glad to know that Louis isn't the only one who is such a bad boy, but I hate that you had to deal with such a mess :(

    I have also realized that Louis also has an afinity for hair bows! While I am in the shower he drages every one out of the basket into the hall. However, thus far he hasn't eaten one....

  2. This made me laugh. And I've been thinking, how does your mommy do it? She's just trained the westie-ness right out of you. But I see that your westieness is still in force, and this makes me feel better about my untrainable westies...
    You are so cute, Derby. OMG I would forgive you anything (as I do with Oz and Lacey, which is why my carpet has more than one pee spot...sadly). Xeni

  3. Derby, you've given your Mum a lot of work there, I think you better go and help her !
    Love, Bella.