Friday, March 19, 2010

It Was A Busy Day ...

Julep looks like a little fairy princess in her rose head dress ... we'll add the rest of the outfit on Saturday!
Derby in his new shirt ... he totally got into wearing it ... he was strutting his stuff around the house!
Australian wine from my parents ... how did they know Bella's package arrived yesterday and that she lives in Australia.
After the excitment ... westie grandparents visiting ... clothes to model ... bottles of nice wine to drink ... and a long walk in beautiful sunshine ... a power nap is in order.


  1. We love your flower pictures Julep!

  2. I can't stop laughing...Julep looks so pretty and yes, Derby looks so bad he is cool!!

  3. Oh, the pink rose head dress is so beautiful. Yes, Julep is just so pretty with it!

  4. We're so glad you're enjoying our little presents; can't wait to see the next photos !
    Mum said she found another koala so you'll have one each. We hope your Mum enjoyed the Aussie wine.
    Love, Bella...