Friday, May 28, 2010

Derby's First Birthday!

Early this morning we found Derby sitting on the deck.  We think he knew it was his 1st birthday and was reflecting back over the past year ... and what special things were in store for today!
Derby's special day treat.
Derby shared his birthday cookie (with a blue candle) with Julep ... but what is Derby's birthday present?
It's impossible to wrap, yet something everyone will love ...
Derby's present is . . . a fall vacation in the Outer Banks!
Derby was so surprised he give us big westie woofs, kisses & licks!
So ... after the festivities ... it was time for a Birthday Bath!
Ms. Julep ... couldn't be left out - here she is fresh from a bath!
The Birthday Boy ... smellin' good, lookin' good!
... Happy 1st Birthday Dear Derby ...
Love, Mom Katie, Dad Wilson & Sister Julep

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