Saturday, June 12, 2010

Derby Waits For Our Boat

Derby is waiting for our boat to be delivered.  I'm not sure if he'll remember it from last year.
Here is the Katie-Cat coming home for the summer.
Mike takes our boat in the fall and gets it back in shape for us in the spring, then brings it from his marina across the bay.  Everything was going as planned ~ perfect weather on the bay ~ on time to our dock ~ getting her settled on the boat life ... then something interesting happened.  While the guys were on the boat & the girls & westies were on the dock ... a loud splash of water shocked us and the aft of the boat was back in the water ... the boat lift bolts snapped off which meant we had 'live' electric in the water!   After turning off the electric the guys had to manually let down the bow of the boat lift by hand which was a lot of work.  So, in closing, nothing goes as planned and as they say ... boat is hole that you throw money in!

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  1. It was nice to get to know you and your westie family when we delivered the boat. The lift episode was a little frightening but very proud of our guys! Julep and Derby sure to steal you heart! Sounds like it's time they get a ride on their boat!