Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Been One Heck of a Monday!

This morning started out great ... then I was off to the dentist to have a tooth looked at due to pain.  Diagnosis ... possibly a hair line fracture which is impossible to see on any type of x-ray.
I'm sad ... but can deal with it.
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When I arrived home there was the normal westie excitement and acting like they haven't seen me in years.  Somehow, someway, someplace Derby tore his dewclaw.  Will spare you the details, but it was post-hast to the vets to have it cleaned and bandaged.
It's been a stressful day around the homestead.  Hopefully, Derby will heal quickly and not bite at his little bandage ... but just in case, we were sent home with the dreaded 'cone' ... YIKES!  As for me, I've been down this dental road before ...

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