Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attention: Julep Speaking

Okay, Julep (and Derby's) feelings have been a little hurt.
It's been a few days since I posted photo's of them on the blog.
So in Julep's gentle way, she reminded me it's time to given them attention!
Derby in (100%) agreement with Julep about the photo situation on the blog.
Derby ... looking way to serious for a westie his age!
An early evening walk in town.
Derby does a 'meet and greet' ... look at that boy stretch!
Walking in the heat (with all that fur) takes a lot out of a westie!
. . .
Along the way we saw ...
. . .
Then it was on to Flying Fred's to see what's new
Cute sweaters for cool days
I think Julep needs this one.
Maybe this one also!
What a selection of collars & leashes.
It's impossible to know how to begin narrowing down favorites!
Boats, Crabs, Fish ... Oh, My!
Flying Fred's . Gifts for Pets
Christine at Flying Fred's
Can help you if you see something you just have to have! 

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