Monday, August 16, 2010

Bandannas for Rescued Paws: New Fabrics!

Derby decided to take a nap next to the foot pedal of my sewing machine.
He woke up when I 'pressed' on him instead of the pedal.
Sewing away ... oh, what happy days!
The second group of
... Bandannas for Rescued Paws ...
I love Halloween fabric, it makes such cute bandannas.
Will have to have Julep model this one when it's finished.
I actually don't know how many bandannas I have in this stack.
The next step is to press the seams flat ... then it's off to my sister Debby who is an expert at sewing the top stitching nice and straight.  They then come back to me for the Velcro.  The final step is to package them up and mail to rescues and shelters to sell or use on pets going to their forever home.
. . .
It's a lot of work and lot of time -- but worth every second to help those in need.

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  1. Do you have a facebook page? there are several Westie Rescue groups listed, as well as tons of Westie lovers, myself included, who would probably love to see your work and either sell or buy.