Monday, August 23, 2010

Derby Is Groomed and I Play With 3 Westie Puppies

Today was grooming day for Mr. Derby.
He is a handsome little guy if I have to say so myself!
A quick photo of Derby.
.. ^^  ..  ^^  ..  ^^  ..
While Derby was on the grooming table at Ms. Gwen's I had the opportunity to play with three male westie puppies (one has already left the litter & is it's forever home).  Between us, I was really tempted to sneak one in my purse to add to our family ... but ... reality set in (and for now) we'll just have to enjoy play visits!
Three Westie Boys
Which one would you pick?
So much play ... now on to nap time!
The End
Julep is scheduled to be groomed on Thursday ... more puppy photo's then.

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