Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Night Out Without The Westies!

We left the westies home to attend a reception honoring the new chef at Pascal's Restaurant and Tavern located in the Harbour Inn & Marina.
The sampling of food and presentation was awesome!
Wilson and I enjoyed a glass of welcome champagne, then we went directly to the reds.
Those who know me ... know I have a big sweet tooth.
I totally missed taking pictures of all the food stations!
Brightly colored sugar sticks for coffee ... talk about sugar-shock!
Who wants to use these to stir coffee ... would it be crass to just eat the chocolate off the spoon?
We met David Hayes (Executive Chef) his first night cooking in the restaurant.  He's a great guy and a very talented chef.  We look forward to his creative cuisine.
The parking lot was packed so we parked by the work boats.

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  1. I'm getting hungry just reading this post! Those cupcakes look delish! And the chocolate and the sugar stucks. Mmmmm....