Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

Thanks to Chef Wilson for making such an impressive and excellent dinner.
Julep and Derby had to try a little turkey to make sure it was fit for our guests. 
Basting the Butterball Turkey.  Wilson covers the top of the turkey with strips of bacon so it doesn't dry out.
. . .
Julep was very good.  She took her spot on the back of the sofa looking cute. 
Julep loves Uncle Cary ... we're glad he didn't have to fly his plane tonight and could join us for dinner. 

The Halloween poppers were filled with little rubber bugs.
Bob is trying to create a new fashion trend in sweaters!
Julep wants turkey and she wants it NOW
Derby waiting for anything that drops! 
Fall arrangement greet our guest. 
Our patio table looked so empty I quickly made this for the center.  I had candles around the arrangement and lite them at dusk.
. . .
Halloween is gone for another year, now we move on to Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow! What a party - I bet everyone had fun!


  2. What a feast you had! J & D are so excited about that turkey, aren't they? I just adore their festive bandannas too! Louis wore his black one with the white paw prints you sent him :) He liked it much better than that awful bumble bee costume I made him wear to day care!