Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend
. * . and . * .
Countdown to Vacation Time
Duck . . . Here We Come!

Before we head off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for two weeks ... it was such a beautiful day I took the westies for another walk around town.  Here are a few photo's I managed to snap.  It's so much more difficult to take photo's while walking two dogs, then when I just had Ms. Julep.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one barkin' bit!

The entrance to the Perry Cabin is decorated ... which makes me wonder what the inside looks like.  We'll have to go for lunch when we get back.  Eating in the bar/lounge area were there are leather sofa's & tables is a good way not to spend a fortune! 
Looking out onto the Miles River. 
The marinia crew were busy today with boaters arriving for a weekend of dining, shopping, and just plain hanging out in St. Michaels. 
Another mega-yacht docked for the weekend.  We passed one of the owners who was a very well dressed lady with her little LV purse tucked under her arm with one of 'the crew' walking at just the right pace behind her ... she said in passing ... very cute dogs!  Hey Ms. Yacht lady ... these are not just dogs, they are WESTIES - very special WESTIES indeed! 
Derby found this spot particularly intriguing in the smell department.  Julep gave it a once over and wanted to move on! 
Should I let out a little secret?  This is the ultimate favorite place that Julep & Derby love to come when we walk in town.   
This 'Dog Food' container was outside one of the stores and for a moment I was tempted to buy it ... but then thought ... Derby would figure out how to open the lid and proceed to eat every piece of kibble in there!

The town is now decorated for Halloween.  Julep & Derby love to go and sniff the corn stalks.  Wonder why?  In any event, the signs are also up for the Jack Russell Races at the Perry Cabin on Sunday, October 24 ... which we will miss.

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