Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outer Banks - Thursday Morning By The Pool

No rain this morning, but it's on the way. 
The back of the house with fenced in swimming pool.
The water is ice cold & to heat the pool would cost an additional $400.00 ...  No thanks! 
On the ground level (next to the house) is a nice size Jacuzzi.  We haven't used it simply because we don't even use the one we have at home! 
Another great feature of this house is we can let the westies run 'off-leash' in the pool area. 

Running & playing after breakfast. 
My computer is at the opposite end of this room ... Wilson & AJ are enjoying a cup of Starbucks & discussing a book they just finished reading.  The westies are on the front porch barking at two dogs (off leash) running down the street with owners following.  They are going to the beach for a walk.  Derby & Julep officially woke up the neighborhood.
. . . Life Is Good . . .


  1. We were on the OBX first of the month when the ferries were closed on Hatteras. Don't know when we'll get back...

  2. Did the westies go for a swim?