Monday, October 11, 2010

A Quite Day in Duck

Julep & Derby just love to be on the front porch.  When not napping in the sun they keep an eye on the 'hood' ... last night we saw two beautiful fox and the westies notified the entire street of their presence. 
Sunrise ... Monday
The westies needed a walk early this morning.  This photo was taken from our front porch. 
This deck is to big to enclose (for the westies pleasure) plus there are steps that lead down to an open yard.  Another great thing about this house is the vast amount of deck space. 
After our morning walk, after breakfast, after watching and securing the 'hood'. 
We have a great wireless signal.  Wilson takes his laptop outside, checks e-mails while drinking his morning Starbucks ... while the westies take a nap.

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