Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping Day Without The Westies!

Today I left the westies at home with Daddy Wilson while I made my escape to another little shopping center in Duck.  This is the entrance to our street and  within an easy walk to the Sunset Bar & Grill.   
This super-long dock belongs to the 'Grill'.  You can enjoy your beverage (of choice) while watching the sunset over the Sound. 
... Onto Shopping ...
I've sorta become very good at sneaking photo's in stores.  Sometimes I ask permissions, but most times I don't! 
This store was closed and I really wanted to go in.  I'll check back over the weekend. 
I love Fall and Halloween! 
Spotted this sign & water-color paintings in a pet store. 
By the way -..- I agree with the sign above! 

I didn't get the memo that everyone staying in Duck must wear this ducky sleep ware - the necklace (from what I understand) is optional! 
Loved the colors - this is just something fun! 
I've never seen pictures created with buttons ... now I know were all the old buttons go! 
No explanation needed!

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  1. Those westies in the boat are too fabulous! And the t-shirt...hehehe. You always find the most glorious things on your shopping adventures.