Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stormy Thursday Afternoon

The westies stayed home due to the approaching storm.  Normally, we would sit on the front porch and have lunch.
In case you wondered!
. . . 
Across from the Deli is Tommy's Market.  While Wilson was busy getting 'essentials' I took photo's of items I don't see at home. 
I like the package design -- simple, yet festive. 
Perfect for making a Ginger-tini
Unusual soda favors. 
I would rather have my Key Lime in a pie! 
This sounds delicious & was on sale for $5.50 (from $10.50).  Who would pay that for a cake mix? 
Package design creates = impulse buying. 

. . .
Back at home ... the rain continues. 


  1. I am so envious of your trip to Duck...even with the rain :) The shopping. The food. The smell. It's all just wonderful.

    It's raining here in Smalltown, VA as well :( Here's to hoping the sun fights it way to the surface SOON!

  2. I like when you mentioned pretty packaging creates impulse buying. That is so true. We had torrential rains and cold as well. Your westies are so cute!

    Sir Salty and Candylei