Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning With Wilson and Westies!

Enjoying this beautiful sunny Sunday morning by the pool. 
Derby didn't want to leave the pool ... so Wilson had to carry him.  Our boy can be a little stubborn at times, but then I understand all terriers can be like that. 
Walking along our road there are a lot of these little 'burr' things that get stuck in the westies fur.  We have to be careful when we need to get them out because those little stickers can get stuck in our fingers ... O-U-C-H! 
Our house is located on the ocean side and we see the most beautiful sunrises.  In the evening we have a nice view of the setting sun which is on the sound side. 
This is a big house and am enjoying every second (especially the mid-stay cleaning service).  One the side (just beyond Wilson) is a volley ball court.  They have a basket of different balls in the basement.  There is even a 'hoop' out front in the driveway.

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