Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrating Wilson's Birthday!

..  .. Wilson's Birthday ..  ..
To celebrate this special occasion I took Wilson to lunch at The Inn at Perry Cabin.  Since I arrived before him I had time to take some photo's to share with you.  The Inn is a beautiful place in any season and we're fortunate to have it so close to us.  
Happy Birthday .. .. darling husband! 
Let's start at the beginning.  The main entrance to the Inn. 
A gingerbread village greets visitors in the reception area.
A small lounge area on the way to the formal dining room.  We wanted to eat in the bar but it didn't open until 3pm, so we enjoyed the main dining room instead. 
Fresh flowers arranged to perfection are everywhere you turn. 
This large working fireplace is in the second section of the main dining room.  We made the mistake of asking to be seated next to it once ... it was more that toasty!
All the hallways have interesting items on display. 
Christmas trees ... oh, so many decorated trees! 

Sconces along the hallway were decorated. 
There are several reading/relaxing rooms.  Each had it's own tree decorated to compliment the furniture and color of the room. 
A view of the Miles River.  In nice weather the patio is open for outside dining.  Julep & Derby have gone to lunch and had the royal treatment with lots of attention. 
The fireplace in the reception area. 
A nice warm fire in one of the reading rooms. 
Reading room off the main lobby. 
The view we had while enjoying lunch. 
The Birthday Boy! 
Simple, Classy, Delectable! 
We're having a good time! 
The Christmas tree outside the main dining room doors. 
We promised to have lunch at The Inn more often.  The food and service was excellent. 

Steps leading up to the guest rooms. 
Reading room overlooking the Miles River. 

After lunch drink anyone? 
Yet another reading room with another Christmas tree!

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