Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning & All Through The House

Our Christmas morning started with hot croissants (the rising process started before we went to bed last night), Christmas music, tiny snowflakes falling outside, piles of gifts and westies excited with all the activity (maybe not so much the activity but the attempts to steal our croissants with butter and jam). 
~.~ Derby ~.~
Playing with one of the three stuffed squirrels from Aunt Debby. 
Did someone say squirrel? 
The excitement lasted for a short time. 
~.~ Julep & Derby ~.~
~ Black & White ~ 
Julep takes command of the living room. 
The new book by Cesar (from Wilson).
Does he think our westies really need this?
The 2010 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake
(not shown - the 2010 angel I also received)
The 'B ~ I ~ G' present under the tree ... a total shock. 
Wilson set up my new camera.
I'll view the DVD to learn all the bells and whistles tomorrow! 
Wine Corks .~.~. one of the many, many gifts from friends Liza & Harry.  
A few of the packages from Liza & Harry.
Liza always picks the most beautiful paper and ribbon.

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