Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday House Tour

Every year 'Christmas in St. Michaels' offers a house tour.  There are a variety of 'in-town' homes within easy walking distance of one another.  There are also 'country-homes' you can visit via shuttle bus.  As a hostess volunteer, this is the house I was assigned. 
.. .. .. The Story of House & Owner .. .. ..
The owners (Patrick & Kathy) are avid sailors who discovered St. Michaels from the Bay in 1997.  Built on one of the few vacant lots still left in town, construction was completed in 2008.  Patrick & Kathy's desire was to design and built their retirement home to 'fit in' the neighborhood as well as keep the historical feel of St. Michaels.  The wrap around front porch is a nice place to relax and watch the watermen and pleasure boats come and go.  I'm not sure if Patrick & Kathy 'named' their home, but I think a good name would be .. Finnigan's Find ..
.. .. .. Sailboat draped in garland .. .. .. 
.. .. .. Greens welcome visitors on the door .. .. .. 
Red twig dogwood, a mixture of greens, cranberries & candles are on both sides of the front door
.. .. .. Bows of greens & pine cones decorate the decks .. .. .. 
.. .. .. Santa Claus, Kathy (owner), Mrs. Claus .. .. ..
Patrick & Kathy are the nicest folks you ever want to meet.  I had much fun chatting with them through the day.  They were happy to answer any question posed to them by visitors.  Kathy baked over 600 chocolate chip cookies and had them on plates in the kitchen.  There were bowls brimming with candy canes for visitors to take.  What hospitality!
.. .. .. Mala & Katie .. .. ..
Standing in front of the fireplace before our shift.  I admit I fell in love with this house.  The layout and flow was well thought out, the decorating was perfect, the color choices are warm and inviting ... this is a home friends will love to visit and linger at.
.. .. .. The harbor as seen from the house .. .. .. 
I didn't think it was cold enough to form ice the harbour. 

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