Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Snowing Tiny Flakes

.. This morning before it really started to snow ..
As you can tell the westies are not happy about all this snow we're in the process of getting.  Snow impedes play time on the deck and with the squirrels hunkered down there is nothing to chase.  As a rule tiny snowflakes are the worse kind which (in my opinion) means a large accumulation of the white stuff. 
Julep knows it's a good day for catching up on sleep. 
Derby is mad because I won't let him out AGAIN. 

Hey Derby ... even the squirrels are snuggled in their nests.
~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~
~~..~~ Christmas Day Dinner ~~..~~
.. ~ .. At The Home Of .. ~ ..
~..~ Laura & Cary ~..
We are blessed to have great friends.
Wilson & I received the gift of westie travel cups from Laura & Cary. 
We received a special invitation to join Laura & Cary (& their families) for a traditional Christmas Day dinner.  Laura is a writer and scattered holiday themed books around the center of the table.  What a cool idea (note to self ... must remember this idea for our next party!). 
~~.~~ Laura ~~.~~
Is very creative in decorating her home. 
~~.~~ Laura's Mom & Jose ~~.~~ 

~~.~~ Dessert ~~.~~

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