Thursday, January 27, 2011

AIR Buddies a Disney Movie

The AIR Buddies movie was a Christmas gift from Aunt Debby. 
Julep watches very intently and tries to talk to the dogs in the movie. 
I didn't know Derby could stand like this so easily (which I find amazing). He went nuts trying to get to the dogs on the screen. 
The excitement of this movie may have been a little much.
Derby tries (yet again) to get at the television. 
I love ... when I can capture something as cute as this. 

Julep is barking, Derby is whining, and we're laughing at the westies.  A good movie plus great entertainment for the westies!  I'm glad we saved this until now because the westies need to get out all the extra energy they had stored up due to the rainy weather and me not feeling well.

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  1. Oh goodness! We will definitely have to order this on Netflix. Louis reacted very similarly over Snow Buddies, the Christmas movie, and I laughed the entire time. I just know he would like this too!