Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Celestial Couple"

My favorite piece of art. 
I love the detail and the rich shades of gold. 
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Art Around Our Home
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An artist from the U.S.S.R., Martiros Manoukian was born in Erwan, Soviet Armenia in 1947.  His life as a serious artist began at the age of 12.  Full of energy and the desire for self-expression, Martiros was already quite the individual, rebelling against the status quo, conformity, and anything "collective" in character. Martiros' unusually advanced artistic ability enabled him to enter the Academy of Art in Yerevan in 1967, directly from high school. On those rare occasions when Martiros does speak about art, his thoughts are a delight to hear: "My style is life, and I like life very much. Martiros' motif is beauty; the serenade, music are my life motif, I enjoy mixing media because art is freedom, my feelings, my victory, I do not actually know what I feel when I paint; I just paint my mood, a feeling that camera's eye cannot catch, some special, subtle angle that perhaps others would not see." His colors combine mood and movement -- key elements of his work. Some works by Martiros reflect something of antiquity in his homeland, reflections of centuries-old icons of Russian Orthodoxy. Others express contemporary images. All in one way or another, celebrate love of life and freedom.

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