Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming of Treats

This is the usual sight in the evening when we watch TV. 
Taken from the upstairs loft.  By the way, the ceiling fan is as large as it looks!
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Art Around Our Home
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Ty Wilson
When Ty Wilson presented his brother’s drawing of a blue bird as his own in kindergarten, his teacher was so impressed that she asked him to draw another one while the class looked on. Armed with a blue crayola, Ty stared at a blank sheet of white paper for several long, silent minutes before vowing two things: he would never lie again and he would learn how to draw.

And draw he did, the publication of two lithographs by Ty Wilson in 1987 vaulted him to super stardom. “Rhythm” and “Embrace” were both published by Bruce McGaw Graphics, which used new gold- and silver-foil stamping and embossing techniques to render his bold, romantic imagery. The posters were instant hits and quickly spawned a spin-off poster series that turned Ty Wilson into one of the best-selling artists in America, as well as a the top selling African-American poster artist of the 1990’s.

He is a motivational speaker on the subject of “Art and the Business of Art”. He’s lectured at the Parson’s School of Design, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, The Maryland College of Art and Design, The University of Maryland and The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and teaches “Fashion Illustration and Beyond” at The Kansas City Art Institute. 

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