Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Visitors

Leslie & Stan are dear friends.  They are the ones who introduced me to westies when they got their westie puppy named Rocky.  That was ten years ago.
Stan did major research on various breeds and decided a westie was the right fit.  Now they have three westies running around the house ... Rocky, Murphy & (the latest is a rescue named) Opie. 
This morning the three westies are being groomed in Easton (which is not far from us), so Stan & Leslie came over for freshly baked croissants and Starbucks coffee.  It was nice to catch up and this was the first time Stan met Derby. 
{ .. Derby .. }
A casual morning with good friends and happy westies ... what more could you ask for? 
Leslie & Stan came with a bag of goodies for us and the westies!  I can't wait to make dog biscuits in the paw-print heart pan and use the new measuring spoons.
Julep & Derby sampled the old fashioned apple pie.
These are great since they are free of wheat and corn.

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