Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Little Helpers{?}

It's time to take down the holiday decorations and pack them away.
Derby just had to investigate what I was putting in the box.  Saying 'leave it', didn't work. 
Does Derby really think he's going to get away with sneaking this out of the box? 
Placed back in the box only to be taken out again by Derby.
When a westie 'is fixed' on something, it's hard to deter them. 
Julep is uninterested in the process of taking down the tree and the box of decorations on the floor. 
Resting westies or westies wondering what to get into next.
So, we go from resting westies to play time westies (under my feet) while trying to pack things away.  No wonder it takes me twice as long to do things (simply because I have to capture this cuteness with my new Nikon D3100 camera). 
Derby is trying his best to get Julep to play. 
Or is he giving Julep kisses on her neck?


  1. We didn't get much up this year, due to Mom having to look after Grandma. Our tree is still up - and Dad is making noises about removing it soon.... We are sure Monty will be more than pleased to take it down.


  2. I just want to pick Derby up and give him a BIG snuggle. He is so mischevious and precious :)

    I think Derby is telling Julep his latest plan to get your attention! Now, will Julep play long this time? Hmmm....