Saturday, February 26, 2011

BAY to OCEAN Writers Conference - No Westies Allowed!

After a year of planning the day finally arrived for the BTO Conference.  The westies couldn't figure out why we were up so early and why they didn't have breakfast before we had to leave.
Wilson {the Conference Coordinator} put in many hours of planning to make the 14th Annual BTO Conference the best possible.  Sold-out {two weeks prior} the registered attendees were 215.  The building reserved this year could not handle any more!  
I coordinate the volunteers for the stuffing of the tote bags with magazines, conference brochure and various other free items for registered attendees.
The program is broken into sessions with a 15 minute break in-between.  There is no pre-registering for classes required so attendees can decide on the spot.  
Some of the classes offered .... Marketing Your Book, Screenplay Adaptation, Personal Essay, Craft Aspects of Fiction, Memoir and Novels, Writing for Children, Elements of Fiction, Future of Journalism, Polishing Your Work, Blogging & Making Money Online, Writing for Business and Nonprofits, Line Breaks in Poetry, Fabulous Openings, Print on Demand Publishing, Viral Networking - Social Media for Writers ... ... just to name a few!
Laura and I at the registration desk.
Laura designed the program which is shown in the first photo with Derby.  The sunrise cover photo was taken by Wilson.
Laura also designed the canvas tote bags.  This year Wilson added a Bay to Ocean Writers logo pen for all attendees.

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