Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Birthday Celebration

Everyone had fun celebrating Debby's birthday at our parent's home in Baltimore.
We had carry-out Italian from a local restaurant called 'Vinny's' ... the home of the 30" pizza pie ... if only I had my camera to take a photo of that pie!
Cupcakes & Cake ... when you can't decide what to get.
Julep gives Aunt Debby a birthday kiss ... then goes to Uncle Bill to say hello.  
Julep is not shy ... she made herself comfortable on the front room sofa.
The westies are the center of attention ... did you have any doubt!
Derby explored the entire house ... he's not shy either!
Julep wants to look out the front door ... she also wants to go out and sniff the 'hood.

Derby with Fringe
Singing Happy Birthday to Debby.  Derby helps blow out the candles.
Wilson & Derby
 Treat time from Grand Daddy Charlie.
Debby is showing me her new iPad ...
Julep is taking a nap & Derby is wondering what he can get into next.
Sir Derby ... in all his cuteness!

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