Friday, February 18, 2011

Frantic Friday!

We're calling today ... Frantic Friday!
It's been crazy since the moment I got up
... or should I say ...
the moment the westies woke me up!
It actually all started last night.  I decided to make cookies to take with us when we go to Baltimore to celebrate my sisters birthday.  Wait ... let me back-up a minute with this story ... as a tradition (with my sister) part of her birthday gift is a batch of almond spritz cookies which she loves.  Technically speaking, I couldn't walk into my parents home without having something for them (actually, my father to be more specific).   So, for that reason, I made two new cookie recipes - a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie & a spicy oatmeal raisin molasses pecan cookie.  Sorry, no photo's since I was a baking fool all day!
While baking I was multi-tasking ... I cut the fabric and made these bandannas for a westie rescue group in Los Angeles.  This group is in a special walk next weekend and wanted to make their westies look super-cool ... so I whipped these up ... and ran them to the post office just in time to make mail pick-up this this evening.
In all the craziness I had a moment of inspiration ... I glued one of the glitter felt westies I cut out several weeks ago to the bandanna then cut a tiny, tiny piece of fabric in the shape of a bandanna and glued it on the felt westie.  Now, how cute is that!
These were done except for adding the Velcro to the ends.  I'm now using complimentary fabrics for each side so you have two bandannas in one!
So ... as the sun sets in the west ... Julep is miffed since I promised her a walk that didn't happen.  Derby was running the deck like a little mad man westie barking at what I haven't a clue and Wilson is picking up an all-meat pizza for dinner!
~ ~ Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend ~ ~


  1. Sounds like you had a real busy day. Those Bandannas are real cute. Clever!! Have a great weekend!

  2. My goodness! You did have a busy day :) That birthday card for your sister is absolutely adorable, and so are the bandannas!

    I hope that Julep forgave you. I have a strong suspicion that she did :)