Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From My Valentine's Day Sweetheart

A beautiful & classy Valentine Day card from my love, Wilson.
Little did I know that Wilson went by the Swarovski store to do a little Valentine's Day shopping.  I love this butterfly necklace and matching flower earrings.
Thank you ... Wilson ... my forever always sweetheart!

.. ... .. ... ..

Noisette Butterfly Pendant

This must-have pendant captures the grace and beauty of a butterfly.

 Sparkling in a stunning gradation of pastel coloured Pointiage®, it adds a fresh, summery note to any outfit. The pendant comes on a long gold-plated chain embellished with crystal beads.


  1. Well my goodness!! You sure did have a great Valentine this year :) (and every year...I know...hahaha)

    Louis very much enjoyed his "woof" heart from you, J&D so much. I didn't buy him a thing!! I took some pictures to share tomorrow for Westie Wednesday of him playing with it, and also wearing his red bandanna with white paw prints on it for Valentines Day :)

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