Friday, February 11, 2011

Hopelessly Addicted To Cute Fabric!

Julep said ... hey Derby-lious ... I just had a bath ... so stop sniffing me
!..!  Hopelessly Addicted  !..!
Yes, you could say that I am hopelessly addicted to finding {and buying} cute fabric at JoAnn's.  These are my new purchases today ... one yard of each.  Talking with my sister {this evening} she said she also went by a JoAnn's store after work and purchased some more fabric ... {which I can't wait to see.}  We're both going to be busy making bandannas this weekend!
... Bandannas For Rescued Paws ...
{copyright 2010}
I noticed {or should I say the light bulb went on} that most of my fabric selections have been 'girl-related' ... so I decided to make an effort to balance out the bandanna supply with some 'boy-related' fabric.  Now I wonder just what the percentage of girls vs. boys the rescue groups take in.


  1. Derby and Julep look so sparkly white! what do you use to keep them like that? We use and Aloe Vera and Oatmeal concoction for Fred as his skin is a little sensitive, but somehow he still looks like a real reprobate! LOL Is there a link to be able to buy your Bandannas For Rescued Paws? Jo Anne x

  2. That picture of Derby sniffing Julep is classic!

    Hope you, Wilson & the westies are having a wonderful Valentines Day!

    T & Louis