Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Smattering of Ice & A Sprinkle of Snow

Once again the major snow accumulation predicated for our area passed us by.
The westies went wild playing in the ice/snow mixture on the deck.
A morning of races on the deck.
... Neck ... & ... Neck ...

Great exercise before breakfast.
Look at this boy fly through the air!

Fortunate is an excellent word to describe our winter here on the eastern shore ... but deep down I wish we would have one nice snow before spring.  This gave me the urge to browse through our photo's of Alaska.  We took Celebrity Cruise Lines southbound voyage starting in Anchorage, AK through the Inside Passage ending in Vancouver, BC.  
Here are a sample {of my favorites} out of the 1,000+ photo's we have.
Alaska ... a place that makes you feel small against the wilderness.
Glacier ... beautiful blue ice!
The tail of a big whale!

Inside Passage ... talk about being isolated!
We booked a tour/train ride ... and {in case you're wondering} it was a long way down!

... Moose ...


  1. The doggies really seem to love playing in the snow. Those photos from Alaska are beautiful!!

  2. Wow...those photos of Alaska are something!

    And teh westies, running on the deck = priceless!