Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Westminster ... We Were Watching

Julep & Derby are poised to watch Westminster.
 With paws crossed that are hoping the westie wins big this year.
The attention getting Westminster commercial breaks.
Julep & Derby met Charmin last year at Goodspice Kennel.
Since Julep & Derby didn't know the westie that took 4th place ... interest was lost.

From the sofa to the floor ... Derby finally finds his comfortable spot for the rest of the night.  A little belly rub session puts him a deep sleep until Westminster is over and it's time to go to the big bed.


  1. Louis did not take his eyes off the TV all evening long. So precious. What did you think about that westie that won 4th? I haven't watched the video of all of them yet, but I dare say...I believe I've seen nicer looking westies. Then again, I'm on WKC judge ;)

    I love that picture of D asleep, but with one little eye somewhat open. hahaha..

  2. I meant...I'm NO WKC judge...

  3. We always root for the Golden's - but cheer every dog on!