Friday, March 18, 2011

A Beautiful Friday

The westies took their morning nap out on the deck to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
 So ... while they were napping ... I took a few flower photo's from plants around the yard.

 It was just to beautiful to stay home ... so with westies and husband in car ... we went into St. Michaels to walk around and take photo's.
 Derby plays 'twister' with Wilson.
 Julep walks the docks in St. Michaels like she owns them!

 Our new restaurant which will be opening up on Talbot Street ... we had the pleasure of meeting the chef and his girlfriend, Jess.
 Just had to stop by the Village Shop for a peak at their flowers.

 I like all this ... but didn't have time to go in and see what was on the inside ... maybe next time!


  1. Looks like the perfect day to me. It's starting to warm up here but still no flowers or much green to look at.

  2. Such a beautiful day and great looking pups!

  3. You met Jess & Chad! Aren't they lovely? We are going to miss them down here :)

    One of these days I'm going to get up to St. Michaels and take Louis for a walk on the docks! I may need to put on his life vest though. He's not very familiar with water.