Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Been Busy Sewing ... Again!

With the torrential rain & wind on Thurday I had plenty of time to finish more 
'Bandannas for Rescued Paws'
{copyright 2010}
The westies were ... bored ... bored ... bored
This is the fabric my good friend {JoAnn} found and donated to the cause.
Velcro attached ... they are ready to be mailed to the rescues.
The grooming table has many uses.
. .  . .  . . 
New Fabric Purchased Today
{Am I An Addict?}
You can't see the sparkles on the pink/green fabric ... but trust me, this fabric is pretty cool looking!
Birthday bandannas ... for fun.
The center fabric has sparkle accents ... can you tell I like sparkle?
This combination of bandanna fabric will be used for the Whine N Westies event in May.  Now that I have green grapes, I'm still looking for grape grapes to go with the fabric below.


  1. Look at all those pretty fabrics. I bet the ones with sparkles are awesome. Too bad sparkles don't show up in pictures :)

  2. I know this rain was supposedly "needed", but the westie in this neck of the woods is TIRED of it. Thank goodness for a lovely weekend :)

    You find the cutest fabrics!!