Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leaving Julep in Charge

Don't worry Mommy Katie ... I'll keep the boy in line while you're gone.
.. ... ..
Last night we dined at Brasserie BRIGHTWELL in Easton ... so Julep was charge.
 This was our second time there and the food was as good as the first!
 Go to should you like look at their menu.  We were told the new spring menu will take the place of the winter menu soon.
 Laura & Cary were waiting for us at the bar.  Brasserie BRIGHTWELL has some interesting and creative cocktails on their menu. 
 One thing I simply love about this restaurant is the large windows.  If you go back up to the collage of photo's you will notice the super-large glass doors in the dining room.  From what I was told this use to be a gas station and in designing the restaurant they decided to keep the service bay doors in place.  The cool thing is the bay doors are still in working order.   When opened they blend the inside dining room with the outside patio which has round tables with umbrella's in the center.  I can see this will be a very popular spot during good weather.
 Back at home Wilson gives the westies much needed attention.
 Our welcome home greeting of happy wagging tails moved very quickly into play time.
 Derby doing his twist and turn on his back ... that boy can move!

Julep posturing to play ... Derby in a safe place.
All in all it was a wonderful evening ...
great meal, good friends and loving westies ... what more could you possibly ask for!

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  1. That looks like a great place to eat. Seems Julep did an excellent job of taking care of things while you were gone