Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleep Habits of Westies

West Highland White Terriers, like many breeds, need more sleep than humans in order to stay healthy. 
Over a period of twenty-four hours, these energetic little dogs require a minimum of thirteen hours of sleep in order to get sufficient rest.
They will easily conform to the sleeping habits of their family, however, often getting most of their sleep at night when their humans are sleeping.
In addition to this sleep, the West Highland White Terrier will take several naps during the day. 
New Westie owners can train their dogs to learn good sleeping habits, and armed with the proper information, can determine when your Westie is sleeping too much.

I wonder how many hours Julep & Derby are in dream land during a 24 hour period.
And to all . . .  a good day and good night.


  1. Some of these pictures could be Fred! Except your two are much much cleaner!

  2. Not sure how much sleep Duke gets during a day but during the week when we're working I'm sure it's probably more than he needs. Unless of course he's entertaining himself while we're away.