Monday, April 25, 2011

Evening Sunset - House Tour

 Second level guest room, bedroom number one - Julep loves this bed!
 Julep was so excited I thought she was going to roll right off!
 Second level guest room, bedroom number 2
 This guest room faces the front of the house.
 Second level guest bedroom, guest room number 3
 Front door - bedroom number 3 is to the left of the door.
 Second level common area, guest rooms 1 & 2 are behind the closed doors.  The steps lead to the lower level.
 Another view of the common area.  Sliding doors go out onto the deck with steps down to the backyard.


  1. Is this your home or did you rent it? We are always in search of dog friendly rentals!

  2. What a lovely house! Julep's love for that twin bed has me in stitches. She is so funny!

    I think I said so before, but happy birthday to Miss Julep from Louis & T!