Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Evening Brings Another Sunset

 It's hard to believe today is our last day at our rental
Evening Sunsets in Duck - Outer Banks - North Carolina
I just wanted to sit back with my girl Julep and enjoy the last few hours here.
 Derby first to announce the arrival of the the pool guys with alarming barks.
Uncovering the pool on a Saturday, who would have thought!
 Watching every move ... it's fun to watch Derby put his tail straight up in the air and prance the deck because someone is on his turf.
 Nice pool with icy cold water.
 ... Our last sunset ...
 Grill Master Wilson
Cooks a prime T-bone from Alan Brothers in Chicago.
 Julep can smell that T-bone because the grill is right under the deck.
 Yummy ... Yummy ... Yummy
 Derby in the ... state of nirvana ... smelling steak.
 A fond farewell to a Duck.  We hope to come back for another visit soon.

 Sunset on the Sound.
Derby with me as I take the final photo's of our trip.  The sun reflects on his coat. 

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  1. Beautiful sunset pictures. That just looks like such a wonderful place, would love to go there some day.