Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Grand Puppy's Parents Are Here

Grand Daddy and his little Julep rest on the sofa.
 Flowers from our garden to decorate the coffee table.
 Derby needed down time ... and actually they missed their morning nap due to company.
 Julep & Derby have their own personalized Julep cups and I keep them on our coffee table all year.  They were gifts from our friends JoAnn & Lloyd.
 Stretching Derby
 I was multi-tasking while spending time with my parents ... I was pinning and cutting the patriotic fabric for the new group called Pets for Patriotic.  Derby look great in these colors.
 Derby is proud to be called an American Westie.
 Derby let me lay all the fabric on him while I took photo's.
 Yes, there is a westie under all that fabric!
 Pinned and ready for the sewing machine.
 Flowers from the garden.


  1. Derby is a true patriot :)

  2. Ha! Love those pics. And the flowers are beautiful!