Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Finn & Callie

 Finn & Callie are westie friends of Julep & Derby on Facebook.
They live in Staten Island with their Mommy Maria.
  They loved the bandannas I made for rescues and told me so in an e-mail.
 So Julep & Derby insisted we send several bandannas to them.
 All these photo's are so precious ... but this is our favorite.
 Enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and playing in the grass.
Thanks Maria for sharing photo's of Finn & Calli .. two sweet and adorable westies.


  1. Finn and Callie look great in their bandannas

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  3. Callie is the grand dame at 10 years old, and Finn is the little one year old skamp with the baseball and cherries bandannas, and is the one on the left in th other shots of the two of them together. Finn came to us through New England Westie Rescue in January of this year. Thank you so much for their beautiful bandannas!