Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nesting Westies

 When I'm busy with housework I lose track of the westies.  I know they are here ...  in the house or on the deck, but I just don't know the exact nesting location.  Going through the living room I happened to glance at the coffee table and low and behold - there is Derby nesting in a mound of throws.  He wedged himself in to find a pretty cozy head rest.  Pretending I didn't see him I got my camera simply because Derby is so darn cute.
... The Derby-Look Is ...
Guilty ... until proven innocent or
Innocent ... until proven guilty
 Derby ... not going to move for anybody or anything!
 Julep ... resting in her spot.

I have two westie car magnets on my SUV so Wilson needed one of his own for his Lexus SUV.


  1. they're both so darn cute. Love the magnet

  2. 1. Julep & Louis have the same resting spot.
    2. I am totally geting Wilson's magnet for TEN. He loves Louis to death, and walks his regularly. But sometimes I know it makes him feel "funny". Like when Louis has on his bandanna & I'm nowhere around ;)