Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sewing Machine Purchase: Bernina B380

 Julep gave her sniff of approval on the Bernina purchase.
 Did I ever show you my new MacBook Pro?
I can't imagine going back to a pc.  My first class at the Apple store is this week.
 A limited amount of deck space due to nasty weather.
.. ..  || .. ..

Introducing My New
 The carrying case.
 I was surprised {actually elated} that the carrying case {with wheels} came with my purchase.  Somehow I missed that detail in my research.
!! Christmas in May !!
 Opening the box.
 Ready or not here comes another learning experience.
 The smell of a new sewing machine is like the smell of a new car!
 115 stitches on the Bernina B380.  I'm going to have fun!
 The accessory kit.
 Help!  I have virtually no idea what a lot of these things are for.  This machines comes with 7 presser feet and there are many more you can buy.  My first official class to learn the machine isn't until the fall, at least by that time I'll have a good basic understanding.
 A test strip on the machine before it was boxed up at the manufacturing facility.  I have no clue what the foot that is currently on the machine is for.
What sold me on this model {as opposed to the other two models in the 3 series} is that this one comes with a leg bar.  This is used to raise and lower your presser foot which I became use to very quickly while testing out machines in the store.

So now it's time for me to sign off and set up my new Bernina.  I'll post additional photo's later!


  1. wow, not one but TWO new toys to play with. You lucky girl. I can't believe all those stitches on one machine, some of those are so cool. My sewing machine is probably close to earning it's antique status...lol

  2. Hello

    Can you tell me where you biught that sewing machine and how much is the price? PLease can you send me a link store?

    Att. Lady Godiva