Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Morning & Last Night

 Derby watches the waterman this morning go up and down the creek.  It wasn't the waterman who woke us up bright and early it was two deer crossing the property and the westies barking their little heads off.

 Experimenting with different features on my Picasa software.
 Sunning Westies
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Last night Wilson & I went to the 21st Annual Poetry Contest to hear the winners read their poems.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Talbot County Free Library & partially funded by the Talbot County Arts Council {which Wilson is a member}.
Dog Personalities, submitted by a 3rd grader, won the category for Grades 3-5.
 Dog Personalities
Some dogs are fast,
some dogs are slow,
some dogs are funny,
some dogs like snow,
some dogs are quiet,
some dogs are loud,
some dogs walk around feeling really proud.
Some dogs are big,
some dogs are small.
No matter what they're like,
I like them all.
. . .
'Think Outside the Box' currently on exhibit at the Library.

It was a difficult decision to pick only one 'fave'.
 Since I'm partial to gnomes that got my vote.

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