Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adding the Finishing Touch

 Derby is still not feeling up to par after his surgery ... Julep has been leaving him alone, but when it comes to the treat jar, they both come running for a little tidbit.
 I'm still working on the stack of bandannas my sister & I made while Wilson was away at Yosemite.  It takes me longer now that I'm adding pretty decorative stitching along two of the edges.  My sister donated this fabric to the 'cause' ... I like the bright pink background and 70's flowers and peace symbols.
 In case you've been wondering what I've been doing lately.

 This fabric was sent to me from Pam at Wag N Train Terrier Rescue.   She sent me a large box of various fabric that were given to her by her next door neighbor.
 Harvest time will be here before you know it.  I'm using shaded thread to do all the finishing work because I find it more interesting.
 Trucks on Santa.
 Here you can see the shading in the Sulky thread.

On today's schedule ... I'm aiming to finish the 18 bandannas I have sitting in my pinned stack.  I love my Bernina sewing machine and feel it was a wonderful investmentt. 


  1. That is some stack of bandannas you've got. I really love all that decorative stitching you're doing.

  2. Poor Derby. I sure hope he starts feeling his old self real soon. You have some beautiful fabric there. You sure do a wonderful job on those bandanas. I was never good at making things with the sewing machine. Just minor repairs etc. I gave my sewing machine to one of my sisters years ago. I have a sister that makes all kinds of things. She's real good at it.
    You have some beautiful flowers there from your garden also. On the other post.