Friday, June 3, 2011

On A Misson

 Today we were on a mission to deliver this framed photograph to The Academy Art Museum in Easton. Wilson is entering this piece called 'Lily Pads at Longwood' in The Annual Members' Exhibition.
 This Exhibition is open to all members of The Museum and it is the first time we have entered a submission.  There is also an option to sell what you submit and we decided to do so.  Our asking price: $250.00 {which I understand from our framer} is the average price for a piece like this.  Hopefully, next year I will be more prepared and enter a photo of my own.  In the meantime, the works I saw are awesome and range from sculptures, mixed media, paintings and photography.
.. ... ..
The Annual Member's Exhibition
June 11 - July 17
Opening Reception & Judge's Awards
June 10, 5:30p.m.
 Stopped at the light on the St. Michaels Road & the Easton Bypass
 ... a heron looking for something to eat.
 The westies were not happy because they had to wait 
in the car while I dropped off the photo.
 But I was soon forgiven by the westies when we went for a walk along uncharted territory around the museum.  There are street after street lined with the old gingerbread style homes.  I could have spent hours {without the westies} just walking along and taking photo's.
 Notice the window that looks like a key hole?
 The Chamber Music Festival is an extremely popular event.
It is held in various venues around town.
 There is just something so peaceful looking about a old home with a big porch and white wicker furniture.
A pair of geese stand in front of the Waterfowl Building which is directly across from The Academy Art Museum.
 The Waterfowl Festival is an extremely serious deal in the fall of the year.  Carvers {for example} come from around the world to participate and the town is flooded with visitors.  We normally go to the Preview Party and stay out of the town for the rest of the weekend - that's how crazy-busy it gets.  More on this as we get closer to the fall of the year when details are announced.

... My Little Sniffers ... 
I took a lot of photo's during our walk of the westies and all of them were exactly like this!
 Mission accomplished so now it's time to head back home.
 The westies had a grand old time walking around Easton.  We came back to the car and they had a nice drink of chilled bottled water and are ready to go home for a little lunch and nap in the sun.
What a life ... I'm a happy little boy!

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  1. We will keep fingers crossed - what a pretty picture!

    Mom loves houses like that. Dad and her want to move to where there is more land, and a house like that would look strange, but it doesn't stop her from wanting one!